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   Chapter 53 NO.53

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Winter's P.O.V

"Wake up, " I hear a hoarse voice whisper in my ear. I lean into Sam's chest and shake my head.

"I'm still tired." I mutter but Sam doesn't care as I feel his body move. I open one eye and scowl when I watch him open my blinds.

"What are you? A vampire?" Sam chuckles and I glare at him before pushing my face into my pillow.

"I'm your girlfriend but you know, if you-" My words get cut off when I feel warm hands at my sides, lifting me up and placing me on Sam's chest.

"What did you say?" Sam asks and I roll my eyes, turning away from him.

"I said-"

"Look at me." I roll my eyes once again and turn so that I am looking down at Sam.

"I said I'm your girlfriend but you know if you really want me to be such a thing-" Sam cuts me off again and I watch as he leans against the headboard, holding onto my waist. His hands roam up my shirt but stop at my ribs. What was really making me nervous wasn't the fact his hands were nearly going up to my breasts but the fact that he was staring at me with this weird look in his eyes.

It started to scare me.

Just as Sam was gonna move higher, my door swung open to reveale my mom and my dad.

Ah shit.


Sam's P.O.V

"I said I'm your girlfriend but you know if you really want me to be such a thing-"

I cut Winter off and move so that I was leaning against the headboard. I hold onto Winter's waist and try not to bite my lip as I think of kissing every inch of her body.

I look into Winter's eyes, those blue eyes I seem to get lost in everytime I look at her. It makes me remember back to the very first day I saw her.

I move my hands around Winter's stomach slowly then stop at her ribs. I could see that Winter was nervous and I couldn't blame her. Every girl that I have been with is always nervous when I do this because I look them in the eyes while doing it.

I breathe in a slow breath before getting ready to move higher. Just as I was going to move, Winter's door swung open and both of our eyes snap to the two people at the door.

Kelly and some dude... Maybe a boyfriend?

"What the fu-"

"Ryan!" Kelly snaps, grabbing the man by his arm. I don't bother to move my hands because watching this fold out would be quite hilarious so instead of moving

ait for me. I push the door open and see Sam sitting on my bed looking at me. I smile and he does too.

I walk over to him and attack him into a hug. "I love you so much." I whisper and he hugs me back.

"Say that again when I give you this." Sam says and I sit up and watch while Sam walks to where a bag next to my cupboard was. He picks it up and sits next to me.

"Oh and don't squeal. The first time you did that my ears were literally crying." Sam says with a smile and I chuckle before nodding.

He grabs a box and opens it to reveal a beautiful silver bracelet which had little diamonds in it. I bit my lip and tried not to squeal but I couldn't stop the smile from forming on my lips.

"Its beautiful." I say and he grabs my arm and when the cold bracelet touches my skin, I laugh. Sam chuckles and clips the bracket together. I look at it and then look at Sam.

"I love you so much, like, so much." I say and Sam nods before leaning in to kiss my lips. I smile when his lips touch mine and Sam takes this opportunity to grab me by the hips and sit in his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck and Sam bites my bottom lip causing me to gasp slightly and let his tongue roam my mouth.

I don't think I will ever get tired of his kisses. Never, ever, ever.


Hello people! I'm back with a new chapter! Do you like it, well, I hope so.

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