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   Chapter 5 She's Prettier Than The Three Of You Combined

Xavier's Confession By Hermyne Khaling Characters: 11703

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Next morning, I was with my boys in a group next to Hunt's truck. Scott was telling us about this crazy fan whom he ran into at a department store.

"She's crazy! I'm telling you, " he exclaimed and grimaced, "She cornered me and started licking my face. She said I'm the man of her dream, her soul mate. Said she could see it in my eyes. She says I'm God-sent for her and she's marrying me, " he smirked amusedly in the end.

We laughed.

~ Poor kid.

"Man, I gotta see this woman you're marrying, " Hunt chortled.

"God-sent, my ass, " Scott snorted, "But you know, everything about the incident wasn't exactly downhill, " he smirked at us as if there was something we would all want.

I raised an eyebrow as I slowly dribbled the basketball, which Scott had managed to snatch from a kid, in one spot.

He giggled funnily. "She let me grab her tits."

Matt snorted and I chuckled, shaking my head.

He was always going on 'bout these things.

"I mean, she made me grab her tits and hell, if they didn't feel good, " he grinned roguishly and flicked his eyebrows at us, biting down on his lower lip suggestively.

"Were they big?" Hunt asked curiously.

"Man, " Scott replied and solemnly held his hands up to the size of a football and made an emotional face. "I'd never felt more privileged."

And we burst into a laughing fit. Hunt beat all of us to the noise as always.

Matt lightly whacked Scott on the back of his head. "Enough."

"WHAT?!" He shouted defensively as he rubbed his head, "You're the one who's had. . ."

I kicked him on his leg before he went further. Scott needed to learn how not to blurt out anything that comes in his mind. We knew better than to bring that up.

"Sorry, " Scott said guiltily.

"Just don't start worshipping tits, " Matt smiled back.

"I'll keep that in mind, " Scott replied obediently and nervously.

We'd quietened down now and it was pretty awkward. I looked at Matt. He seemed okay but we knew he hadn't recovered fully from the pain since Junie left.

All of us boys were virgins. Except Matt. He'd done it once with Junie just before she moved to another state during the summer. Scott found it pretty unfair that Matt had to stop him from fantasizing tits since he'd had sex at least once but, we understood that anything related to Junie was better left unspoken. He really loved her and he still missed her sometimes.

She was his first girlfriend, his first love.

"Hey, Xavi. There comes your girl, " Hunt signalled and I looked back.

I was facing away from the street. We all cleared our throats to compose ourselves and faced the street, waiting for her.

Mongrel was coming out of her car, slinging her back pack on one shoulder. I instantly smiled to myself as I took her appearance in. She was dressed in the most casual way, skinny jeans and a simple light blue cropped top with a pair of converse. Her brunette locks were left undone and she simply looked attractive somehow.

"Alana, here!" Kendra waved from where she was standing with Connor, near his car.

Mongrel waved back at them with a small smile. Up till now, I stayed quiet. She would pass me by when she walk to her friends so I was waiting for the close up. As she was coming, she saw me too and the edge of my lips curled up to a smirk. . . The kind she wouldn't appreciate. She looked away.

I assessed everything about her all over again as she came closer. Her outfit, her hair, her face, the way she walked, the way she stared at the road, basically every single thing about her. You might want to press charge against me for this deliberate observation but what do I care. I like her.

Her hair was gleaming under the sun and I could only imagine how good they would smell. And her face, well, she hardly wore any make up except for the lip gloss. Yet to me, she killed it.

I heard Matt chuckle. I turned my head to him.


"Man, the way you look at her, " he chuckled again, shaking his head dismissively, "You still like her, dude."

~ Yeah. You would know. You've once looked at Junie the same way, haven't you?

I simply smirked back and turned to my Mongrel again. She was coming and the way she was staring at the road ahead, it was obvious she was trying not to look at me. Therefore, I stared more, making her feel my gaze.

One thing I was pretty sure of was that she did notice me among all the other guys in school (of course as the infamous jerk but she did) and there was no way she could escape my attention towards her either. She could feel how I look at her. So, she glanced at me in response to my demanding stare when she was close enough and quickly looked away again. Hunt and Scott intentionally and loudly cleared their throat; the typical way of teasing a girl.

She flickered her eyes towards us again, blinking rapidly. The look on her face was uneasy, like she was worried about what I would say and like she was armouring herself for the consequences. Behind me, Scott and Hunt snickered.

I greeted like a gentleman, "Morning, Miss Lancaster."

She seemed to be relieved as she looked at me. Maybe she was worried I would call her sexy or something in front of all these people. She was funny. Or if you expect me to be a bit more outspoken, I'd say. . . Cute.

She took a breath and returned, "Xavier, " looking straight into my eyes with those hazel eyes.

Another challenge.

And damn, if it wasn't good to have her call my name. A wide grin broke over my face. Feeling proud for no reason that she had finally remembered my name, I put an arm across Matt's shoulder and leaned onto him.

She remembers me now.

"Hey, Allina, " Scott supplemented from my back.

"It's Alana, asshole, " Hunt whacked him across his head.

