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   Chapter 4 Au Revoir

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The truth is rarely pure and never simple. -- Oscar Wilde

"Who's this?" I grip the phone as though my life depends on it, on the words he'll say next.

The man chuckles. "You've been searching for answers." There's a pause before he continues, "one bit of advice, my love, if you're not ready for the answers you are about to hear, you better not raise the questions. Au revoir mona mi."

Just as fast as the call came, it ends, leaving me staring at my phone, confused.

What the hell was that?

My hand shakes uncontrollably, I need both hands to grab the cup. I guess even a nice cup of tea can't help calm my nerves this time.

I fell asleep tonight, but unlike other nights, it is a night filled with a menage of disconnected scenes. For the first time in years, I finally have a dream.

I wake up sitting on a bench in a park. In front of me, there's a big lake with two white swans roaming on the surface. It's very peaceful and for a second I'm grateful that it's not a nightmare. The shadow of the tree protects me from the sun, the wind brushes my hair aside.

A face I know nothing about suddenly emerges from the back of the tree.

If I thought Adam Levine is hot, this man is divine. His hair pushed back in a slick smooth way. The high cheekbones give away that he's a very proud man. He has the kind of face that stops you in your tracks. I guess he must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person's natural expression when they look his way followed by overcompensating with a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile.

He stops right in front of me, only two feet away, looking down from his lofty height.

"You're blocking the view, " I say dismissively. He may be handsome but this is my dream. I should be the master of my own dream, I should be able to do whatever I want and say whatever I want.

He doesn't budge, nor does he acknowledge me by a single word. He simply stands there, blocking the beautiful view. "Fine, " I stand and walk away from him.

His hand catches my arm in a flash. The beautiful dark eyes penetrate mine with such intensity that sends shivers down my spine. The corners of his lips lift up, a mischievous smile appears. "You're still as stubborn as always, Juliet."

Good lord! Even in my own dream, people still think I'm Juliet, I cursed under my breath.

"I'm not Juliet, " I say firmly. I try to break free from his hold, yet recognize that I am he's too strong. "Will you please leave me alone? This is the first time in a long while that I have a dream and I'd like to enjoy it."

I almost can't believe this. I am arguing in my own dream. No one will believe this.

He let me go at last. A hint of smile heaves in sight. He seems to find me amusing while I simply find him irritating.

Before he walks away, he turns and says, "Enjoy the dream while it lasts, my love. It won't be long before you have to leave the dream world."

I roll my eyes and turn my attention back to the lovely swans. No matter how strange and unlikely the event, I don't seem to care.

When I truly awake the next day, it's past noon and I am drenched in sweat. I push myself up from the bed and walk to the bathroom. I wash my face and brush my teeth. For a quite a while, I stare at my own reflection in the mirror.

My mind sees what my eyes won't accept. I remember the man from my dream. His face, his voice, and the strange words he said.

I pat my cheeks. Knock it off, Julie! Every girl on the planet probably had a dream about a handsome stranger before, it's nothing to fuss about.

* * *

It's around two in the afternoon when I arrived at the orphanage. This time, I didn't bring my tape recorder or notebook with me. I came alone, to get answers.

The nun who opened the door gives me a curious look, she must've heard about my impertinence the last time I visited with Sister Cecilia. "Hi, good afternoon, " I give her my brightest smile, one that assures her I won't bite.

"Good afternoon. Can I help you?" The nun returns the smile, though I can see t

an angel, " says Sister Margareth through her sobs.

When she finally calms down, I brush the tears away from her freckled face. "I'm doing great. Don't worry about me, " as I tell her this, I secretly hoping I'm right, that Juliet is really okay right now. The girl has been through a lot, someone like her deserves every bit of happiness.

* * *

I put my bag on the couch and plop down next to it. The drive was nothing compared to acting as Juliet Matthias. Who knew acting can be this exhausting.

I lean my head back on the couch, staring at the ceiling and let my mind process everything that happened today. It's been a rollercoaster. Juliet Matthias' life isn't the easy one. Losing her parents when she was just a baby, having no relatives, growing up in an orphanage, and being the lonely child nobody wanted, my heart panged at her sorrow.

It's a tough life indeed. One that can touch people, inspire people to be grateful. I lunge forward. Yes, that's it! Screw Toby! A mysterious death of a mystery novelist might sound appealing at first, but the life of Juliet Matthias can actually touch people. It can actually make a difference. I mean, Toby's life might be interesting but it doesn't have the edge that Juliet's did.

Toby was taken in by a wealthy family when he was three, ended up at Brown University, and became a mystery novelist. Sure his life could sound interesting but he's no Juliet.

I can feel my whole body pump as I feel more and more excited. I found something that could drive me to write. I love the feeling, the muse, and the rush, I haven't felt this way in a while.

"Okay, now I just have to convince Bob, " I tell myself as I stand up and walk to my office.

The doorbell stops me in my tracks. I groan internally, hating the interruption to my excitement. I walk to the front door. As I stare at the wooden door, I try to calm myself and stop being grumpy again before I make another scene just like in the orphanage a few days ago. I turn the lock and swing the door open, "Yes?"

His illustrious jaw curves gracefully around and the strength of his neck shows in the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body. He has a sharp jaw, chin, and cheekbones. He has a strong and defined face, his features molded from granite. On either side of his straight nose are two blazing hazel eyes. Spiked, warm brown fringed with smooth green. His dark eyebrows are actually graceful, but currently furrow in a frown. All of it was framed by thick and lustrous tousled dark brown hair.

We stare at each other for what feels like an eternity, when he finally breaks through the trance and speaks, "We meet at last."

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