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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Danielle's P.O.V

"You still awake?" I hear Cole whisper and I let out a short sigh.

"How am I suppose to sleep when all I can hear is your stupid phone going off every five minutes?" I ask, turning over to see his figure on the air bed on the floor. Just to prove my point, I hear a 'ding' noise come from Cole's phone.

"Sorry I'm popular." Cole mutters and he grabs his phone and turn it off. I roll my eyes and let out a dry laugh.

"Or it could just be one of your slut's wanting you at this time of night." I say and Cole raises his eyebrow at me.

"Jealous?" Cole asks, a small smirk raising on his lips and I roll my eyes. I grab my empty cup from my table next to me and throw it at him.

"That is a cup of jealousy. Oh look, its empty." I say with one more roll of the eyes and Cole grins.

"Keep rolling your eyes and maybe you'll find a brain back there." Cole says and I raise my eyebrow at him.

"Look, just because your life is a joke, doesn't mean you're funny." I say and Cole flips me off.

"At least I have girls lining up for me. Where is your line of boys? Or maybe, your lesbian..." Cole says and I furrow my eyebrows.

"First off, the girls that are 'lining up for a walking STD' are easy and fake as Barbie so I don't see how that can boost up your ego. Second, I don't need a line of boys to prove that I am not a lesbian. I don't even need a boy because they are sleazy and all they want is to get into girl's pants. I mean, take you for example." I say, a small grin appearing on my face and Cole rolls his eyes.

"I have dated girl's before, princess." Cole says, annoyed and I sit up, grinning down at him.

"Did I hit a nerve?" I ask and Cole rolls his eyes again and turns away from me, his back facing me. I crawl out of my bed and walk over to him, crouching down so I'm close to his ear.

"Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you'll find a brain back there." I whisper and Cole turns around to face me and my grin instantly goes away when I notice how close his face is to me.

"If I wanted a bitch, I would've bought a dog." Cole mutters, his mint breath hitting my face. I look at him for a few seconds, my face emotionless and Cole looks down at my lips so a split second.

As his lips come closer to mine, I place my hand on my lips so his lips touch my hand and Cole narrows his eyes at me. I stand up and throw him a sweet smile.

"I don't want your diseases." I say and Cole rolls his eyes once again before turning around just like he did before and I get back in my bed.

Before my eyes shut, I hear Cole mutter 'bitch'.

The urge to say 'a bitch is a dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are part of mother nature, mother nature is beautiful...' runs through my head but I simply ignore it as I realise I need sleep.


"Danielle, you have to get up." I hear my mom call and I let out a sigh and throw the sheets off me. I walk around the air bed that Cole is still sleeping on and I walk out of my room and towards the kitchen.

"Oh you decided to wake up this time." My mom says as she pours me a glass a milk; a beverage I usually have in the morning if there isn't any orange juice.

"That's because I didn't want to stay in my room one more second with that walking STD who is still sleeping in my room." I say and my mom chuckles as I scull down my milk.

"You and your wonderful imagination." My mom says and I nod, placing my glass on the counter. My mom kisses me on the forehead before saying her goodbyes and she leaves the house. I notice Andrea run past the kitchen, following my mom out the door. I roll my eyes and continue to drink my milk.

"Good morning little miss bitch." I hear someone say behind me and I turn and roll my eyes once again when I see a tired, half asleep Cole walking towards me.

"Your nickname for me is honesty terrible." I mutter and Cole grabs the milk out of the fridge and drinks straight from the carton. I quickly note to myself that I should never drink from that again.

"Like you can come up with anything better for me." Cole says as he takes a seat at the table and I throw him and lazy grin.

"I have a lot of nicknames for you." I reply, walking to the sink to put my glass in there and I turn to face him.

Cole raises his eyebrows in question.

"What?" I ask, narrowing my eyes at Cole who looks like he is trying to figure something out.

"What kind of nicknames?" Cole asks, a small smirk on his lips and I grin. Might as well play with the guy.

I walk up to him, pressing my chest against his and I bring my face up so I am looking him right in the eye.

"Hmm, how does Daddy sound? What about Cowboy? Stud?" I ask, my eyebrow raising slightly. Cole rolls his bottom lip into his mouth as he stares down at my lips. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

"Mhm, " Cole mumbles and I step back from him, my smirk dropping and my arms crossing over my chest.

"There is no way in the world I will be calling you that. You are like a walking STD in my mind so that is what I will call you." I say, walking to my bedroom to get changed. I hear Cole groan and I roll my eyes.

Typical player.


"Hello sleepy head." Maya greets as I walk into school building. I throw her a weak smile before letting out a small sigh.

"Morning, " I mumble, walking to my locker and opening it, throwing my books in. I let out a sigh and close my locker shut, turning to Maya.

"Care to share your morning activity?" Maya asks, humor in her tone and I wave her off.

"I'm honestly not in the mood." I say and Maya walks beside me as we make our way to our first class.

"Don't tell me your mom dragged you down the stairs..." Maya trails off, a short chuckle escaping her lips and I let out a groan.

