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Winter's P.O.V

I walk into the house and slam the door behind me. I see my mom's head pop out of the kitchen and she walks over to me. "Whats wrong?" She asks and I sigh, shaking my head.

"Nothing." I say and try to walk around my mom but she stops me by holding her hands on my shoulders. She raises an eyebrow and frowns slightly.

"Your not a good liar, Winter. Please tell me, I am your mother. You should be able to tell me anything." My mom sighs and brings me into a hug. I sigh too and hug her back.

"Hayden's angry at me. All I asked was what was wrong because he looked so worried but instead of getting a simple answer, he yelled at me." I say, biting my bottom lip. To make this sound a little more better, I didn't like when someone close to me was angry at me. Hayden and I were good friends and I honestly don't like when my friends ignore me, it gets me worried.

"Calm down, baby. It's okay. I have known that little guy ever since he was born and trust me, after a few days, he will come around." My mom smiles but I frown at her. My mom sighs and pulls me over to the couch and makes me lay on her lap. I look up at her and she give me a small smile.

"You want to know something? The reason I sent you to Becky's was because I knew those boys would get you out of your shell, your barrier that you have been holding up for so long. I knew they could do that. I knew that your life may be slightly different but it was a good different that I was thinking. The past has probably made you regret some things and doubt things but look at you now. Ever since Kyle passed, you have been hiding behind walls and locking yourself in your room doing god knows what. I was so worried about you. But when you met those boys, they brought back my baby girl. My little soldier who was always happy and confident and didn't care about anything anyone said about you. They broke down your walls, even though you got hurt in the process, they broke down those walls you had up and guess what? It's like I am seeing myself." My mom says, stroking my hair as she loo

." Hayden took a beer out of his mini fridge and opened it.

"And what type of girls do I go for then, aye?" I ask, getting slightly annoyed. Whatever made him upset is now affecting him and he is trying to make everyone else miserable. Just like he always did when something made him angry or upset.

"Not her type. You don't go for the good girls. You like the crazy ones, the ones that can show you a good time-"

"Okay, stop right there. First of all, I do like the crazy girls but-"

"Then come with me. There's a party tonight and I feel like getting wasted. Show me you still like those sexy, crazy girls. Prove it." Hayden smirks and I narrow my eyes at him.

"Your crazy, dude." I say and stand up but Hayden grabs my wrist. "Fine, just come and have a good time. You don't have to sleep with anyone, just spend time with your brother." Hayden says and I sigh. He knows I can't resist parties but I couldn't just go when I have so much things on my mind.

"Is that a yes?" Hayden asks and I look down at him and run my hands down my face. "Fine." I say and he smirks and pats my back before heading out of his room.


What do you think is going to happen at the party? And Winter's dad is back! Oh god! What do you think is going to happen?

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