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Winter's P.O.V

"This makes no sense at all." Cole says once I finish explaining to the boys and my mom what happened yesterday when Amanda came up with this lovely idea to call Gemma Hill, call her a bitch, and somehow find out how she got the tapes from Phillip.

"I'm calling your father." My mom says as she stands up from sitting on the couch and makes her way into the kitchen to go ring my father.

By the way, my father hasn't been back since he left on Monday night. He hasn't even called to tell me or my mother what he has found out or if he has found out anything. I'm not worried of course, it's just that I thought he would call us at the end of the day but I guess not.

"Why the hell would she just blurt that out to a random stranger anyway?" Alec asks as he furrows his eyebrows in confusion. I nod in agreement and so does Amanda.

"But... I find it kind of funny that Gemma thought of you as a guy. You must really pull of the voice of a man-" Hayden's words get cut off when Amanda slaps him on the shoulder, hard. I chuckle and shake my head at the two.

"Knowing Gemma, she must be up to something to do that." Sam says and I sigh.

"Thats what we thought but we just don't know what." I say. In the corner of my eye, I see a grin form onto Alec's face when he looks at his phone and I look at him.

"What are you smiling about?" I ask him and Alec stands up and puts his phone in his pocket.

"I'll see you guys at school later." Alec says, the grin still not off his face. I nod and he walks out the door shutting it behind him.

I had a feeling it had something to do with Cassidy.

Ever since Cole and Alec made up from the whole 'taking advantage of Cassidy' thing, Alec and Cassidy have been talking more. The other night, Alec took her out on a date to a carnival somewhere and when Alec came home, his bright smile was stuck on his face and still there when he woke up. I knew he had a good night with Cassidy and I'm pretty sure everyone knew that too.

I wouldn't be suprised if they get back together soon.

"Ugh shit, we are going to be late again." I hear Cole say and I sigh. I quickly kiss my mom goodbye after walking into the kitchen to find her on the phone to my father. I quickly grab my bag and walk out the door with Sam's hand in mine. Amanda, Cole and Hayden get into the SUV while I walk towards the beautiful car.

"Ugh, can I have this when you don't want it?" I ask Sam as he walks to the other side of the car.

"Winter, I will always want it. It's not like some toy you just got rid of. This-" Sam taps the top of the Lamb

ole has been looking at the cafeteria doors, waiting for Gemma while I have been looking at the bathroom door, waiting for Amanda to walk out.

Suddenly, the cafeteria doors open and I look over to see that Gemma has finally walked through. I look back at the bathroom doors to see that Amanda has walked out and is making her way to the table.

"What the hell have you been up to in there?" I hear Cole ask, probably trying to make it not look suspicious that Gemma and Amanda came back into the cafeteria around the same time.

Smart move, Cole.

"Well when I got there, I was only going to fix up my makeup until I found a ketchup stain on my shirt so yeah. It came out after minutes of washing and rubbing it, trying to get it out."

"Your not even eating anything with ketchup though?" Hayden says, completely confused. Amanda glares at him.

"No but you are which proves that you did it." Amanda says and slaps Hayden once again. Everyone at the table laughs.

"Can't keep you hands off me?" Hayden asks but of course, this earns another slap but this time, to the face.

"Nope." Amanda says, flashing a grin at Hayden. Hayden groans and places his hand on his cheek.

"So?" I ask. Amanda looks at me and grins and when I saw that grin, I knew she found out what we all wanted to hear.


God, I am on a role! Hello people of Earth! So, what do you think? I had to add some funny bits in this chapter so yeah, sorry for the people who have no sense of humor. Lol nah jokes but anyway, did you guys like it?

Once again, I am going to make this short and say the things you probably all hate coming from me but ahh it's okay. Please vote and comment and yeah! See you next chapter!


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