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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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[ thank you noctuaries for the beautiful cover, this chapter is dedicated to you ]

Danielle's P.O.V

"Danielle, can you come out please?" I hear my mom say behind my door and I ignore her, turning up the stereo louder. The song Light 'Em Up by Fall Out Boy blasts in my ears, making me feel a little calm. I listen to music when I am pissed off so that's why I am blasting my music up to full volume.

"Danielle!" My mom shouts and I roll my eyes, standing up and walking to the door. I unlock it and swing it open.

"What?" I snap, my eyes narrowing at my mom. I knew I shouldn't be acting like this to my own mother; the person who gave me life but what am I supposed to do? I have anger issues, I know.

"Please come out. Andrea is here and she would like to-"

"I'll come out when I have calmed down. So unless you want me to trash the house, I suggest you leave me alone for at least a good two hours." I say and I shut the door. I don't bother to lock it and I walk back to my bed, getting my sketchbook out.

The song changes to Right By My Side by Nicki Minaj and I let out a sigh, continuing to draw Maya. You might think that I'm weird drawing my best friend but I'm only drawing her because it's going to be her birthday present. I know, I'm such a great friend.

Honestly, how did my mom think I was going to react knowing my previous outburst when my cousin was coming over? I am not used to new people just coming into my house and taking over because I have a feeling that my mom's friend Andrea is going to do exactly that.

I have met Andrea once when she came over for a cup of tea. My mom and Andrea work at the same hospital and besides seeing each other at work, she hardly comes over. Andrea was nice to me when I first met her but I just got that vibe that she is nice when other people are around but if it were to be only Andrea and I, I'm pretty sure I would be Cinderella and she would be the evil step-mom.

I start to draw Maya's eyes, not forgetting the detail of my best friends blue eyes. Her eyes are something that I wished I had. Since I have green eyes - my least favorite colour - I didn't like it that much but Maya always reassured me that my eyes are way better than hers because mine are 'different and special'. Ha, not even.

"I... I'm not living life. I'm not living right. I'm not living if your not by my side." I sing quietly, shading in Maya's eyes. Suddenly, I hear someone mutter 'oh hell no' and I turn to see the boy I never thought would be in my house; let alone my room.

"What the fuck!" We both say at the same time and I set my sketchbook beside me and pause my music, glaring at the boy. All of a sudden, we both run downstairs and shout at our mom's.

"I am not letting this boy stay in my house!"

"I am not living in the same house as her!"

Both Andrea and my mom burst out laughing. I exchange looks with the player and look back at my mom in pure confusion. I wait for the two ladies to stop laughing but they seem to just keep laughing at the thing is making them continue to laugh like crazy people.

"Mom!" I shout, grabbing the attention of my mom and Andrea. They both stare at me with small grins on their faces and I glare at the both of them.

"This must be a joke." I say to my mom and she just shakes her head.

"Oh no dear, this is definitely not a joke." My mom chuckles and my eyes widen. I clench my fists and look at the vase in front of me, tempting to push it over. My mom notices this and immediately stands in front of me, he arms by her sides.

"I thought you knew Andrea had a son." My mom says slowly, her grin disappearing and I narrow my eyes at her.

"If I knew she had a son, would I been screaming at you a few seconds ago asking for an explanation?" I ask through gritted teeth and my mom looks at Andrea, confusion clear on her face.

"So you don't know who he is?" My mom asks, pointing at the arrogant boy beside me who is looking between me and my mom in confusion.

"Oh no, I know who he is." I say, sending a glare at Cole. My mom sighs and nods.

"Then I don't see the problem. He isn't a complete 'stranger' then." My mom smiles and I throw my hands in the air in frustration.

"You still don't see it do you!" I scream, ignoring everyone's looks of shock and I storm back to my room, slamming the door shut. I'm suprised the door didn't break off its hinges from how hard I slammed it.

I turn my music on and blast it up to full volume, ignoring the thoughts of my father that are going through my head. I listen to Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 and lay down on my bed, deciding to just stare at the ceiling for how long it takes for me to calm down.


"Hey people." I greet, a tired smile on my face. Surprisingly, after an hour and a half of crying and shouting at nothing in particular, I finally calmed down and by the look on my mom's face, I knew she knew that I have been crying because every time I did cry, my cheeks would go bright red which made me hate the pale-like colour of my skin.

"Hey, you okay?" My mom asks as I walk past her, going to the fridge. I nod and open the fridge, searching for the carton on orange juice which I loved to drink at times like these. I turn to my mom and frown at her.

