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   Chapter 47 NO.47

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Winter's P.O.V

"Bye Emmaree!" I say, hugging her tight. Alec joins me and I chuckled.

"Make sure to visit me soon, okay?" Emmaree says and we both nod. We let go of her and Emmaree holds her finger up and quickly jogs inside. I see Hayden and Cole walking down the stairs, holding their suitcases.

"Hurry up Sam!" I heard Becky yell before I see her making her way down the stairs too. I chuckled at this and moved to the side when Cole and Hayden made their way through. Becky walked down to the cab and then I saw Emmaree coming back with a box wrapped in birthday wrapping paper. She handed it to me and I thanked her.

"You didn't have you, Emmaree." I say, smiling. Emmaree waved me off and smiled. "Actually I did. I loved you staying here. If it was just the boys, it would be boring. It was nice to have a girl in the house other than me." Emmaree says and I laughed.

"I had a fun time." I say and Emmaree grinned. "I hope so." She says and heads inside and up the stairs, probably to go get Sam. I look down at the box and smile, heading down with Alec to the cab. We get in and I found myself sitting next to Alec while he sat in the middle, next to me and Cole. Alec grinned and looked down at the box.

"Are you going to open it?" He asked and I shook my head. "Of course not, silly! I am going to open it in three days... when I get to open the rest of the presents." I say and he chuckles.

I look out the window and see Sam saying goodbye to Emmaree. He was smiling and nodding while Emmaree patted his shoulder. I wondered what they could be talking about but shrugged it off, feeling tired.

I laid on Alec's shoulder and closed my eyes. "Wake me up when we are at the airport."


I got out of the cab and walked to the back, grabbing my suitcase. Alec, Cole and Hayden appeared on the side of me, also grabbing their suitcases.

We thanked the cab driver and my mom paid him while holding Snowflake, then he drove off. I wal

dragged out the word 'boyfriend'. I rolled my eyes but smiled.

"I guess your right." I say and she kisses my forehead and stands up. We said our good night's and she left my room. I grabbed my phone and messaged Sam.

School tomorrow, ugh! Could you pick me up in the morning? Goodnight. I love you.

I received a text back straight away and I opened it.

Ha, I know hey! Don't worry though, your knight in shinning armor is here. I'm joking. Uhm, I can't pick you up tomorrow and so can't the others, we sorta... have to do something. Can't go into detail. Goodnight and I love you too, Winter :) - Sam

Okay...? And I was young when I wrote that! Don't be mean! Night.

I placed my phone on my desk and turned on my side, snuggling up with Snowflake who snored silently beside me. I giggled and closed my eyes, falling asleep.


So people... what you guys think? So, I am estimating that this book will end in about seven or eight chapters? I don't know yet but that's why I am planning. I don't want to drag this book out so I sped this chapter up a little. The next chapter will be when they return to school! Who's excited? I sure am!

Please vote and comment and share to your friends. I love you all and I wish you all a happy week... even though it's ending XD


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