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   Chapter 38 NO.38

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Winter's P.O.V

I unlocked the door and walked into the house, wearing the biggest smile I have probably worn in years. I saw Snowflake and picked her up and kissed her wet nose as she licked my cheek. I laughed and looked over my shoulder to see him smiling at me as he grabbed the things from a couple of hours ago.

"You know, since your my girlfriend, I can kiss you whenever now..." Sam smirked as he appeared beside me. I laughed quietly and nodded. He leaned closer to my lips but just before his lips made contact with mine, I placed my hand on my lips causing him to kiss my hand which made me chuckle. He looked at me and rose an eyebrow. "Not now?" He asked, a small frown on his face. I nodded.

"How about I tell people first because if they see us, they will attack us with questions." I say with a smile. Sam sighed but nodded and walked in. I closed the door quietly and placed Snowflake on the couch. I took out my phone and my eyes widened at the time.

"Its only six?" I ask myself before sighing and shutting my phone off. I walked into the kitchen and decided to make a hot chocolate since I haven't had one in ages. As I got a cup out of the cupboard, I felt hands go to my waist making me chuckle as I knew it was Sam. I turned around and Sam smashed his lips on mine, making me stumble back and hit my back on the bench. I closed my eyes and kissed Sam back softley as I felt him nibble on my bottom lip, causing me to let out a soft moan.

Didn't I say that we should wait until I at least tell my mom?

I placed my hands on Sam's shoulder and pushed his back so his lips weren't on mine anymore. He groaned and I put my hand on his mouth, shutting him up.

"Sam, it's six in the morning, we have to be quiet!" I say with a small frown as I moved my hand away from his mouth. He smirked before whispering, "I already checked everyone's rooms. Everyone is asleep." He says before kissing my jaw.

"Everyone?" I say in a shaky tone as Sam moved his lips down to my collar bone. I heard him mumble a yes against my skin, causing me to let out another small moan.

Jesus, this guy is now making me moan...what have I become?

"Sam..." I say and push him off again. Sam ran a hand through his hair before looking at me with a frown.

"Now what are you doing? Trying to make another excuse? C'mon Winter, you can't say that your trying to ignore this..." Sam said as his hands started to trail down my back. I smacked his shoulder before turning around, continuing to make my hot chocolate.

"I'm not ignoring this. I'm saying we should wait till people know." I explain and flick the switch for the kettle. I turn around and place my hands on his shoulders, a small grin appear

ng sorry but I have moved past that because best friends don't hold grudges and I am not doing that. Understand?" Amanda rose an eyebrow and I looked at her blankly. Just as I was about to argue back, she shook her head with a laugh.

"Winter, listen. We. Are. All. Good." Amanda says and I sigh in defeat as she pulled me into a hug.

She stood up and grabbed another pile of clothes, starting to fold them just like she was doing before. I frown.

Now the curiosity is getting the better of me.

"Amanda, what are you doing?" I ask her and she looks up at me, the smile disappearing slowly with every second that was passing by.

"Uh, I know I should of told you sooner-"

We heard a loud engine in front of the house, stopping Amanda from saying anything else. Amanda looked at me as I looked at her. We were both confused.

I am pretty sure that engine is in front of our house...

Me and Amanda decided to walk down stairs to see who decided to visit us but when we stepped foot in the lounge room, it was like everyone was frozen.

Alec and Emmaree were looking out the window, probably looking at the car outside. My mom was taking large gulps of water, holding her head as she looked at Emmaree. Hayden and Cole were gritting their teeth together as they paced around the room. Then I spotted Sam.

His eyes were glued onto mine and I instantly knew something was wrong. I tried to read Sam's faced but failed when I knew he put up the whole blank emotion mask on. He didn't say a word, he just pointed in front of him, ordering me to walk over to him.

I walked over and when I reached him, he grabbed my hand and the first word he said was, "Run."


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