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Mr. Fiction | Open Novella Contest By Agatha Rose Characters: 1001

Updated: 2018-03-02 15:26

Happy Birthday, mommy.

This one's for you.

With all my love, Agatha

What happens when a non-fiction writer meets Mr. Fiction himself? The one person who will show her the other side of the world, a place that defies all her rules, where reality and fantasy collide, solving the mystery of her past. The one person she couldn't remember becomes the man she can't live without.

Julie St. Matthews is a New York Times bestseller. She collects people's experiences and turns them into words i

n her books.

She believes fairy tales and myths are meant for children; none of them are real. At least not to her knowledge that is, until she found a mysterious love letter in the attic one day signed with "Love, Mr. Fiction". The man who was an epitome of all things she never believed.

Before she knew it, she was dancing with him in the dark; moving in a way that she never knew was possible. Slowly but surely, she let herself get pulled into the other side by the enchanting stranger.

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