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Winter's P.O.V

Next thing I knew, Sam was clinging onto Jets jacket, holding a fist in the air ready to knock him out cold. Jet wasn't worried though. He had his casual smirk on his face as Sam had his jaw closed tightly.

"You know this isn't going to help you... " Emily broke the silence and Sam snapped his head towards her, his face not changing.

"Shut the fuck up!" He hissed and I took the time to grab Sam's arm gently, tugging on it. He looked down at me and his face softened a little bit then he looked at Jet and pushed him back, making him stumble over the tables before he regained his balance.

I looked at Jade and saw her looking at Jet in a disgusted way. My eyes moved over to Jet as he took a drag of his cigarette. He pulled one out of the packet and held it towards Sam. Sam pushed his hand away. Jet was suprised.

"Woah. Has Sam changed?" Jet teased a little. You could hear it in his voice. I looked at Sam and he pulled a chair out and sat down on it but how the boys do it... the chair the other way around.

"No. I just don't want one...right now. And especially...not from you." Sam said slowly and I sighed once he took out his own cigarette from his pocket.

I looked at Jade to see that she was already looking at me. She was frowning which really made me think.

"Um, Jet? I'm going to the bathroom." Jade spoke up and for the first time hearing her voice, it was so soft and gentle but her looks told a different story.

I looked at Sam and pointed outside. He nodded but grabbed my hand, pulling me closer to him. "We're talking later though." I nodded and Sam let go of me. I walked outside and noticed Jade was walking upstairs. I yelled out her name and she looked around and saw me running after her. She instantly started to run.

Wait, what? Did she think I was going to do something to her? Why was she running? I'm trying to help her.

I started to run after her. She ran up the stairs and down the hallway and I followed. The hallway was clean, no one was around so we were lucky. "Jade! Please!" I yelled but that only made her run faster which made me groan.

Time to bring back the fastest runner in year six!

"Stop running!" Jade yelled and looked back at me. For that one second, she looked so scared, so fragile and so frightened of everything. I walked slowly towards her as she looked at me, holding onto the wall that she was behind.

"Please... don't come any closer." She whispered once i was about a metre away from her. Jade's eyes were watery, the tears ready to start flowing.

I outstretched my hand towards her, wanting her to grab my hand so we could go talk somewhere. She looked at my hand and slowly grabbed it. I smiled at her.

"Your safe now."


Bradley's P.O.V

"Okay class, we have 20 minutes until the bell goes so please finish the worksheet before you leave." The teacher said with a clap of his hands. I looked down at my worksheet and frowned. I had one question left and that was to right a full paragraph about maps and the stupid wave things that show the wind. Ugh.

I looked beside me to see Winter's worksheet which was completed. What!

I laid my head down on my desk. Where is Winter? Honestly, she has been gone for one whole period right now and I am starting to get worried. She was only going to the bathroom, right?

I looked up at the teacher and held my hand up. "Sir, can I get a drink?"

"We only have 20-"

"Thanks." I stood up and ran out of the class room.

Now...where could Winter be?


Sam's P.O.V

"Cole!" I yelled as he took my worksheet. Th

Sam's level.

"Just for once, can we be civilized people?" I asked and thats when I looked at Winter. She looked so confused but so innocent too. She rose her brow at me and I gave her a slight smile before looking back at Sam.

"Never in-"

"Please be quiet, you guys are more annoying then my mother." I heard a boy across the room said. I looked over and noticed the dude as Jet and rolled my eyes.

I looked back at Sam and shrugged. "Fine, I won't say anything to you but I am still staying here." I said and Sam rose an eyebrow.

"You can't find other classrooms?" Sam asked and I shook my head with a smirk.

A hard banging noise startled me and I turned around and my eyes widened. I saw the people that were chasing me earlier and there were banging on the door with their fists.

"What the fuck are they doing here?" Sam hissed as I looked back to see him stand up. He said it as if he new the people which made me very curious. I noticed Winter shaking her head, her eyes getting watery. "No, no, no!" She kept whispering to herself.

After a few more loud bangs, the door got kicked in and I stepped back. They looked angry as ever and they started walking towards me. I started to panic and I chose to keep stepping back till I was against the wall. They looked at me then turned to Winter and i noticed they had a smirk of their faces.

One guy covered her mouth and Sam started to kick and punch the guy but it did nothing. Winter was trying to kick but the guy had already picked her up.

I was about to punch the guy or kick his legs so he would fall until a loud sound from the floor filled my ears. I looked at the floor and saw green gas rising up and I gasped, taking a lot of the green gas in my mouth. I was about to run but I started coughing and everyone else did too.

Then everyone fell to the floor. I looked over at the door and I was about to scream out 'stop' until I fell to the ground myself.

"No." Was the last word that came out of my mouth before my eyes shut.


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