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Amanda's P.O.V

I open my eyes slowly, trying not to freak out by the fact that there were at least twenty doctors in my room.

Wait... doctors?

"She's alive!" One of the doctors says and the other doctors look at me and I furrow my eyebrows at them. They quickly check the monitor, my clipboard and other stuff before leaving the room and I groan, starting to feel my whole body hurt.

What the hell happened? Last thing I know I was...

Oh my god.

The car crash.


Winter's P.O.V

I immediately stand up and rush into Amanda's room, the biggest smile on my face.

"Amanda!" I scream in joy, tears prickling at my eyes. Amanda looks at me, a small smile on her face. I run to her and hug her tight.

"I thought you were dead." I mumble and Amanda chuckles quietly.

"So did I." Amanda says and I look at her and bite my lip.

"I never want to see you in a hospital bed ever again." I say and Amanda nods.

"Same goes for you."

"Ha, I'm careful." I say, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Promise?" Amanda asks, holding out her pinky. I look at it for a while, trying not to think about Kyle. I suck in a breath and connect my picky with hers, smiling slightly.

"Oh my god. Your okay." I hear Hayden say behind me and I step out of the way to let Hayden talk to Amanda.

"Yeah... but your not. What happened to your nose?" Amanda asks, her eyebrows furrowing slightly. Hayden looks at me and then back at Amanda. This caused Amanda to look at me and her eyes widen.

"You two fought? That explains the bruise on your jaw!" Amanda says, shock filling her face.

"We're okay. We were just stressed and yeah." Hayden says and Amanda gives me a look that told me a million things but the main thing I read from that look was 'I'm sorry'.

Sam, Cole and Alec made there way in and they all talked to Amanda about the little things. Then someone asked the major question we all wanted to know so badly.

"Do you remember what happened to you before the car accident?" Hayden asks and Amanda sighs and sits up slowly, trying to not move too quickly.

"Y-Yeah." Amanda mumbles and we all sit in the chairs, waiting for Amanda to tell the story.

"It all started when I got a call from a private number."


Amanda's P.O.V

"It all started when I got a call from a private number." I say, looking at nothing in particular.

"I answered it and I recognised the voice immediately. It was mom and she said that her old best friend, a very dangerous man, was at her house."

"Peter?" Winter asks and I nod. Hayden and the boys give me a strange look and I sigh, knowing that I have to explain the story to them.

"I've known Peter every since I was born. He was my mom's best f

u related to someone here?" I ask and the guy nods.

"Amanda's my sister." I nod.

"How old are you?"


"Whats that scar from?"

"Actually, that's none of your business." The guy snaps. I raise my eyebrow.

"It is if your planning to stay with Amanda."

"I'm her brother. Does it matter if I stay with her?"


"Actually, no it doesn't." The guy says and I narrow my eyes at him and stand up, walking towards him.

"Listen here, Nicolas. I know who you are, where you come from and all I need is why you are here and I'm pretty sure your not here just because of Amanda's car accident."

"Listen here, Samuel. I don't give two fucks if you know who I am because suprise suprise, I know you and your whole family too and you don't need to know if I'm here because of my sisters accident or not because you are not my father."

"I know I'm not your father because I don't cheat with my wife with a little slut also known as your fucking girlfriend!" I spit. Nick looks at me, taken aback.

"That's right, I know everything about you, Kathryn and your father." I say, smirking. Nick glares at me and then throws a punch but I grab his fist and twist his hand, making him wince.

"I don't think violence is appropriate here." I whisper and let go of Nick's hand.

In the corner of my eye, I see Amanda and Winter coming back and I pat Nick's cheek. "Good chatting with you." I say before making my way towards the two girls.

"Hey, " Winter says, smiling. I smile and kiss her forehead.

"Hey princess."


Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that it's taking me so long to update. I've just been so busy and yeah. This chapter is really wierd and confusing and I'm going back to edit it soon.

Please vote and comment and yeah. See you in the next chapter.


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