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Winter's P.O.V

"Amanda, I honestly don't know why you aren't answering but I just want you to know, I am not mad with you. I just want an explanation. Please call me back." I say and hung up the phone. I place my phone on my desk and lay back in my bed, pulling the sheets over my body.

It has been a three days since my argument with Sam had went down. I don't even know why he was acting like this! Bradley may like me, or he may not. I don't know but I trusted Bradley and Sam should trust me! I went through so many heart breaks and I cried so much over him and now he is mine and I am his. But, no he still has to be stubborn. I love him and not Bradley. I would never choose Bradley over Sam. Yes, me and Sam have had a lot of ups and downs but seriously? Trying to make me stay away from him is ridiculous. He is a friend!

When I walked out of Sam's room after the argument, I went to my room and I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of everything he had said and what I had said. I had cussed, for the first time! It may have been so wrong but it felt so good. What? You couldn't blame me for swearing, I have been living with 4 bad boys for nearly a year now!

So when I finally fell asleep, I had this really weird dream. It had Sam and Bradley in it and we were at some place and Bradley and Sam were arguing. When they finally calmed down, instead of Sam coming over to me and holding my hand, Bradley did. I didnt know why I had that dream but it was a little scary. I didnt want anyone else than Sam but it was like my dream was showing me what it would be like to date Bradley. When we left the place, we headed to a really nice restaurant then we went to bowling. I saw myself smiling and laughing and that made me worried. Did I like Bradley?

No, that could never happen. I was in love with Sam.

Anyway, when I had woke up, it was awkward between Sam and I. We didn't look at each other and we didn't talk at all. I noticed everyone was curious and I felt like telling my mom but... I wasn't ready yet. We had just started dating and I don't want my mom going all hulk and protective. That's why I told Alec first. He understood my situation but he said that Sam would come around. Well, when he did, I am expecting an apology.

The no contact and no talk


I miss her.

I miss her so god damn much, it hurts.

This ignoring thing we have going on is so stupid and I just want to apologize and hug her but everytime I want to, Bradley pops into my head and I just want to yell at her. She is spending time with that dick and I can't do anything about it. Every time I see her, I just can't think straight. My head spins and I just want to punch something. I can't function properly when I know she has been spending time with him, having a good time with him, laughing and smiling.

I want to tell her why she can't go near him but I can't. I kept a promise to her and I couldn't break it. And as much as I want to punch Bradley, I can't. I know Winter will hate me more. I want to be the one spending time with her but I can't. I want to fix things but I can't.

I have to think of something. I like this girl way to much that I might be falling for her. I think I am but I'm not sure.

"Ugh, I need some fresh air." I whisper to myself. I grab my jacket and head out the door.


Hey hey hey!! Three updates in a row! How amazing am I? I'm joking... Anyway, what do you think?

So, I'm guessing you all hate Bradley for what he did to Harper. Yeah, okay well the next chapter is going to make you scream... I know I'm evil. But don't worry, I'll try and make it all happy again. Oh and I have a lot of surprises in the next few chapters! Oh gosh, I can't wait!

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