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Sam's P.O.V

"You better start fucking talking!" Amanda screamed as Hayden held her back in case she hurt one of the guys badly.

"Amanda please! Be patient!" Hayden said to Amanda, fear and worry dripping in his tone. I looked down at the guys and saw that the first one was shaking his head as he held his nose, blood dripping onto his hand. The second dude was holding his hands over his head in fear, trying to stop Amanda from kicking his head, which she had been doing for the past ten minutes.

"I have been patient! They should just speak the fuck up already and stop being shit heads!" Amanda glared at one of the guys and the guy that was holding his hands above his head finally put them down and stood up with his hands up in the air.

"Fine, we will tell! Just please don't hurt us!" The guy said and a smirk immediately made its way on my face. Ha, finally.

"Fina- fucking- ly!" Amanda groaned as she ran a hand through her hair. Hayden started talking to her and Bradley and Cole stood next to me. I noticed they both had smirks on their faces.

"Okay, tell us where Winter Monroe is."


Kelly's P.O.V

"Please sir, my daughter has been begging for me to come and see her. You can't just cancel my only visit to see her, can you?" I begged as soon as I walked into my boss' room where he laid back in the chair, enjoying the breeze from the window to his left.

He faced me and smirked. "Are you ever going to drop this, Kelly? You have a job to do. I'm sure she isn't dying or anything. She can wait." My jaw dropped at this.

"H-how...dare you! You don't know what situation her and I are in right now and when she says she needs me, she means it! I just can't listen to you and expect that she is going to wait?" I explained, my voice getting louder by each word.

Honestly, I have been working for this asshole for 10 and a half years and I am this is what I get? I am his best worker! He can't just say that my daughter will wait for me! She needs me now and if he can't accept the fact that I need to go-

"Kelly, you need to relax. Just chill and enjoy what you are doing now. Get your mind off your daughter and get back to work. Just because you are the best worker I have, does not mean that I will treat you different. I know you guys are going through a rough situation but she is old enough to handle herself. I'm sure she isn't alone." I gritted my teeth and walked forward towards his desk, my anger rising ever second that I looked at my boss.

"What! Are you insane! Do you even have children, Mr Swann? Do you what it feels like to worry everyday about your daughter or son? Everytime I am not with her, I feel like she is always in trouble! And you can't just sit there saying these incredibly insane things about waiting and not worrying!" I yelled and banged my fist on the desk, making Mr Swann turn his full attention to me.

He sighed. "No I don't have any kids, but I know what you mean. I feel the same way about my mother. She is very sick and I want to be by her side all day and all night but I have a job to do. Kelly, just understand that if you want to go and see yoir daughter, I'll have to let you go and you know how hard it is to get a job like this. Just please-"

"I quit. Mr Swann, it was nice working for you and all but I need to be there for my daughter." I say quickly before leaving and heading to my room to go pack.

Winter, stay strong baby. I'm coming.


Sam's P.O.V

"So this is the place.." Cole muttered as we all looked around. There was just a big building but it looked damaged and wrecked. Like a fire was caused here. There were the same vans from before all parked up in one straight line in a parking lot next to building. Ugh, pathetic bastard.

This was definitely the place though.

"I am going in." Amanda growled as she started walking towards the building. We all shared looks then chose to follow her. What harm could she cause...oh possibly every single crime in the world, of course!

We reached a door and it looked like it was being guarded on the other side. I just knew it. Bradley went to go knock on it but I reached for his wrist and pulled it back. He looked at me with a frown. "Explain?" Bradley said as he rubbed his wrist. I ignored Bradley and looked up, seeing that this building must have at least 50 floors. I ran a hand through my hair and looked at Cole.

"We need a plan, don't we?" I asked and Cole looked at me before shaking his head.

Mr Know It All, I swear...

"We don't know whats going on in that building right now, we gotta move fast." Cole said and I took in a deep breath before nodding.

Dear god, I know I haven't done this praying thing before but I am begging you to keep Winter safe, prevent any dangers that are coming her way until we get up to the room she is in.

I nodded on the door and a loud grunt was heard making me furrow a brow. The door swung open and I was shocked what had started to come out of her mouth.

"You fucking idiots should be ashamed, working for that crazy dickhead- oh, who are you?" I immediately frowned. Was that supposed to be directed to the guys in the van? The ones we were hurting just to get answers to find Winter? Hmm, sounds like them since she said 'idiots'...

"Uh, who are you?" Amanda looked at the girl like she was trash. I rolled my eyes and gently pushed Amanda out of the way so now I was in front of the girl.

