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Winter's P.O.V

"Come on! Tell me!" I say to Amanda as I grab onto her arm, jumping up and down. Since we were in sport with the whole year, I basically couldn't care if everyone was looking at me like a complete wierdo.

"Fine, fine." Amanda says and I immediately let go of her arm.

"She said the reason she doesn't like you is because she was jealous of you. You being with Sam, you being friends with me, you having a great life..." Amanda trails off and I look at Sam confused. Sam rolls his eyes.

"Load of bullshit. I mean, what about before Winter started living with us? What about before you came to be by Winter's side again? And Winter definitely didn't have a great life especially with Gemma making it worse for her. So, I call bullshit." Sam says and I nod.

Everyone stays silent for a little bit until an idea pops into my head, causing me to speak.

"I'm going to go talk to her." I say and all heads snap to me.

"What the fuck?" Amanda says, her eyes going wide like the size of beach balls.

"Are you crazy?" Hayden says, raising his eyebrow at me. I sigh and shrug.

"I just think this will help everything. Besides, if what she says is true-"

"Which it won't be." Sam says and I roll my eyes at him.

"-maybe everything will stop." I continue and Alec nods.

"I think it's a great plan." Alec says and he gives me a fist bump and I smile at him.

"See? Alec thinks it's a good idea, why can't you guys do the same?" I ask and they all shrug. I roll my eyes and stand up.

"I'm going now." I say and they all nod.

"Try not to get killed!" Cole yells.

"Think of me and you'll be fine." Sam says.

"If she touches you, beat the living shit out of her!" Amanda shouts.

"Have fun." Hayden says.

"Good luck." I hear Alec says and I shake my head, chuckling to myself as I start to walk towards Gemma and her followers.

I have such good friends, right? I know, I know.

I look at the group of girls who stood around the tree and sigh.

I'm suprised she still has her group of girls after what happened with Josh. She must be cheering. Not literally, but you know what I mean.

As I walk past the basketball court, walking closer and closer to the group of girls, I can't help but wonder how I am actually making myself do this.

I really hope luck is by my side right now.

I suck in a deep breath when I realise I am so close to her group now. A girl notices me walking towards her and her friends and she pulls a disg

mma hugs me back, her sobs getting more and more controllable.

"Your a-a nice girl, Winter. I should b-be saying sorry." Gemma says, letting go of me. She wipes her tears carefully, trying not to ruin her makeup and I smile at her.


"So will you still do it?" I ask and Gemma shakes her head.

"I'll destroy the tapes and I'll give the money to you and your family." She says, a small smile on her face. I raise my eyebrow at her and Gemma rolls her eyes playfully.

"I'm only doing what's best for everyone." Gemma says before giving me one more smile and walking away. I start to walk back and thoughts flood my head but that one thoughts pushed through all the other thoughts, causing me to frown.

All of this happened just because Gemma had fallen for the bad boy...




Sorry, I have been listening to that song on repeat while writing this chapter and OMG it's stuck in my brain. My boyfriend even started singing it when he heard me singing during the whole day. Ugh, funny.

Anyway, do you guys like the sixtieth chapter? I hope you did because I definitely want to just sleep after writing this chapter... so much thinking.

Ugh it is so close to ending and I legit don't know what I am going to do with my life. This is my first ever book and I feel like even though it's all over the place, I completely have fell in love with it.

So, please vote and comment and yeah... I'm really tired so I will just sleep now... goodnight to all you beautiful readers.


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