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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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Danielle's P.O.V

Usually, in three in the morning, I would be sleeping, drawing or eating but right now, I never thought I would standing by my window, looking up at the stars. The only time I found myself looking into the sky early in the morning was when my father died.

Some people say that when someone you love dies, they go up into the sky and become one of the stars, that's why there is more than a million stars in the sky. A part of me believes it but another part of me doesn't. Why? Because I don't want my father to be somewhere where other people can see him too. I just want to have him all to myself, only for my eyes to see. That's why I like to believe that he is somewhere other than in the sky; my sketchbook. Call me selfish but if you were to put yourself in my shoes, you would understand.

"What are you doing up?" I hear someone say behind me and I don't bother to turn around to face Cole. I keep my gaze on the stars.

"Thinking." I reply, resting my chin on my arms which are folded on the edge of the windowsill. I feel the bed dip and Cole appears by my side. He copies my position and faces me, a small smile on his face.

"Now, if your thinking about me, I suggest you just come straight out with it. I know I'm irresistible." Cole says and the tone in his voice tells me that he is just trying to lighten the mood.

"Is there a reason why your so happy all the time?" I ask, changing the subject almost immediately. I can see the confusion on Cole's face but I just ignore it, waiting for him to answer my question.

"Who said I'm happy?" Cole asks and I finally turn to him. Suddenly, I regret it because as soon as I turn around, Cole's face is so close to mine that are noses are barely touching but I keep calm and just move back a tiny bit.

"Well your a great faker then if your hiding behind that happy facade of yours." I say and Cole's lips tug into a small smile.

"So are you." Cole says and after a few seconds of staring at each other, I move around Cole and lay down on my bed. Cole looks down at me and when I pat the side of my bed, he frowns in confusion.

"Don't act so scared. I may be mean but I won't hurt you. I j

off my bed and dragging him onto his airbed on the floor.

"Last night was fun but I would like to have five minutes of sleep without worrying about falling off the bed." I say, letting go of Cole's arm once he is laying on the airbed. Cole let's a groan as I get back on my bed.

"Your so mean. You bed is so comfy." Cole says and I roll my eyes.

"Well that's how the girls feel like when you kick them out of your bed and out your door." I say and Cole narrows his eyes at me.

"So this is revenge for half of the girls I've treated like shit?" Cole asks and I grin at him.

"You mean all the girls." I say and Cole runs his hands down his face and I pull the sheets over me and just as I am about to close my eyes, I hear a familiar scream which alerts me.

"Danielle Marie-Anne Spears!" I hear my mom shouts and instead of running for the hills, a small grin makes its way to my face.

"Yes mother?" I shout back and I hear her growl. I hear footsteps coming down the stairs and for a second, I start to question if my mom has elephant feet. Suddenly, my door swings open and when Cole and I look up at my mother, we both burst into a fit of laughter.

Yep, my mom sure doesn't like change.


Hello people, I have updated again! Did you guys like the chapter? What do you think will happen next? Thoughts?

You know what to do.




I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon.


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