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Winter's P.O.V

"Winter, come on! I really want to go to this store!" Amanda says, tugging on my arm. I laugh and hold my hand up at her.

"Wait, this one looks nice." I say and feel the material of the dress and I hear Amanda groan loudly.

Right now, since we had two days left till prom, Amanda and I decided to go shop for dresses. Since Amanda was really picky with the dresses and she needed the 'perfect' dress, I knew we were going to be here for a long time so I really didn't rush on finding a dress that suited me. On the other hand though, Amanda didn't like taking her time like me. She was inpatient and picky not calm.

"Ugh, it's not even pretty! Come on!" Amanda starts again and I sigh and leave the dress as we walk out of the shop and into another. The shop looks very expensive but since my dad offered to pay for my dress, I didn't care. But, I was at least going to make it easy for dad. Amanda though, had lots of money stored in her bank account so she was sorted.

"Oh look at this one!" Amanda says as she stares at the red dress in silence. I smile at Amanda and nod. The dress was strapless and had diamonds on the top area of the dress. At the front of the dress though, it didn't flow to the bottom of the floor like the back of it - it stops at the knee - but overall, it really looks nice.

"I think it looks beautiful." I say and Amanda looks at me and holds onto the dress, her eyes glaring into mine.

"Nope, it's mine. Get your own." Amanda says and I laugh, walking around the shop to look for a dress.


After staying at the mall for more than three hours looking for a dress, I finally gave up. Amanda tried helping me but I really didn't like any of them. Some dresses showed way to much and some covered up a lot so basically that night, I went home empty handed.

"Hey mom, where's dad?" I ask as I walk into the kitchen. My mom turns around from stirring the pasta and shrugs.

"He didn't tell me." My mom says and I nod, taking a seat on the stool.

"So, how did the dress shopping go?" My mom asks and I sigh.

"I didn't find anything. They just... weren't me, I guess." I say and my mom turns around again, a bright smile on her face.

"So you've done looking for one?" My mom asks, the smile still on her face. I shrug and tie my hair up in a bun.

"Well, Amanda did want me to go and try again tomorrow-"

"No, no, no." My mom quickly says, rushing over to me. I was suprised in her actions. She places her hands on my shoulders and shakes her head as she whispers another 'no'.

"W-Why?" I stutter and my mom grabs my hand and pulls me out of the kitchen and up the stairs towards her room. I lean against the door frame and watch as she goes to her cupboard and pulls out a sealed bag. She walks to the bed and lays it down.

"My mom gave me this dress to wear to the prom..." She starts off and I walk towards her, standing beside her. She gives me a smile looks back at the dress.

"It was a pass-me-down dress since my mom had worn it at her prom. She told me that if

"Gemma, I just want to tell you that you are... a bitch." Amanda says and I hold in my laugh. Gemma laughs.

"Is this phone call even going anywhere? I have important stuff to do." Gemma says and Amanda winks at me when I send her a terrified look.

"What important stuff?"

"If you really must know, I have to sort out a little presentation for a friend." Gemma says and I roll my eyes.

"Ooo go on." Amanda continues with the low voice and I try not to chuckle or laugh. This is funny seeing as Gemma is completely clueless that she is talking to Amanda.

"Well... can you keep a secret?" Gemma asks and Amanda nudges me in the knee, smirking at me.

"Yeah." Amanda says smoothly.

"Okay well, this girl I dislike goes to my school and her father's friend gave me tapes of some secret stuff she used to do when she was younger. He paid me one hundred thousand dollars just to humiliate the total shit out of her with these tapes but... I really don't want to do it." Gemma explains and my eyes go wide at what I've just heard.

Gemma doesn't want to humiliate me? Phillip paid Gemma one hundred thousand dollars? Okay, what the hell?

"What do you mean you don't want to?" Amanda asks and Gemma sighs.

"I really don't think she deserves it. I mean, the only reason I don't like her is because-"

Suddenly the phone shut off and the picture of the dead battery came up and I felt my heart drop.

"Ugh fuck sake! Mother fucking slut of a whore... bitch!" Amanda shouts at her phone as she throws it on the floor. I groan and run my hands down my face.

I don't deserve it? What does she mean by that? She hates my guts but then tells a random stranger that I don't deserve it?

Okay, something is up.


Hello guys and girls! Another chapter is here with me today! Did you guys like it?

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