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Cole's P.O.V

"She walked out." Hayden says as he walks into my room. I sigh and run my hands through my hair, tilting my head back slightly.

I knew she would. I mean, she would choose Alec over me any day. I still don't even know what I did to piss Alec off. I mean, I saw him at the park sitting by himself and he looked upset so what was I suppose to do? Leave him to be upset? No.

Now, Winter is angry at me for some fucking reason. I swear, I fuck everything up. I just need someone to tell me what I did and I'll fix it. I just need someone to speak up since they are obviously hiding the reason why the two are angry at me.

Can someone just please tell me?


Sam's P.O.V

"Oh for fuck sake!" I yell, gripping at my hair. I made her angry again! I can't do anything right.

"I'm going to look for her." I say but Amanda shakes her head.

"One thing I know about Winter is don't disturb her when she is upset. Never." Amanda says and I sigh, walking around the lounge room.

"Well I can't just sit here while she walks around looking for Alec. It's nearly midnight!" I say, closing my eyes tight to try and calm myself down.

Amanda puts her hand on my shoulder and smiles slightly. "She'll be fine."

I hope so.


Winter's P.O.V

"Alec, where are you?" I whisper to myself, walking down the street. I sigh and stop at the end of the street.

Where would Alec go? If he is hurting that bad about Cassidy, he might go to her house? Or if he wants to forget, he might go to a bar. Ugh, this is going to be a rough night.

Well, let's try the bar first.


"I'm sorry but you can't come in." The security guard says as he blocks the doorway. I groan and throw my hands in the air.

"I'll only be in there for a few minutes, I just need to see if my friend is here!" I say completely frustrated. The guy shakes his head and I close my eyes, trying to hold in my anger.

"Please... I just need to-"

"I said no." The guy says and I frown, walking away and down the alley.

Just like in the books, alleys were actually a pretty scary place to be in.

There were people in a corner smoking and laughing, there was a group of men that look really drunk, there was a girl who looks around my age and was spinning in circles with a bottle of alcohol in her hand...

See? Scary.

As I hurriedly walk past the groups of people, I turn left so that I was on the pathway and when I look to see if anyone was following me, I sigh seeing that it was clear.

I saw a guy sitting on the steps of a large building. It looks like an apartment but I'm not sure. I take a closer look at the guy and my eyes widen when I see the person I have been looking for all night.



Alec's P.O.V

"Alec?" I hear a familiar voice say and I look to my right and see a girl who had blonde hair. I immediately thought of Winter but I shrug it off.

It can't be her.

"Alec?" The girl says again and I sigh. "Yes?" I ask, looking at the girl who was looking so unsure about something. As the girl came closer, my vision became clearer and my eyes widen.

"Winter?" I ask and stand up. Winter smiles and attacks me into a hug but I don't hug her back. I was just too shocked.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came here to look for you." Winter says, still not letting go of me. I hold on to her shoulders and pull her back, looking into her eyes.

"You have to go." I say and Winter raises an eyebrow.


A blue car pulls up and we both look at it. I immediately groan and push Winter behind me. Shit.

"Long time no see, aye?" I hear Danny say and I nod as I watch him get out of the car. He walks towards me and smirks.

"Who is this?" Danny asks and I shrug.

"A friend." I say and Danny licks his lips.

"She's hot." Danny says and I hear Winter gasp. Danny looks over my shoulder and grins at Winter.

"Hey baby, you wanna come with me for the night?" Danny asks, a sly grin on his face. I push Danny back and I hear Winter scowl.

"I'll pass." Winter says and I glare at her as if I was telling her to be quiet without actually saying anything. I look back at Danny and I sigh.

"I just need to know where Cassidy is." I say, changing the subject. Danny rolls his eyes and points in the back of his car.

"You kidnapped her?" I ask and Danny shrugs.

"She wouldn't come with so I had to drug her-"

"Your a fucking spastic, Danny." I shake my head and point to the trunk.

"Go on. Get her out." I

rts to breath again.

"Did you, Cole?" Alec asks, his tone still low and dangerous. Cole doesn't move at all and thats when I knew he did. Alec also knew too which causes him to try and run to Cole but Sam and Hayden hold him back.

"It was one night..." Cole manages to say and Alec's jaw tightens.

"Doesn't change anything." Alec says and Cole nods.

"I know I know and I'm so sorry... Really Alec, I am." Cole sighs and Alec does too.

"I believe you but that still doesn't change the fact I still hate you for doing that." Alec says and I smile at the two.

"Hug." I say and all heads turn to me. I shrug, still smiling.

"It was worth a try." I say and Amanda shakes her head, a smile starting to form on her lips too.

"No no, you two are hugging. Right here, right now." Amanda says and the two shake their heads.

"Please?" We both say at the same time and Alec groans before standing up. Cole does the same and Sam pushes Alec towards Cole and Hayden does the pushes Cole towards Alec.

When they end up hugging, we all smile at the two.

"I don't know about anyone else but this really looks like a wedding." Amanda says with a chuckle and I laugh when Alec and Cole immediately let go of each other and walk into their rooms.

"Amanda... I hate you." I hear Alec say and Cole agrees with him.

"I love you both so very much too!" Amanda shouts before walking off with Hayden into his bedroom.

I look at Sam and smile at him when I see him holding his arms out for me. I walk towards him and hug him tight.

"Can you do me a favor?" Sam asks and I look up at him with a confused smile.

"Depends what it is."

"Don't swear ever again." Sam says and I laugh at his words.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because I like you being the cute, innocent girlfriend and me being the big bad wolf." Sam smirks and I shake my head.

"You'll never be the big bad wolf."

"Wanna test that theory?" Sam asks and before I could say anything, Sam lifts me up in the air and throws me over his shoulder.

What really shocked me was when his hand landed on my butt.

"Sam!" I squeal and Sam laughs as he carries me to his room.

"Oh shut up, you like it." Sam says as he does it again. I shake my head laughing and Sam puts me down on his bed.

"I'm going to sleep." I say with a yawn and Sam nods.

"Goodnight." Sam says and kisses me on the forehead before walking out of the room. I call his name and his head pops into my view.

"Where are you going?" I ask him and Sam places a finger on his lips.

"Secret." Sam says before he disappears again. I laugh and close my eyes as I feel my body relaxing.



Ughhh that was long. I sorta feel like this chapter is all over the place and quite boring and I'm sorry for that. The prom is coming up and I can't wait!

PLEASE vote and comment, I really appreciate it when you all pop up into my notifications saying you like my book. Well I love you all and yeah, see you soon!


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