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   Chapter 29 NO.29

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Danielle's P.O.V

"Happy birthday, sweetheart!" My mom practically shouts into the phone. I groan and rub my forehead, closing my eyes.

"Can you not scream? I've had a rough day as it is." I explain and my mom let's out a laugh, making sure to actually force it out so it sounds like someone is dying instead of laughing. Rolling my eyes, I lean against Cole's car, my eyes looking at the school building as I wait for Cole to appear.

"You're so funny. That's why I love you." My mom says, making my eyebrows furrow.

"Aren't you suppose to love me because I'm your daughter, not because how funny I am?"

"Nope." My mom replies, making me breathe out a laugh. Suddenly, I notice Cole come into view and I narrow my eyes at him, watching as he adjusts his bag on his shoulder.

Where the hell was this guy?

"Anyway, why did you call me?" I ask, raising my eyebrow at Cole as he walks closer to me.

"Because I want to know when you'll get home, duh! I have presents for you!" My mom says, making me breathe out a sigh.

"What if I don't want them?" I ask and my mom let's out a laugh.

"Okay, very funny. Now, hurry up and get your ass home." My mom quickly says and before I can say anything, the phone hangs up, making me roll my eyes. I slide my phone into my pocket and cross my arms, glaring at Cole.

"Where the hell were you? When you told me to wait at your car after school, I didn't expect to wait half an hour." I snap, watching as Cole opens the car door.

"I had stuff to do." Cole says with a small grin. At this, I feel my heart do flips before landing against my ribs, breaking into two.

What the hell is that suppose to mean? Was he with a girl?

No, that would mean what he said back in the nurse's office was a lie, or something to make me feel happy seeing as I hate my birthday.

But... why?

"Are you going to stand there or get in the car?" Cole asks, bringing me out of my thoughts. I roll my eyes and scoff, opening the car door.



Walking up to the door must've been the most hardest thing to do, seeing as I already knew that my mom - and probably Andrea - was waiting inside for me.

that I'm now looking at him.

"Yes you are."

"And who are you to say what I can and can't wear?" I ask, pushing at his stomach but Cole grabs at my wrists, stopping me.

"Wear it otherwise I won't give you your present." Cole says, a faint smirk on his face. I narrow my eyes at him, my hands resting against his shirt.

"I don't want your dick wrapped with a bow, Cole." I say, making Cole drop his head and laugh.

"Fuck, your funny." Cole says and I can't help but smile a little. When he looks back up at me though, my smile is gone. "Anyway, you're wearing that dress."

Smirking, I bring my face close to his and say, "Make me."

"Don't test me, Danielle." Cole says, returning the smirk. Cole let's go of my wrists and places his hands on my hips, his fingers clipping at the waistband of pants again.

"You won't do it." I say, knowing exactly where this is going to lead. Cole pushes me against the wall, making me moan breathlessly.

Cole brings his face closer to mine and grins. "Tell me you want it."

"I-" Before I can continue, I get cut off by my mom's voice near my door.

"Stop fucking and get ready. We're leaving in half an hour."


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