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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Danielle's P.O.V

"I still can't believe we got kicked out of the restaurant for being too loud." I laugh, letting my feet dangle off the edge of the cliff. Josh laughs and nods.

"I was so close to punching his ugly face in though when he started to smirk." Josh says, his laugh dying down and I shake my head.

"Then we would've been banned from that place forever." I say and Josh nods.

"That is true." Josh says and I turn to him, sending him a smile.

"Josh, I think I'm ready to be friends with you again. We might not have that same bond we did before you... did that but I'm willing to at least start off with a new start." I say and Josh grins.

"Thank you, Danielle. I am sorry by the way. I was drunk and stupid." Josh says and I nod. I place my hand on his, keeping the smile on my face.

"I appreciate it."


I say my goodbyes to Josh and walk in the door, a satisfying smile on my face. Cole notices me and walks up to me, handing me my money.

"Here." Cole says and before I can start teasing him that I am not jealous, he walks away into my room.

I frown and walk into the kitchen to grab an apple. As I turn around, I notice a note on the fridge.

Honey, if you are reading this then I have died...

"Wait, what?" I ask, completely confused.

...because Andrea is taking me to that stupid adult carnival and she knows that I hate those things! Anyway, please take care of Cole. He is acting a little weird. Goodnight x

I scrunch up the paper and throw it in the bin. Look after Cole? I am no babysitter.

Yes, I just called Cole a baby.

aking him by suprise.

"Get the fuck off me." I say, my tone low and dangerous. Cole shakes his head and pins my arms above my head.

"Say sorry."

"In your dreams." I say, tears forming in my eyes. I think Cole notices this because his features go soft and his grip on my arms loosen.

"Please... get off me." I say, closing my eyes. The pictures of my father come into my mind and the first tear falls, making me bite my lip. Cole gets off me and I open my eyes and stand up, walking into my room as I wipe my eyes furiously.

"You don't know the story." I mumble, getting into my bed. Cole walks in and crouches down beside my bed, stroking my hair.

"I'm sorry, Danielle, I'm sorry." Cole says and I shake my head, my eyes slipping shut.

"You don't... know." I say before I fall asleep.


Sorry again for the short chapter, I was going to make it longer but decided not to. The next one will be longer for sure.

You know what to do.




I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon.


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