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   Chapter 5 Remliel Deveraux

Mr. Fiction | Open Novella Contest By Agatha Rose Characters: 7795

Updated: 2018-03-02 19:46

Reality is merely an illusion. — Albert Einstein

"Who are you?" I stare at the stranger in confusion. I know who he is, he is the man in my dream, but I had no idea that he'd visit me in reality as well, standing on my porch with a mischievous devil-may-care smile across his lips.

"My apologies, where are my manners, " he replies, though he doesn't look sorry at all. "My name is Remliel Deveraux. I believe you're Julie St. Matthews, Katherine's daughter."

I blink. "You know my mother?"

"I'm here on her behalf, actually." He smiles again, yet it doesn't reach his eyes. There is something alarming about him, something that tells me I shouldn't invite him in. But he says he's here for my mom, so what other choice do I have?

I open the door wider. "You wanna come in?"

"Sure, " he takes a step inside and leans on the doorframe. "You shouldn't let strangers in."

"But you just said you know my mother, " I reply, still looking at him suspiciously and confused.

He smiles again, this time it reaches his eyes. A combination of intrigue and amusement. "Just because someone tells you they know your family, doesn't mean you should invite them in."

I roll my eyes and walk to my living room. "Well, what are you? A thief or a stalker?" I plop down on the couch and wave my hand, telling him to do so.

"Neither, " he brings himself down carefully and sit on the couch. "Like I said, I'm a friend of your mother's."

"Okay, " I rub my hands awkwardly and stand up. "Do you want something to drink? Coffee, tea, water?"

"Black coffee would be nice. Thank you, " he answers politely.

I nod and turn on my heels, walking right into the kitchen where he can't see me. I let out a deep breath, feeling relief now that I'm out of his sight. There's something eerie about him. I can't point out what but his presence alone brings chills down my spine.

I love coffee. So much so that I have an espresso machine in my kitchen, save me some time from brewing it myself. I pour two small cups of espresso and a sufficient amount of hot water. Together, I bring it to the awaiting man sitting on the couch.

"Here, " I'm about to put it on the table but he reaches out his hand, giving me no choice but to hand it to him.

He takes a sip. "Nice coffee."

"Thanks, " I glance at the clock with subtlety.

ow I know I won't.

Another image comes. This time I'm in front of two tombstones. The one on my right is bigger than the one on the left. Two names are written on the big tombstone while only one name carved on the small one. I try my best to squint my eyes but I can't read the words, they're all blurred. Multiple images come at once, it's like people throw them all at me and I can't really see each of them. A nun is in one of the flashed images, I recognize her almost immediately, it's Sister Margareth. However, she looks younger and isn't wearing her cane. The image her is gone just as soon as it first arrived, replaced by another one. This time it's a girl, a blonde girl with big green eyes. She smiles at me and I smile back. I know she's a kid, but somehow we are face to face, eye to eye. Her small hands wrap around my body and give me a little squeeze. I raise my hands, about to hug her back but she's gone, just like the previous images before her. A smoke comes out of nowhere and suddenly what's left is darkness.

A light lit up like a candle, on the far end of what seems like a hallway. I try my best to reach it yet no matter how much I try, it's always a distance away. Right before I fall, I see his face again. The lawyer.

I shut my eyes tight, listening to my own thumping heartbeat. Don't be a coward, Julie. Bracing myself, I open my eyes at once, none of those people I saw earlier is there. In fact, I'm all alone. In my bed, wrapped underneath the duvet and all I can think is: what was that about?

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