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   Chapter 24 NO.24

Little Miss Bitch By XmysterysmileX Characters: 5290

Updated: 2018-03-02 17:37

Danielle's P.O.V

I walk into the school building with Maya beside me. Since I slept over Maya's, I had to borrow some of her clothes for today since I really didn't want to go home and see Cole.

That would just be awkward.

Maya groans and rests her head against the locker while I begin to do my combination. "I can't believe you embarrassed me." Maya says and I roll my eyes, shoving the books that I don't need until later in the locker. When I am finished, I close the locker door and stare at Maya with a grin.

"You'll live." I say and Maya let's out a laugh, rolling her eyes.

"More like die when I see him." Maya says, referring to Liam. I roll my eyes again and just as we are about to walk to class, I figure appears in front of us that makes Maya and I jump in fright.

"Liam!" Maya gasps and I hold a hand to my chest, looking down at the floor. Liam laughs and crosses his arms across his chest.

"Did I scare you two?" Liam asks and I look up at him, nodding. Maya sends Liam a glare and I can't help but mentally laugh. Liam looks between the two of us before looking at Maya with a grin.

"So, you like me, huh?" Liam asks and suddenly, Maya's cheeks flush a bright red. I grin at Maya and make kissing faces while Liam isn't looking. Maya sends me a glare before looking back at Liam.

"Uh, I mean, yeah you're hot but I wasn't-" Suddenly, Liam plants his lips on Maya's cheek, making Maya flush even more. When Liam pulls away, he sends Maya a wink before walking off down the hallway. I look at Maya and watch as her mouth drops.

"What... just

eone ask and I open my eyes to see Cole standing in front of me, a concerning frown on his face. I roll my eyes and cross my arms across my chest.

"What do you want?" I ask, narrowing my eyes at Cole. "Don't you know when to stay away from me?" I ask and Cole sighs.

"Do you want a ride home or not?"

"No, fuck you." I say, turning my head to the side. Cole grabs my hand and holds it gently, the warmth of his hand making my body instantly warm up.

Ignore it, Danielle, my brain says and I look at Cole, watching as a small smile appears on his lips.

"Stop being a bitch and just let me take you home."


I am sorry that this is a short chapter but I have a lot of stuff that is going on right now (eating icecream and internally crying because I can't watch Wentworth) and I just needed a break. Hopefully the updates will come in regularly but don't count on it because like I said... I'M INTERNALLY CRYING!

You know what to do.




I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon.


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