"Right, " he laughed, rubbing his head, "Sorry. Alana, I mean."

Amused by Scott's forgetfulness, she smiled back with a little laugh and damn, was it fucking beautiful. It hit me like a slap across my face.

"Oof!" I puffed my cheeks in surprise and laughed out, throwing my other arm around Matt and hiding my face into his shoulder. "Man, I'm so whipped."

All three of them laughed in response.

It was quite hard to believe how so much of beauty and attractiveness can seep from a body as small and as petite as hers but she. . . She hit me.

And for all I knew, I'd fallen ten times harder than when I did six years back.

I continued to watch her as she went over to her group. I couldn't get enough.

"She's quite pretty, " Matt commented and I wanted to nail his head right there on the floor.

~ Quite pretty?

"She's prettier than the three of you combined, " I said, looking back at them and pretty much offended.

"Lover boy, Arquette!!" Hunt shouted at the top of his lungs and everybody in the yard turned towards us. . . Including my Mongrel and her group. My boys then cackled.

~ Assholes.


I was about to go to my locker. Me and my boys, we were standing at one corner of a hallway, coming to the conclusion of the usual shits we talk about. Alana, Kendra and Brit, the three of them came around. They didn't see us. They passed us. Brittany was chattering about something. The two of them were listening, though my Mongrel looked the least bit interested.

I still had the basketball in my hand and I made the best use of it. I threw the ball in a parabolic motion so it wouldn't hurt and dang! It landed on Mongrel's head. Her head surged forward a little at the impact and a very cute 'oww!' escaped from her mouth. My mates started laughing. The ball bounced back a bit offside. I jumped and caught it.

The next moment, her brunette head whirled back at me, whipping her locks in the process. Wow, I thought. Her big eyes bore into mine in the deadliest way she could manage. I grinned at her.

"You wanna die?"

~ Hmm, Sexy.

"Oh right. I shouldn't have, " I looked up at the ceiling and pretended to be realizing that I had done something terribly wrong. "Are you RABID?" I looked back at her.

I thought I wouldn't laugh and wait for her comeback but when her expression changed to something else, like that of a confused puppy who was really wondering whether it is Rabid or not, I snorted a laugh. Kendra and Brittany laughed too.

Smirking, I walked over to them and greeted both Kendra and Brittany, leaving out Mongrel for the special acknowledgement.

"Hey, " The two of them replied.

But my Mongrel, she rolled her eyes, threw her attitude direct on my face and showed me her back. Then she started moving. I picked up pace and caught up with her in few strides. Moreover, I went three steps ahead and face her directly so that I was walking backwards in front of her.

"Hey, sexy, " I called, tilting my head a bit towards the right.

"Hideous, " she returned and it made me smile.

No matter how big she could've grown, there was still something so adorably childish about her. It was cute and she had no idea about it. She kept reminding me of our elementary. Her reactions were still the same.

"Kendra, is it even possible for a canine to be this sexy?" I turned to Kendra and eyed Mongrel from my side view in the naughtiest way possible.

Kendra chuckled back.

I laughed and Mongrel rolled her eyes, "I want to insult you but then that would be too much for your brain to comprehend."

~ Aww... My Mongrel has grown up. Just a little bit.

~ If you can face that, then you can definitely face this too.

"Now that you know me, how about a date, Mongrel?" I asked.

Yes, I did. Not that I expected her to say yes. I wanted to see how far she could keep up with me. And people around us started whispering. Not a problem with me though.

Let them know and spread the news far and wide that he-who-must-not-be-approached has asked the new girl on a date. And on the other hand, if ever there was another Nikki thinking of bullying the new girl, now they know better to leave my girl alone.

But she stared at me as if I was a psycho who escaped hospital.

She pulled her senses together and replied, "Now that I know you, I have acquired better reasons to start digging your grave."

I knitted my eyebrows and smirked. She was actually better than I expected. It humored me. I stopped walking and allowed myself the open privilege of staring at her, letting every bit I could grasp about her sink into my body and fill me up.

This petite body, the side-eye glances and the awesome attitude, she was definitely my type. I like her. I really like her.

The three of them stopped walking too and Mongrel looked straight into my eyes like. . . Suck that.

"There's no need to hide it, babe. It's always a thrill when the guy you can't help but think looks so much like Brad Pitt asks you out on a date, right?"

Then, she snatched the ball from my hands and threw it to me, taking me in a bit of surprise but I ducked with reflexes. I burst laughing. She really couldn't take me blowing my own trumpet.

"Whoa! Sexy's got some moves! That's so freaking hot! Fire! Really." I faked amazement.

"Keep talking stupid. It suits the face, " she said and then grabbing each an arm of her girls, she walked away, shoving me aside.

~ That attitude is giving meaning to my life.

"Aww. You're so sarcastic. That's so cute. I'll see you around, sexy!!" I shouted behind her.

She ignored me.

And then, as I watched that petite body stride away in between two taller girls, I began to wonder how such a small body of five point some three or four could have so much of everything I like.

And for all I know, I'd fallen ten times harder than I did this morning when she smiled.

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