Should I say that we were looking for Winter? Is she working for Phillip? Oh what the heck, here goes nothing.

"We are looking for Winter." I say bluntly, keeping a straight face as the girl looked us all over. She looked at me and stepped forward. Surprisingly, she was the same height as me so she looked me straight in the eyes, stepped back and smirked.

"Sam?" I rose a brow and crossed my arms over my chest. "Thats my name."

"Oh finally, your father is such an asshole! His men took Winter up on top floor where Phillip is waiting and I don't know what they are going to do but Phillip is up to something." The girl shook her head and frowned. Amanda coughed and looked at the girl.

"If he is an asshole, why you working for him then." I saw a smirk appear on the girl's face. She stepped closer towards all over us and whispered, "I'm actually a cop. I have been trying to catch Phillip doing his dirty work and finally it has all paid off. I don't know how he became an officer in the first place but one thing was for sure that it was because he didn't want people to suspect anything. He got rid of all his past files and made a fake one.

that was quick. Probably because I was stuck in my thoughts half the time.

There was only one room in front of us and it was shut. We all exchanged looked then nodded.

I am so hoping Winter isnt near the door...

I ran up towards the door and lifted my leg, pushing it against the door and I watched as it fell to the ground with a massive thud. The first pair of eyes that ment mine were the blue ones that were in the corner of the room, showing fear, hope, confusing and relief. But it showed more of a guilt sort of look.

Winter looked at me and she smiled slightly and I returned it. Her eyes wondered off to the people behind me probably looking at the scene. I noticed Phillip was sitting right in front of Winter with a smirk on his face. "Hello son, I knew you were going to be here soon." Phillip chuckled and I stepped into the room while Hayden, Cole, Bradley? and Amanda stood beside me, glaring at everyone else in the room while I was only looking at one.

"Whats so funny?" I glared at Phil and he chuckled again, making me want to grab his neck and start choking him. But I stopped myself. I had to be prepared for what ever was going to happen next.

"You can take her. We are finished talking." Phillip looked at Winter and nodded his head towards us. Winter's face only showed guilt...still. Seriously, what was that look for.

While Winter was looking at Phillip, I notices that Sally and Hector was here. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and looked at Sally who was smirking in my direction already. Hector on the other hand was too buzy looking at Winter.

Winter finally stopped looking at Phillip and stood up from her chair as she walked over to us slowly until Hector gtabbed her hand, making me step forward but Cole hold me back.

Hector whispered something to Winter before dismissing her. She walked over to Amanda and hugged her. I looked back at Sally and she was sending me one of those 'we will see each other soon' looks. I glared at her before turning to Phillip.

I can't believe my own father would go and kidnap someone just to talk. But I knew they weren't actually talking. I know Phillip and Winter and I know thats not how these to act towards each other. Talking like old

"You can go son, all is good. Just look forward to a little visit soon. It will be fun." Phillip's last words got to me as soon as they left his mouth.

'It will be fun.' Well, since when was any visit from him fun? This means he was up to something, something I wasnt going to like obviously.


Hey people! You know how I said I wanted to end the last chapter a little early because of how many words and that, funny thing was that this chapter actually ended at 4000, haha!

Anyway, little update about my life right now. I have this problem I want to share with ya. So I got a new teacher for maths and she is alright but she is way too strict with the whole 'complete your work otherwise a detention' like bruh, really? I seriously want my old teacher back :(

I have 2 questions for all you people reading.

1) Have you ever complained to a teacher when they tell you to take your headphones out? (But if your a good girl/boy and listens to the rules, you guys are amazing and cool! I respect y'all) What was your reason if you wanted to keep them in?

The person who gets that question closest to my responce with get a chapter dedication and a vote and a comment on all your chapters of your book. Only one book though, so make it a good choice and if you only have one, I will read it...if you get that question right!

2) Do you hate maths? Why or why not?

This question doesn't have a prize since I just want to know peoples opinions about this horrible subject. Well thats what I think anyway.

Oh and about the book, what do you think of Phillip's offer to Winter? What do you think she will say?

Will she tell someone or stick to not spilling the beans?

What about Hector and Sally? What are your thoughts on them?

What about the cop that is working for Phillip? Will it end good or bad?

What do you think of this chapter? Share your thoughts by COMMENTING or you can press the little star and VOTE!

Btw, I have said this a thousand times...there will be mistakes in this book and when this book is people should know the rest. Anyway...

Love you people! Xx


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