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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Danielle's P.O.V

Rihanna blasts through the speakers and all of sudden, Maya and I being the drunk teenagers we are, start to swing our hips to the beat and sing the lyrics.

We have been dancing for the past half an hour now and many boys tried to get us into bed with pick up lines. Oh you don't know how many boys used the same pick up line over and over again.

My favourite one was when a short guy came up to me and said 'not everything about me is short'. I honestly laughed so much and when he got the picture that I clearly wasn't interested, he walked off towards another girl.

Suddenly, I see Cole making out with a girl on the counter and I let out a laugh. "Maya, " I shout over the music and tap her shoulder. She turns around and looks at me questioningly and when I point over to Cole, a smirk appears on her lips.

"Do it." She mouths and I nod. I saunter over to where Cole is with a smirk on my face and since his back is facing me, I do the only think a drunk teenager would do.

I jump on his back.

"Cole, run around the house!" I scream, wrapping my arms around his neck. The girl let's go of Cole and glares at me before jumping off the counter and walking off. I wrap my legs around Cole's waist and rest my head on his shoulder.

"What the hell are you doing?" Cole asks, annoyance clear in his tone and I smile at him when he turns to look at me.

"I want a piggyback ride." I ask, the smug smile still on my lips and he groans.

"That girl was going to be mine tonight and you ruined it." Cole says and I pat his head.

"It's okay." I say, trying to hide my grin. Just as Cole is about to start walking around the house, I feel my head spin and all of sudden, my eyes slip shut as I feel myself go unconscious.


"Shut up, I didn't do shit to her!" I hear Cole yell and Maya let's out a scoff.

"Well that's bullshit because she didn't pass out when she was with me, did she?" Maya growls and I let out a sigh, opening my eyes.

"Would both of you shut up." I say, sitting up as I look at Cole and Maya glaring at each other. When they don't stop staring, I let out a cough and they both turn to me, their eyes going wide.

"Oh my god, your not dead." Maya says, walking over to me with a

ing Mean Girls.

"That blonde one would probably be Sarah because goddamn, that girl was such a bitch in high school." Andrea says and my mom nods.

"I agree. That girl would absolutely do my head in." My mom says with a laugh. Andrea joins her and I walk over to the back of the couch and lean over, grabbing some popcorn. My mom turns to me with a frown.

"Your back." My mom says and I nod, chewing on the popcorn.

"Yep." I say, popping the 'p'.

"How was your night?" My mom asks and I shrug.

"Okay." I say, a little still angry with my mom about how she just decided that I should get out of the house and by doing that, she sends me with Cole to a party.

What kind of mom does that?

I walk over into my room and lay on my bed, trying to focus on something other than my killing hangover. Cole walks in seconds after and closes the door.

"I need sleep." Cole says and I nod.

"Same." I say and Cole lays down on his mattress of air, looking up at me. I frown at him in confusion as to why he is staring at me and he just nods to himself before turning over, his back facing me.

"Weird." I mumble, getting under the covers. I close my eyes and let my mind drift away as I start to fall asleep.


Boring chapter, sorry guys. I hope the next one will be better though. What do you think of this chapter other than its dullness? Let me know.

You know what to do.




I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon.


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