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Winter's P.O.V

"Hey mom, I am going out. Be back soon. Bye!" I say as I run down stairs and hold my phone close to me. I was probably looking like a freak since I couldn't get this stupid smile off my damn face.

"Where? It's like nearly midnight!" I smiled innocently before waving and running towards the door. But someone beat me to it as he trapped me from not leaving the door. I looked up to see a suprised Cole and I groaned and muttered 'dammit' under my breath.

"Please Cole. It's about...Sam." I say and his eyes widen up in amusement. "Oh really?" Cole chuckled, making me growl. I pushed him away from the door before looking at everyone in the room. "I dont know when I will be back but please for the love of god do not leave me so many calls when I turn my phone off." I look my mother knowing she would do it. She looked at me for a second before sighing.

"If your not back soon, I will spam your phone with missed calls and texts so where ever your going, don't take too long." My mom smiles at me and since I was already smiling, I just nodded. I looked at Cole and tapped his shoulder, causing him to look at me with a brow raised.

"Please don't worry. I will be back soon. Promise." I say and leave the house. I sigh and lean against the door. Wow, I actually thought that would be really hard to do.

I looked around to see that the sky was filled with stars and lights from the planes that were flying past. I smiled at the beautiful scene and headed down the path. My smile was immediately replaced with a frown as I face palmed my forehead.

"I really need to learn how to drive." I muttered. How in earth am I going to get to the lake when I can't drive? And walking really isn't my thing at midnight since there were really creepy dudes hanging around.

Another groan escaped my mouth when I noticed that I didn't know where to go. There were lakes everywhere so how would I know which one to go to? I sighed and hugged my jacket around my body as the cold air hit my skin.

Great, I don't know where I am suppose to go and I don't know how to get to where ever I am suppose to go. Perfect.

I found myself starting to walk down the pathway. It couldn't hurt but try and find the place, right? And I do have pepper spray in my jacket...


Okay, I honestly don't know where I am and I am starting to think I am lost...actually, I might be lost. Great. I've past about 10 lakes and I have ran away from 3 different men in the past hour. I crossed the road and looked around. No cars were in sight and the street lights were the only things keeping the place lit up right now.

I took my phone out and called Sam. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed stupid directions and I might be wrecking this whole romantic, secret place thing but I was not going to run miles again and again.

"Hello?" I heard Sam's voice making me sigh in relief. Thank the lord!

"Sam, I'm lost." I say and Sam chuckles. "I figured...okay, I am near Jordan's River. There is a sign just before it though." Sam says as he was still laughing. I just rolled my eyes and looked around. I saw a few signs so I decided to go up and look at all of them. "See you soon." I say with a small chuckle.

"I hope so." Sam says, a laugh escaping his lips. I smiled as I hung up the phone. I missed his voice so much I couldn't even explain it.

I looked at the first sign which had said 'Kalispella River'. I shook my head and looked at the second one which had said 'Georgia's River'. I ran a hand through my hair and crossed my fingers, hoping that this last sign would make me the happiest girl alive.

Jordan's River.

I felt a smile appear on my lips as I noticed that I was nearly there. I was so close. Damn, I didnt need to call him, I could of just looked at the stupid signs!

I pushed the thoughts away and found myself running forward, a bridge ahead where a slope of what looked like sand was. I ran across the bridge and down the slope where I saw my jaw drop.

It may have been 1 am right now but I couldn't care less because I saw the man I loved smiling at me as he stood next to a blanket where there was a basket. I felt all the emotions flutter in my stomach, making me nervous but happy at the same time.

Then it all felt like it was slow motion.

I was running towards Sam as fast as I could and when I reached him, I smiled at him and hugged him so tight to the point I was afraid of letting go. I felt Sam's arms wrap around me, hugging me back. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling that was running across my body at the very moment.

"It took you long enough." Sam chuckled. I looked up at him, my eyes opening as Sam looked down at me with the cutest smile I had ever seen him wear. I shook my head with a chuckle as Sam took my hand, making me sit next to him on the little red blanket.

"I liked your poem." I said with a smile as I leaned on his shoulder. Sam nodded and smirked. "I actually felt proud of myself. I never paid attention in English so I don't know how my mind did it." I just smiled and looked ahead to see the lake shine from the moon, making it

d I turned around to see Sam but what I didnt expect was for Sam to lean in quickly, his eyes slipping shut before his lips connected with mine in a split second. My eyes widened but I couldn't push him off, his lips were stuck to mine and oh my, I loved it! I slipped my eyes shut as I felt my legs started to loose feel. Instead of fireworks, my butterflies of joy came to say hello.

Sam brought his hands down to my hips, turning me around fully so he was standing in between my legs as they dangled in the cold water. I brought my hands up to Sam's neck and pulled him a little closer if that was even possible. I felt Sam's smile against my lips, making all the butterflies multiply by 100.

Then Sam linked my lips, asking for an entrance that I quickly gave him as his tongue started to dance with mine. Sam's hands ran up and down the side of my stomach, causing my skin to heat up from his touch.

"S-Sam..." I managed to say as my breath started to go away but honestly, I felt my lips were stuck to Sam's soft lips, making me want to never break the kiss but unfortunately, the loss of breath was coming fast.

I broke away, trying to get oxygen in my lungs as quickly as I could. My hands never left from Sam's neck and Sam's hands didn't stop running down my stomach.

I saw a smile appear on Sam's face as he looked at me like I was his trophy. "God, you don't know how long I wanted to do that." Sam grinned causing me to roll my eyes as I laid my head on his shoulder, my own smile spreading on my lips.

"Sam, I just wanted to ask...where does that leave us now?" I say, my head not leaving from Sam's shoulder.

"Well, Winter, could you make me the happiest person alive by accepting to be my beautiful girlfriend?" I rose my head up and looked Sam straight in the eyes, my smile not leaving.

"Hmm, that depends..." I say with a grin while Sam rose an eyebrow at me.

"Depends on what?" Sam asked, leaning a little closer to my face, a grin of his own starting to form onto his lips that were touching mine a minute ago.

"Well, 3 words." I say, wanting to hear the words I wanted to hear for so long now. I watched as Sam smirked at me.

"I want icecream?" I shook my head. "You want icecream?" I chuckle at this but shake my head. Sam's mouth formed into an 'o' shape before he rested his forehead on mine, a smile now on his face.

He then whispered, "I love you Winter." A smile spread across my face as my lips connected with Sam's again.

After everything that we have been through, after all the fights, laughs, holding hands, smiling at each other, glaring holes into each others heads, Sam loved me. He actually loved me and I heard him say it. Those 3 words that every girl wants to hear from someone so special to them and it came out of Sam's mouth and now he was asking me to be his girlfriend? I couldn't be happier.

"Sam, I will be your girlfriend." I say with a smile once the kiss broke.

"You mean, my beautiful girlfriend." Sam smirked as he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me up to his chest. I rolled my eyes but smiled and nodded.

"I love you Sam."

"I love you too, Winter."


Heyyy! I know, you all love me! I am amazing! Them two are finally together and they shared their first KISS oh my god!

Vote people! I think I earned it! Comment and share your thoughts!

Love you all and I will update soon!


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