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Winter's P.O.V

"Well the night definitely ended well." Sam says to me as we enter his house. I shrug and let out a sigh.

"It could've gone worse." I say and Sam gives me a confused look. I wave him off and slip off my shoes. I turn on the light and look at Sam.

"Just forget I said it. I'm tired." I say and Sam nods, grabbing my hand and leading me up to his bedroom. Becky wasn't home since she was at my place so we had the whole place to ourselves until the morning.

I walk past a mirror and I stop, walking back to it and looking at my reflection. The dress was all crumbled from playing with it too much - I only do this when I'm nervous or stressed - and my hair was a mess. I notice Sam behind me and he pushes my hair away from my face. He kisses the top of my head and spins me around so I am facing him.

"Stop worrying. You've worried way too much tonight." Sam says and I nod, walking into his room and falling onto his bed. Sam chuckles and points at the dress.

"Your wearing that to bed?" He asks and I sigh, sitting up. I unzip the back of the dress and twirl my finger at Sam, telling him to turn. Sam turns and I stand up, wriggling out of the dress.

"You are so blind." I hear Sam say and I look to see him grinning at me but he was looking into the mirror and I gasp.

"Since when do you have a mirror?" I gasp, covering myself and Sam laughs.

"I've had this in here forever." Sam says and I groan.

"Your a bitch." I mumble and Sam raises his eyebrow.

"What have I told you about swearing? At least keep the last of your innocence, Winter." Sam frowns and I roll my eyes.

"Can I have some clothes, please?" I ask and Sam tilts his head, grinning slightly.

"As much as I would like to do that for you, I simply can't as I like what your wearing now." Sam says, rolling his bottom lip into his mouth and I pout at him.

"Please?" I ask and Sam shakes his head. I sigh and quickly jump into Sam's bed, throwing the sheets over my body and I hear Sam laugh as he starts to get out of his suit.

Ugh, why can't you just stay in the suit?

He takes off his shirt which leaves him in his pants. I feel myself getting a little hot and bothered.

Look away, Winter, my brain says and I bite my lip, turning around. When I feel the bed dip, I look to see Sam smiling at me.

"Peeking." Sam whisper

leave me no choice." Sam says as he ducks his hand under water, swimming towards me. I find myself just standing there, watching Sam's figure swim towards me.

When Sam rises from the water, he doesn't forget to run his hands up my legs and to my stomach, making my body tingle by his touch. Sam looks down at me and places his hands on either side of me, clutching at the side wall. I look up at him, my lips parted as I take in Sam's looks.

God, he is still as hot as ever.

"I really do love you, Winter." Sam says as his hands stay at my hips, just holding onto them. I ignore the butterflies that are in my stomach and wrap my arms around his neck.

"I know and I love you too." I say, a small smile on my lips. Sam grins and ducks his head to kiss me. When his lips touch mine, I can't help but let my knees fall weak at the feeling. Sam lifts me up and sits me on the concrete, standing in between my legs. I pull him closer to me by wrapping my legs around him, deepening the kiss.

"Oh shit, there making out." I hear someone mutter and I recognise the voice as Amanda's. I ignore them and continue to kiss Sam.

At this point, I knew that even though everything is hard right now, it was going to get better.

Even if it did take time.


Okay I'm finished! THIS IS THE END! What do you guys think? I know I left a few things out but I promise you that they will be answered in the epilogue. I love you all and thank you to all of you who stayed by me when I basically gave up on the book! You guys are all amazing!


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