"Where is the orange juice?" I ask my mom and Andrea looks at my mom with a worrying look in her eyes. I look between the two and when I realise why they are sending worrying looks to each other, I figure it out


"Where is Cole?" I ask, clenching my fists. My mom bites her lip and points up the stairs. I lick my teeth in annoyance and walk past the two ladies but my mom grabs my hand.

"Don't do anything stupid." My mom says and I roll my eyes.

"I'm not going to. I'm only going to gauge his eyes out with my nails and bury him alive in the backyard." I say, my face emotionless. My mom frowns and I sigh.

"I'll be fine." I say and my mom nods, letting go of my hand. As I walk up the stairs, murderous thoughts enter my head and a sinister smile appears on my face. I have three ideas.

1) I can suffocate him with a pillow and hide his body in the cupboard.

2) I can hit him over the head with a frying pan and throw him out the window, hiding him in the bushes.

3) I can say he committed suicide because he accidentally got one of the girls on the cheerleading squad pregnant when I push him out of the window.

Before you say anything including a mental asylum since I am only doing this over a carton of orange juice, you must understand my side of the story. First, I hate Cole with a burning passion. Second, no one messes with my drinks or food. Third... I have no reason for this one but who cares.

I hear music playing from my father's room and I stop in confusion. Why would there be music playing in my father's room? Wait...

I push open the door and my eyes widen in horror. Luckily, I didn't walk into Cole getting changed or anything and your probably thinking 'why am I shocked', well there is only one reason for this.

Cole is on my father's bed, listening to my father's CD player and all of my father's CD's are sprawled across the floor. No one touches my father's stuff... no one.

"Get the fuck out!" I scream, grabbing Cole's attention. Cole looks up at me with a small frown and he presses a button on the CD player, pausing the music that was playing a second ago.

"This is my room, Elle." Cole says, a small smirk on his lips and I narrow my eyes at him when he calls me that name.

"First, don't call me that. Two, I don't care, get the fuck out." I say and Cole rolls his eyes before muttering 'calm down'. I ignore his comment and watch as Cole walks past me and out the room. I close the door and follow Cole down the stairs.

"So apparently I'm getting kicked out of my room." Cole says, boredom clear in his tone as he stares at Andrea and I grit my teeth.

"Its not your room." I say and my mom looks at the both of us and stands up. She grabs my hand and pulls me away from Cole.

"Danielle, you have to remember that there aren't enough rooms for Andrea and Cole if we make your father's room not in use. Andrea has the guest room while Cole has-"

"The floor in the living room." I say and my mom shakes her head.

"I can't do that to him, Danielle. Unless he goes in your room with you since everyone's room is too small for two people. Your room is the biggest in this house, Danielle." My mom says and I suck in a deep breath.

At least it's not my father's room, right?

"Fine but I want him on the other side of the room." I say, narrowing my eyes at my mom and a small smile appears on her lips.

"Your amazing, " My mom says, kissing me on the forehead and I just nod, shrugging it off.

"Eh, " I mumble, walking away from my mom and into my room. I don't bother closing the door since I know that Cole is going to walk in saying-

"I heard you offered me to stay in here." Cole smirks, walking into my room and towards my bed. He takes a seat by my feet which are stretched out towards the end of the bed so that didn't give Cole much room to sit.

"Don't think I'm going to be nice to you still." I mutter, grabbing my sketchbook to finish drawing Maya.

"What are you drawing?" Cole asks, snatching the book off me and I growl, immediately jumping on him.

Sadly, this results in me to straddle Cole which is making it very... Awkward. Well, to me anyway but I push the thoughts to the back of my mind.

"I quite like this position." Cole says and I roll my eyes in disgust.

"Give me my book." I say, holding my hand out towards Cole's arm which is raised above his head.

"Just let me take a peek-"

"Don't you dare." I growl, pinching his arm which is holding my thigh. Cole smiles and brings his face close to mine.

"What do you have to hide?" Cole whispers, his nose barely touching mine and I hold my breath, trying to calm myself down. It's not working though.

"Nothing, " I say, my voice coming out like a quiet whisper like I am hiding something. The only problem is that I am not hiding anything.

"Oh come on, it's not like you drew me naked or something." Cole says, a small grin on his face and I narrow my eyes at him and hit the side of his head. Cole groans and I roll my eyes, snatching my sketchbook off him. I get off him and walk to my cupboard, sliding my sketchbook in between my reading books.

"Your so disgusting." I mutter, walking back to my bed and sitting down, stretching my legs out like I was doing before.

"I never thought I would let a person like you stay in my room." I say, grabbing my phone. Cole rubs the side of his head and grins at me.

"That's because you love me."

"Don't make me hit you again."


Oh wow, such a full on chapter. Do you think Danielle is being a little too harsh on Cole?

You know what to do.




I love you all and hopefully I'll update soon.


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