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   Chapter 31 NO.31

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Danielle's P.O.V

I lean further towards Cole, my head resting on his shoulder as we continue to watch the new 'IT' movie. With the bowl of popcorn in my lap, I grab some and shove it in my mouth, watching as the little kid follows his boat down the gutter.

"Do we have to watch this movie?" Cole asks, reaching his hand into the popcorn.

I nod. "Yes because Maya keeps telling me to watch it so now we are."

"But Maya didn't say that I have to watch it so-" Cole says and when he goes to get up, I slap his leg, making me groan.

"You're watching it with me." I say, looking up at Cole as a grin starts to appear on my face. "Unless you're scared..."

Cole looks down at me, his eyebrows furrowing together. "Babe, I'm Cole Walker. I'm not scared of anything."

"You're scared of me." I say, looking back at the movie, digging my hand into the popcorn once again.

"Well, that's true." Cole says, making me grin. "You're face is pretty horrifying."

I slap Cole's leg again.

"Ow, woman! Do you have to be so damn violent?" Cole complains and I rolls my eyes, moving the popcorn onto the coffee table since there isn't any left.

I know, the movie just started and the popcorn is already finished, but you can't blame me because I had accidentally dropped some all over the kitchen floor. Yep, clumsy Danielle is back.

Suddenly, I feel Cole's hand moving around the top of my legs, and if he moves any closer, he'll be touching my area. "Cole." I snap, grabbing his hand just before he could move it closer. "Watch the movie."

"I wanted popcorn and-" I watch as Cole looks down to see that the bowl isn't on my lap anymore. "-hey, did you decide to shove the popcorn up your legs or something?" Cole asks, making me laugh.

"Shut up, Cole and watch the movie." I say, shaking my head. Cole rolls his eyes and begins to watch the movie. As the boy crouches down to look down the drain, the clown pops up, making Cole squeal like a girl while his legs flies up and kicks under the coffee table which makes Cole now groan loudly.

I roll my eyes and slap a hand to his arm. "Cole, shut up and stop being so loud. You'll wake up-"

"Mommy!" I hear Kameron cry, making me groan loudly.

Cole grabs at his foot, sending me an apologetic look. "Sorry, babe, but it's not my fault." Cole says and I nod slowly, standing up.

"Oh, that is so true. I shouldn't be blaming you at all because of the way you screamed like a child." I mutter, beginning to walk up the stairs, away from Cole. When I walk into Kameron's room, I watch as she stares into my eyes.

"Why was Daddy crying?" Kameron asks and I shake my head humorously, pulling the blanket up over Kameron's shoulders.

"Because Daddy is a sook. Just go back to sleep, okay?" I say, beginning to walk closer to the door.

"Mommy, " Kameron calls and I look back at m

n Kameron's door to get her out, I walk up to the front door and unlock it. Pushing it open, I glance back at Kameron who is running up the stairs to get into the house.

When she runs in, throwing her bag on the floor, I watch as Cole walks up to me. He wraps an arm around my waist, the grin still on his face. "You know, maybe you can do a little dance for me tonight." Cole says and I push him away from me, closing the door behind me.

"I hate you." I say, crossing my arms over my chest as Kameron goes to sit on the couch. Before she does, I call her name, stopping her from sitting down and watching television after school like she always does. "Daddy's going to run a bath for you, okay? Go upstairs." I say, watching as Kameron nods before running towards the stairs.

Cole looks over at me, his mouth dropping open. "Wow, I thought you passed that point in your life where weren't such a bitch." Cole says and I throw him a grin.

"Nope." I say, watching as he shakes his head, beginning to follow Kameron up the stairs. When he goes, I decide to walk into the kitchen, wanting to grab a bottle of water.

As I grab the water from the fridge, my mind instantly catches onto something and I pull the cupboard open, pulling out the plastic sandwich bag which has the pregnancy test in it from this morning.


Sighing, I run a hand through my hair. "I hope you're ready for another baby, Cole."


A/N - Holy shit! I'm so sorry that I have taken two months to update this! I APOLOGISE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I hope you liked this ending though and maybe, just to make it up to you, I'll write a sequel about Kameron... maybe.

Comment if you want a sequel though. I'll actually consider it.

You know what to do.




I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon - wait, I wasn't supposed to write that... ;)


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