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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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[ listen to I don't want to live forever by taylor swift and zayne while reading this ]

Danielle's P.O.V

Cole's soft lips continue to move against mine and after a few seconds, my hands move desperately to Cole's neck as I kiss him back. Cole grabs a hold of my waist and lifts me up, my legs immediately wrapping around his waist to hold myself up.

Cole bites on my bottom lip and I hold in the moan that wants to escape. I run my hands through Cole's soft hair and continue to kiss him until I realise that we both need air.

We pull away and I look into Cole's eyes which seem to hold so much emotion, it begins to worry me. I look down at his lips, trying to ignore the tingling feeling on my lips. Cole looks into my green eyes and a small smile appears on his lips.

"That definitely calmed you down." Cole says and my eyes widen in disbelief. I quickly get out of Cole's grasp and move away from Cole, tears stinging in my eyes.

Why the hell am I crying?

I quickly turn around and bite my lip. "I'm... sorry I kissed you back." I say before running into my room and locking the door behind me. I drop to the floor and lean against the door, letting the tears fall.

"Danielle, I'm confused." I hear Cole say and I hold onto my shaking hands.

So am I.

"Please... leave me alone." I say and Cole breathes out a heavy sigh but doesn't say anything. I rest my hands on the top of my head and close my eyes.

Why am I crying? Why did I even kiss Cole back? Why am I now hiding away from Cole?

So many questions are running through my head as I let the tears fall but the one question that stands out makes my heart clench in realisation.

Am I feeling something for Cole?


After many hours of staying up thinking about everything, I finally decided to get some sleep but the only problem is that I can't.

The things that I am confused about is why Cole kissed me. Did he only kiss me to shut me up and calm me down? From what I felt, I thought Cole was actually attracted to me but I guess not.

In the past, the only time I felt like this was when a guy who was just like Cole took my virginity and threw me away like I was a garbage bag. You see, the guy and I sort of had a 'friends with benefits' thing going but we were only making out and kissing until one night when we both got pretty drunk. I think it was the night after my father has been pronounced dead and thats probably why I wasn't th

action, I move away from Cole. Anger washes over me and I grit my teeth.

Ah, now some emotion other than vulnerability.

"What is your problem?" I scream in frustration and Cole just stares down at me, holding not emotion in his eyes whatsoever. After glaring at him for a few seconds, I turn on my heel and begin to walk to my room. Before I can enter it though, Cole grabs my wrist and spins me around, pushing me up against the wall.

Before I can yell at him, his eyes go down to my lips and all of a sudden, they touch mine and the anger that was once in me washes away and turns into satisfaction.

Cole pulls away and rests his hands on either side of my head as he stares deeply into my green eyes. "You drive my insane, Danielle." Cole breathes out and his hands go to my waist. They begin to trail up my singlet and they reach behind my back, holding onto the clip of the bra. He looks at me, silently questioning me if he should.

"Do it." I say and before I know it, Cole unclips the bra. In one swift movement, he lifts my singlet and my bra away from my body, his lips moving back to my mouth.

"You drive my insane, Danielle."



Okay, okay... Just let me breath for a second. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED! One minute, Cole hates Danielle and the next, they are now having sex? Oh wait, I wrote this so why am I asking you that question? Anyway, what do you all think? I literally wrote this in like half an hour so be proud that I am back at it with this book.

You know what to do.




I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon.


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