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   Chapter 48 NO.48

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[ picture of winter ]

Winter's P.O.V

I grabbed my school jacket and put it on. I quickly grabbed my phone and walked out of the house. My mom had already left since she had been offered a job at the diner Sam and I had went to. Since Sally went to jail, the boss heard and offered my mom a job. She was really excited and I was happy for her. She missed working.

I closed the door behind me and walked down the pathway towards school. Why didn't I get picked up by my boyfriend and his brothers this morning? Oh I don't know, I just remember Sam saying he had things to do, or something like that. They didn't give me an answer but I couldn't care less. I liked walking.

I decided to grab my phone and earphones out and play some music. Promise by Fetty Wap and Kid Ink came on and I smiled. I liked this song. I was catchy. I blasted it up to full volume and continued my walk to school.

Then, I saw a black Mercedes pop out of nowhere and slowly pulled over to the side of the road. I started to speed walk, thinking that someone was going to run out and grab me. I turned my music doan and stopped walking and sighed when I heard a voice I knew.

"Hey Winter! Do you want a lift?" I heard Kate ask and I turn around to see her smiling, her head sticking out of the window. I shook my head and kept walking. As if I was going to get into her car. I saved her life, yes, but that doesn't mean we are suddenly friends. Hell no.

I heard the car drive but I was expecting it to drive off but it just kept following me slowly, while Kate looked at me slightly, a confused expression on her face. I stopped walking and turned to her.

"If I get in, will you leave me alone?" I asked and Kate nodded happily. I haven't seen her this happy since... when she would always bully me. She seemed to find a lot of amusement in that.

I got in her car and we started to drive off to school. I didnt look at Kate at all, I just kept staring out the window, watching the trees pass by.


I entered the school and heard the bell went. I walked to my first class, English, and sat down. I earned some wierd looks from the students but I didn't think of it too much. I was just a girl who returned to school after a few months, thats all.

The teacher walked in and he stood in front of the class. His eyes moved around and then his eyes landed on me. He gave me a small smile and I just looked at him, waiting for him to start the lesson. Instead of starting the lesson though, he brought up something that I had totally forgotten.

"So students, as we all know, the Principal has decided to hold the prom next week and I know some of you are really excited about that but that doesn't mean you can disturb this lesson just like you have been doing for the past two days. So, please leave your discussions to the end of this class if you don't want to be sent to the Principle." The teacher said and my mouth slowly gapped.

Prom was next week?


Sam's P.O.V

"Alec, I need you to come and bring the string here." I say and Alec jogged over to me and handed me the string. I thanked him and he started to write on the paper.

"Are you sure this will work?" Alec asked and I shrugged.

"I don't know but if it doesn't, I have Emmaree to blame." I say and he nods. I sigh and run my hand through my hair before cutting the string into tiny peices.


Winter's P.O.V

"Oh look who came back from loser town." I heard a familiar voice say behind me. I turned around and looked at Gemma. She was smirking and her little followers were behind her, snickering and giggling. I rolled my ey


"But, I can assure you, nothing bad is going to happen. When I first met you, I was a total jerk but now, since I looked past those beautiful blue eyes of yours, I don't even know why I was being such an asshole to you. Ever since I met you, I wanted to spend every second with you. Your unbelievable, Winter. Your amazing, special, funny, smart, so goddamn attractive and... I can't believe I can call you mine." I say. Some people sighed in awe and some people clapped. I looked at Winter and she was smiling uncontrollably. I couldn't help but smile and continue.


Winter's P.O.V

"... I can't believe I can call you mine." Sam said and I smiled. I heard some people awe and some people clap from what Sam had said. While me on the other hand was smiling like I was a Cheshire cat.

I didnt know what he is trying to do but I feel like if he says anymore words, my heart is going to explore. I'm not kidding. I looked down at the ground feeling my cheeks heat up, giving me the heads up that I was now blushing. Damn.

"Winter..." Sam said, stepping forward a few steps and raising my chin up to his face. He was smiling and I couldn't help but smile too. My eyes bored into his as it went silent and I waited... I didn't know what for but something had to happen.

Suddenly, a poster behind Sam came up as the boys held it up. I looked at the poster and bit my lip, trying not to chuckle.

I couldn't think of a rhyme, this time...

So I am just gonna go with it and say it...

"Winter, will you go to the prom with me?" Sam instantly said and my eyes widened, my mouth parted and my heart started to beat fast.

Wow, this guy didn't beat around the bush!

I smiled and leaned in, kissing him. He smiled and I did too and without hesitation, I said...

"Yes, Sam. A million times yes."


Ohhhhh myyyy god! What do you all think? Okay we all guessed that Sam was obviously going to take her since they were dating but oh my God! I was currently writing this last bit while listening to No Love but Eminem and Lil Wayne. Hahaha, I know what your thinking XD EMINEM IS BAEEEE

Anywho, I tried to think of a little poem but I couldn't think. Eh, can't be bothered.

So please vote and comment and share your thoughts! I wanna know!

Okay, so I have the ending planned and I have everything planned. A sequel? I don't know yet. Gimme time x


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