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   Chapter 45 NO.45

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Winter's P.O.V

How can he do something so... cruel? Literally, if he ever thought of touching me I would break every bone in his body. I can't even imagine what Harper went through. Now I feel so sorry for her.

I want to talk to Bradley about it, I really want to, but I can't. How can I? I can't just be like, 'oh Bradley, your such a creep! Why did you touch Harper!' or 'why the hell would you touch girls you disgusting phsyco!', I just couldn't do it.

Besides, he hasn't tried anything on me and Becky said that he touched her when he was drunk. So, it must of been accidental, right? I can't believe I started a whole argument with Sam because I wanted to hang around Bradley. I didnt even know the reason and I just jumped to conclusions! Wow, I am really stupid.

I felt a breeze blow past me and I shivered, knowing I should of brought a jumper. I was in black jeans, a white singlet and a cardigan. I know it's like six right now but I was so damn cold!

I walked across the road and headed to the park. I just kept finding myself here. I sat on the swing and watched as a few kids played around, squealing and laughing. I smiled slightly at the sight.

Then, in the corner of my eye, I saw Sam walking with his head down. He didn't notice me yet but I felt the sudden urge to run up to him and apologize, until someone greeted me from behind.



Sam's P.O.V

I walked down the road and sighed. Why did everything have to mess up and now? Phillip was in jail and things were just starting to get better, until that son of a bitch had to step in, confess his feelings for my girlfriend and make us get into an argument. God, I wanted to hit him so bad.

If only Winter knew why I didn't want her near him, she would definitely understand, but she didn't. She didnt know. I wanted to tell her so bad but a promise is a promise and I would never break that.

I looked up, seeing if there were any cars but suddenly I didn't care about the cars until someone caught my eye.

What is she doing here? And with him?

I watched the two closely and saw Winter getting of the swing. I could see that she looked a little frightened so I looked at Bradley. Suddenly, my blood boiled.

Is he... drunk?


Winter's P.O.V

I looked behind me and smiled slightly, not trying to make it looked forced. Bradley stepped forward and smiled again. I got of the swing and I furrowed my eyebrows. His hair

lk towards Bradley as he sat up against the wall, looking ahead. Winter bent down and I watched as Bradley turned to her. Then, what I never expected for her to do, was to slap him.

The sound definitely had a lot of force to it, and I knew it would of hurt like a bitch. Bradley looked shocked but Winter didn't care as she stood up, just looking anywhere but me or Bradley.

I smiled and grabbed her hand and pulled her up the street. "Firstly, I'm going to start by saying sorry."


Heyo! Forth chapter updated in a row people! Oh yeahh. So, what do you think of this chapter? Yes, I know I made you all hate Bradley in the last chapter but now, I think you hate him more. He kissed Winter! Oh my god!!

So, my sister, Brielle (she is 12), she has been reading my book and giving me feedback. She has been pointing out errors and she has been helping me a lot. It's funny when I am typing a chapter and she would be next to me reading it since she couldn't wait for the next chapter XD. So, when I had showed her this chapter, she had told me that I should enter The Wattys or whatever it's called... hmm, but I said I didn't know how to so, maybe one of you lovely supporters, authors and readers could tell me how?

I'm not quite sure if I want to enter because apparently people have to nominate your book on twitter, I think? Well, Brielle said that if no one wanted to help, she would help me AHAHA but I'm sure one of you kind wattpadders could help me.

Please comment below or PM me and tell me how I can enter and what happens? I love you all so much and I hope you can help me!


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