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Winter's P.O.V

"Mom! Where's dad!" I scream as I immediately run through the house.

After telling the boys about what happened with Gemma, they were shocked and speechless. I couldn't blame them though. After everything Gemma has done to me, after everything she has put me through, hearing those words come out of her mouth was almost the scariest thing ever. It was so hard to believe the words that managed to come out of Gemma's mouth but after thinking about everything, I knew she was telling the truth.

I didn't get to tell Amanda about the whole thing though because apparently her mom had called her saying that there was a family emergency and she needed to be home ASAP. I decided I would call her later tonight to tell her.

So, after the bell went, telling everyone that it was time to go home, I ran to my house to try and find my parents. I needed to tell them what happened, especially my dad because who knows what he could be doing right now.

"Winter, honey. I'm in your father's study." I hear my mom call and I run to where my mom was and open the door. I see my mom sitting in my father's chair with a big book in her hands.

It almost looks like a photo album.

"Hey, mom, I need to talk-"

"Come here." My mom cuts me off, a small and sad smile on her lips. I sigh and walk over to her and look over her shoulder. Seeing lots of photos in the book, I knew I was right.

The people in the pictures were mostly my parents and Becky. I sigh and look at my mom.

"Please, you can show me these later. I really need to talk to you." I say and my mom looks up at me, an eyebrow raised.

"This better be important." My mom sighs and places the book on the table. I scratch the back of my neck and tilt my head from side to side slowly.

"Well, I sorta need dad here too..." I say and my mom nods and gets up, walking out of the room and to the kitchen, probably to call my dad.

I follow and seat on the stool, watching my mom as she dials my dad and she puts the phone on speaker. It's starts ringing and she hands the phone to me. I place the phone in front of me and wait till I hear my father's voice.

"Hello?" I hear my dad voice and I breathe in a sharp breath.

After telling my father what happened with Gemma today, I hear him sigh.

"Your so lucky..." He mutters and I frown.


"Don't worry. I'll be home soon okay? Then we will talk about everything." He says and I sigh and nod.

"Okay, bye." I say and hang up the phone. I look up to see my mom narrowing her eyes at me, her arms crossed over her chest.

"This bitch better not be lying." My mom snaps before walking away. I lay my head on the table and breath out a short sigh.

"Me too..."


"So everything is going to be okay on the night?" My dad asks and I shrug.

"Hopefully. I mean, she did say she was going to destroy the tapes." I say and my father nods.

"Yeah true. Well, if anything happens, call me straight away." He says and I nod, flashing him a smile.

"Yep." I say and he kisses my forehead and stands up.

"So, I am going to go talk to your mother. You get ready for bed, okay? I'll come in after." He says and I nod, standing up too. He gives me a quick hug before walking upstairs towards my mom's room and they close the door. I make my way towards the bathroom and close the door behind me.

I take off my shirt and throw it in the basket where all the other clothes were and do the same with my pants. I let out a sigh and turn the nob for the hot water. After taking off my undergarments, I let my hand rest under the water to see if it was the right temperature for me and when it is, I get in.

I close my eyes and let the water fall down my face, enjoying the feel of the hot water making me feel calm and relaxed. My thoughts start to pop into my head and think about the main ones.

Why hasn't Amanda never mentioned the whole thing with Gemma before? Is she embarrassed or ashamed of telling me? How come Gemma has never confronted Amanda about how Amanda left her and cut her out of her life? If Gemma was so angry at Amanda for who she did, why didn't she ask her ab

g seeing as its the middle of the night and she will probably be asleep." My mom says and I nod.

"Yeah I will." I say and my mom kisses me on the forehead before walking to her bedroom. I sigh and walk downstairs and out the door. I shut the door behind me and walk to my car with the bags of clothes in my hands.


I walk into the entrance of the hospital and almost immediately, a blonde haired girl comes into my view and I narrow my eyes at the familiar girl.

She looks sad, very sad but I really didn't care. Call me mean or an asshole but I still don't care.

"Gemma." I say flatly when she ends up in front of me. Gemma looks up at me and she immediately steps back.

"Sam." She mutters and I raise my eyebrow at her.

"What are you doing here?" I ask and Gemma shakes her head.

"I was just leaving-"

"You were here for Amanda, weren't you?" I ask and Gemma sighs and nods.

"Well when Winter called me to pick her up and drop her off at the hospital to see Amanda, I couldn't just drop her off and leave. I had to see Amanda. She means a lot to me, too." Gemma says, staring up at me and I furrow my eyebrows at her.

"Winter called you?" I ask and Gemma nods.

"Yeah... so anyway, I have to go." Gemma says and before she leaves, I call her name. She turns around and raises her eyebrow at me.

"Yes, Sam?" She asks and I sigh.

"Did you mean what you said to Winter today at school? About everything?" I ask and Gemma nods, a small smile on her lips.

"Every word." She says and I nod. She walks out of the hospital and towards her car which was parked out the front. I sigh and walk to Amanda's room.

"She said she liked you and when she realised she couldn't have you, she went to Josh and thats when she grabbed me and started with the letters and everything." Winter says, a small frown on her face.

Everything that happened between Gemma and Winter basically happened because of me...

I was the reason Gemma was bullying Winter.

I was the reason Kate poured coke on Winter.

I was the reason the whole thing between Gemma and Winter started.

I started everything.


I'm backkkk! Did you miss me? Naw, I missed me too! Nah jokes. Do you like this chapter? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?

So what do you think of this whole chapter? Thoughts? The prom will probably be the chapter after the next one so don't worry... IT WILL BE HERE!

Anyway, please vote and comment and yeah. The book is ending and I legit just want to finish it already but then again, I don't.

About the whole thing with Bradley, I don't think you will see him again in this book... I don't know yet but yeah. Just forget about him for the moment.

So yeah, I love you all and stay beautiful everyone!


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