"Oh I wish that happened. You know what I have to deal with at my place?" I ask, looking at Maya who is looking back at me with curiosity.

"What?" Maya asks and as we walk into the classroom, a certain person catches my eye and I narrow my eyes at him.

"Cole." I say as I make my way to the back of the

class. Maya takes a seat next to me and gasps.

"Serious?" Maya asks and I sigh, running my hands through my black hair.

"Dead serious." I say and Maya grins.

"I don't see how this is such a bad thing." Maya says and I glare at her.

"Of course you don't. Your too busy thinking about his looks." I say and Maya raises her eyebrow at me.

"Three reasons why this is so bad." Maya says and I turn my body so that I am facing her completely.

"He is so arrogant and so full of himself. He thinks with his dick instead of his brain and guess what I found him doing yesterday?" I ask and Maya narrows her eyes at me.

"Jerking off?" Maya guesses and I shake my head.

"Worse. He was in my fathers room making himself comfortable and going through all of his things!" I say in a low, dangerous whisper and Maya's eyes widen in shock.

"What the-"

"Students, please settle down. I have let you all talk for five minutes so the least you can do is listen to me now." The teacher says and I turn my body so that I am now facing the teacher.

"Okay, now listen up students. I have organized for you all to do a project about the book we have been reading in class. You need to point out the techniques and the themes of the book." The teacher says and we all groan, realising where this is heading to.

"I'm guessing you all know what I'm going to say next... So for the people who don't know, you are going to partner up with someone." The teacher says and once again, we all groan. I raise my hand up and the teacher nods at me.

"Sir, I don't see why we have to do it in pair's, " I start off and I ignore everyone's eyes that are burning into my head. "The idea of being partnered up for this project is honestly stupid. If we are going to be marked for this, shouldn't we do it individually? I mean, what if you partner up two people together and one person makes that other person do all the work and you still mark them both equally for that project even though only one person did it?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion and the teacher let's out a frustrated sigh while runs his hand through his hair.

If your wondering why this is happening, I'll just explain it in a few sentences. In most classes, I like to speak my mind and since I do this quite often, most teachers become annoyed with my ranting. I don't see why they have to be annoyed by it though because students are allowed to asked questions and teachers being teachers, should be able to answer any question that is thrown at them but since I am probably the most frustrating student, most of the teachers just ignore me and continue on with the class work.

"Danielle, this is why I have made the partners very opposite to each other. This way, the two people can work with whatever skills they have. For example, I have set out certain tasks for you all to complete so that it can bring your project together into one amazing piece of work." The teacher explains and I nod slowly.

"Sir, can you just tell us who our partners are already?" Cole says and the teacher nods, walking to his desk to type a few things on the computer. In a few seconds, the screen that is in front of the class lights up and names are shown on the screen.

Jared Lowery - Samantha Harpers

Leonardo Andrews - Chloe Smiths

Maya Simpson - Abby Stratford

Peter Mitchell - William Payton

Rachel Tessin - Danny Samuels

Kayla Barrow - Jason Fishers

Wait, where is my name?

"Sir!" I shout, raising my hand in the air and the teacher looks over at me, his eyebrow raised slightly.

"My name isn't there." I say and suddenly, three other voices say the same thing. I look around the class to see Hailey's hand up, Taylah's hand up and Cole's hand up. I groan and let my head drop in my hands.

Hailey Richards is the schools head cheerleader and is an absolute bitch to anyone who gets on her bad side.

Taylah's Kennedy is the schools best track runner and she is quite nice when you get to know her. That's what Maya said since I'm too scared to even look at her since she has a deadly resting bitch face.

We already know who Cole is so he doesn't need anything said about him. I mean, the only thing to say about him is the fact that he is an asshole who carries every disease on him from how much unprotected sex he has had.

"Okay, well, what I am going to do is ask who you would prefer to be with." The teacher says and I let out a small groan of annoyance.

Our English teacher is one sneaky bastard. He will let you think that you can be with the person who want to be with the most but in reality, he doesn't care. He will make you go with the total opposite of that person that you want to be with.

The teacher looks at Taylah first and she looks between Hailey, Cole and I. Taylah let's out a sigh and points and Hailey. The teacher nods and then looks at Hailey and since Hailey is one horny bitch, she points at Cole. Of course.

The teacher looks at Cole and he looks around until his eyes land on me. I glare at him and he points at me, the smirk on his lips. I roll my eyes and point at Hailey, not needing the teacher to give me the look that basically says 'speak'.

The teacher nods and he looks between the four of us before walking to his desk. He scribbles on a few piece's of paper before handing one to the four of us.

"The people on your paper will be your partners for the project." The teacher says and I slowly unfold mine, letting Maya watch me as her chin rests in my shoulder.

Cole Walker.

I look up at Cole to see him grinning at me. I glare at the teacher who is ignoring me and I let out a groan, ripping the piece of paper to shreds.

I have to live with the jerk and now I have to do a project with him? Can my life get any worse?


Oh poor Danielle. Can she handle the fact that she has to do a project with Cole or will she find a way out?

You know what to do.




I love you all so very much and I hope you have a great 2017.


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