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   Chapter 6 Stella McKaren

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Updated: 2018-03-02 19:47

Your intelect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you. -- Roger Ebert

Right after I tried and failed to convince Bob to take on the new story instead of Toby's, I'm behind the wheel again on the way to the orphanage. I need to gain more information about Juliet Matthias, her life at the orphanage and where she is right now. I have to prove to Bob that this story is bigger and for more interesting than Toby's.

Something, call it writer's intuition, tells me that the nurse will be helpful in gaining this information.

It doesn't take longer than the previous visit to get to Sister Margaret. It almost feels like she's waiting for me when I see her in her usual spot under the tree in the garden.

"Good morning, Sister."

Her face brightens with a smile. She always seems to be happy to see me. "Juliet. It's a nice surprise to see you here." She pats the spot on the bench next to her as she adds, "Come on, child. Come and sit."

And once I sit, she turns and asks, "What do you want to know today?"

I blush, knowing how obvious my intention is to her. "I need some information about the girl in this photo." I fish out my phone and show her the picture I took from the photograph when I was with Sister Cecilia a few days ago. It's the same photo that went missing from my frame.

"Ah, that's your friend! Stella McKaren. You two were best friends, always going everywhere together. She brought a smile back to your face, " she answers with a hint of a smile.

It feels weird when you pretend to be someone else, to hear other people talk a different truth. I know confronting her by saying that it's my sister Stella and her last name is St. Matthews, not McKaren won't help me gain more information so instead, I ask her a more natural question, "So, where is she now? Where's Stella?"

"She left the orphanage seven years ago." Sister Margaret deeply sighs. "Once she went with her new family, you were back to your old self. Always quiet and away from everyone. Sometimes I wished I didn't let them take Stella, but again it wouldn't be fair for her. She deserved a family too."

I feel the need to comfort her so I put my hand on her shoulder and rub it gently. "Don't worry, Sister. I'm doing good now. The past is in the past."

She nods. "Yes. I can see that, my child. I know the Saint Matthews were good people. I know they'd take good care of you."

My hand stops and I can feel my hea

lla in person.

So I shake my head lightly. "No. I can come back later, Mrs. McKaren. I heard the museum here is quite fascinating." I'm glad I did a little google search before coming here.

"Yes. Norman Rockwell Museum is quite famous. Or maybe you could check out the Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio. It's a historic house museum formerly belonging to American Abstract Artists George L.K. Morris and Suzy Frelinghuysen." Her smile widens as she seems pretty proud of her town little sightseeing.

"Wow, I'm spoilt for choice. I guess that means I must be going now. Goodbye, Mrs. McKaren. I'll see you later."

* * *

I didn't have time to visit the Frelinghuysen Morris House as Norman Rockwell Museum took most of my time. Norman Percevel Rockwell was a 20th-century American author, painter, and illustrator. His works have a broad popular appeal especially for their reflection of American culture. Out of all his amazing works, I was captivated by The Most Beloved American Writer 'But it was a girl!' It's a painting of a man bending in front of a slightly opened door where a woman carrying a baby peeked outside the space. There's something about it that seems fascinating.

The museum isn't far from Mc.Karen's house and by six fifteen I'm already on their porch again, ringing the bell for the second time today. This time, a girl in her early twenty with long blonde hair answers the door. Her lips parted as soon as she sees me.

For a second, I think that she might be one of my readers and that my cover is now blown. But I know I was wrong when I hear her whispers, "Juliet."

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