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Winter's P.O.V

"Ew, stop making out in front of me!" I scream and cover my eyes from the disgusting sight of Amanda and Hayden shoving each other's tongues down their throats.

Oh yeah, they are back together. I found out yesterday when I walked Snowflake around the park. I saw the two kissing and holding hands but they didn't see me so that was good but I called Amanda later that night and she told me everything.

She said that Hayden had apologized and since Amanda was dying for that apology, they got back together like that. Surprisingly, Hayden understood the whole story about the picture and Hayden had confessed that he kissed a girl at the party that he and Sam had went to. Amanda didn't care of course because it wasn't serious just like her and that dude. So now, they are happily back together as they put it.

Amanda pulls away from Hayden and looks at me with a frown. "We had to deal with you and Sam, now it's time for you to deal with us." Amanda smirks and goes back to kissing Hayden. I gag and feel Sam's hand rubbing my back.

"Just look at me and your eyes will be fixed." Sam smirks and I shove him away playfully before the door bursts open.

"Oh my god, guys!" Alec comes running into Hayden's room and we all look up at him. Alec's face was red and it looks like he was running miles just to get here which doesn't make sense seeing as he lives here.

"What?" Amanda asks and Alec looks around the room as if he was looking for a certain person but he sighs and looks at Amanda.

"Never mind. Cole isn't here." Alec says and as he was just about to walk out, Hayden calls his name.

"I know where he is but he told me not to tell anyone." Hayden says and all eyes look at him.

"Your so stupid, Hayden." Sam says but we ignore him and wait for Hayden to speak.

"Ugh, fine. He is at a girls place and has been there for a while now." Hayden says and Alec gasps. Now it was Alec's turn to speak.

"That asshole!" Alec says and runs out of the room. We all look at each other in confusion before standing up and following Alec out the door. I was the first one out the door and I saw Alec on the phone as he paced around the front yard.

"Whats wrong?" I ask and Alec groans before hanging up. He obviously looked angry. Sam was the first one to walk up to him and put his arm around his little brothers shoulder.

"He is with Cassidy." Alec mutters and I see Sam's eyes widen which definitely wasn't a good sign. I turn to Hayden and so does Amanda.

"Who's Cassidy?" Amanda asks first and Hayden sighs before responding.

"Alec's ex. They were together for three strong years until Cassidy broke up with him. That's all I know." Hayden says and I sigh.

"How does he know he is with her though?" I ask Hayden and he shrugs.

"When Alec knows something he somehow is right so yeah. It's actually a talent of his." Hayden says and I nod.

I turn back to Sam and Alec and walk towards them. "Hey Alec, I can come wi

n, Amanda, not even his own mom but me? He wanted to talk to me. Of course I wasn't going to talk until I saw Alec walk through that door but it's been hours and my curiosity is starting to peek through and now I want to find Alec.

"Winter, please." Hayden begs but I shake my head.

"I said no and if Cole doesn't respect that... he can go f-"

"Don't say it, Winter." Sam warns and I stand up and glare at the both of them.

"Cole is the one causing Alec to hurt so much! I don't know the story behind Alec and Cassidy but seeing him hurt so bad over this is also hurting me! I don't want to talk to Cole yet, I'm waiting till Alec comes home!" I say, my voice almost breaking as tears start to form.

"Give me your keys." I hold my hand out in front of Hayden and Hayden looks at me with a frown.

"You can't drive, can you?" Hayden asks and before I could shout at Hayden, Amanda pipes in.

"I can though, give me your keys." Amanda orders, standing next to me. I put my hand to my side and wait for Hayden to give Amanda the keys. Hayden sighs and grabs his keys out of his pocket.

"Wait, hell no!" Sam says, stopping Hayden. "Talk to Cole, I'll look for him." Sam looks at me and I raise my eyebrow at him.

"Don't you dare boss me around, Sam. I have had enough of that for the past seventeen years of my life." I glare at him and Sam glares back at me.

"Go talk to him."

"Go fuck yourself." I say in a low tone. Sam and I stare at each other for a while, not daring to say a word until Amanda cuts in.

"Okay, I really don't want one of you guys to walk out that door at this time so stop fighting right now." Amanda says and I look at Sam once more before turning on my heel and walking out the door.

I was going to find Alec no matter what.


Ughhh why Winter why??

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