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Winter's P.O.V

I dialed her number again and put the phone to my ear, waiting for her to pick up. I licked my teeth and waited impatiently. She had a lot of explaining to do.

"She not answering?" I heard Alec ask as he walked into my room. I heard the beep and I groaned, throwing the phone on the floor.

"Why the hell would she just leave? I remember her talking to me just before Phillip came and now she just disappeared! She isn't even answering me!" I groaned and laid my head back on the bed. Alec sat next to me and sighed.

"I've tried. She hasn't answered me." Alec said and I sat back up, rubbing my tired eyes.

"See? What's her problem? She can't leave and ignore us? I swear, when I finally-"

"Baby, is everything okay?" I looked up to see my mom frowning slightly. I ran my hand down my face and groaned.

"Amanda isn't answering her phone." Alec answers for me and I stand up.

"I'll be back." I say and they both nod. I walk out of my room and walk to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I walked to the mirror and slowly sighed. My hair was in knots since I haven't brushed it in two days. Yes, two days. Why? Well, you could blame Amanda for that. Ever since I figured out about Amanda, I was worried. I know I am a stupid friend for not noticing but a million things were going through my mind that day.

I haven't gotten any sleep and as much as Sam tried to make me fall asleep in his arms, I couldn't. I wanted to but I couldn't. My mom even tried to help me by buying food for spaghetti, my favourite meal, but I didn't eat. I didnt feel hungry. This is what happens when your best friend leaves suddenly... you get worried and ignore everyone.

I knew my birthday was coming up in two weeks and I wanted Amanda there. If she wasn't there, I won't celebrate it. Even if it is my 18th, I don't care. I want my best friend with me, watching me as I blew out the candles, standing with me and laughing, celebrating my birthday with me.

I know I'm sounding crazy but I loved Amanda. I just didn't know why she was ignoring my texts and calls. It was just not like her.

boyfriend. Sam looks up at me and glares.

"I don't trust him."

"You don't trust anybody, Sam! That's the problem! You want me to stay away from a friend because you don't trust him? I'm sorry, Sam, but I am not convinced." I place a hand on my hip and watch as Sam's jaw clenches.

"Winter, don't start. I've had a rough week." Sam says and my eyes widen.

"Oh you have had a rough week? Well, I have had a rough life, Sam! I spent that day wondering if you were okay! I had to do so much that day! I had to save Kate-"

"You what?"

"See? You don't even know what happened! You don't care and I am starting to think you never did! Now you just care about your stupid hatred for Bradley and now your trying to make him stay away from him? Your... your... a-an asshole!" I yelled, tears stinging in my eyes. Before Sam could react to my cuss, I ran out of the room, ran down to my bedroom and locked the door.

I was done with his nonsense.


Oh my god! Winter swore! Oh my lordy! We need to baptise her people! Get a priest! Okay, I'm joking but how do you like this chapter?

So, Bradley likes Winter? What do you think will happen next? Will she listen to Sam even after they had a fight or will she go against his demand?

Please vote and comment your thoughts! I want to know what you feeling, especially with this chapter. Love you all! Until the next update!


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