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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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Winter's P.O.V

"Holy shit."

"I didnt expect that..."

"Same here."

Everyones reactions made me embarrassed. Now i am wishing i didnt tell them. I looked at Amanda. She didnt say anything. She scared me.

"Amanda...say something." I pleaded. She didnt even look at me. I was panicking and my heart was racing more and more. I needed to here Amanda's voice right now.

"Amanda?" I asked again but this time she looked up at me, her face expression didnt show any emotion. It was blank. Then she spoke.

"Can everyone get out please?" Cole, Hayden and Alec stood up and left straight away without a word. The door closed and i sat next to Amanda.

"Please say something. I wanna know what is happening in that brain of yours! Whats on your mind?" I asked impatiently. My leg was bouncing up and down like i was high on candy.

"Why didnt you tell me..." Amanda looked at me and i frowned.

"I was embarrassed. Crying over a little thing like that-" Amanda held her hand up to stop me from saying more.

"I mean about the feelings...why?" I looked away from Amanda.

'I was scared i was falling for the wrong person.' I wanted to say but i couldnt bring myself to it.

"I didnt know if the feelings were actually there." I lied. I looked at Amanda and she looked at me.

"Tell me the truth, Winter." She said calmly but inside i knew she was fuming. She never liked it when people lied to her and since she could read me like a book, she knew i was lying.

"Sam wasnt the person i would usually fall for. I would go for the silent ones, the good ones, the nice ones. But i knew they wouldnt go for me since i had a past that would haunt me. I knew this when i saw Hector at the party. I knew he was purposely looking for me. I just knew. And i knew i had feelings for Sam when i started to hang out with him and when i saw the good side to him. Not the angry, selfish and arrogant one." I paused to look at Amanda. She nodded, a sign for me to continue.

"And when i started to hang out with him more, the feelings developed into stronger ones and i knew one small thing would break me. And she did. That girl. Whoever she was made my heart shatter into a million pieces. I was so fragile, i knew i would eventually break sooner or later. And i did." Amanda put her hands on my sjoulder and sighed.

"I hate seeing you like this Winter. After everything, i knew you had some special connection with one of these boys. But Sam is trouble and he is just going to disrespect you and hurt you like he does to everyone else." Amanda smiled at me and hugged me.

"The best thing for you right now is to focus on something else then him. Maybe call you

way up to Winter's room.

I knocked softly and i heard Winter sniffing her nose and i immediately entered her room. She was curled up in a ball as she wiped her nose his her sleeve. I frowned and cuddled up with her as i laid her down. "Whats wrong?" I asked and Winter pulled the blanket over the both of us and sniffed again.

"Mom said she wont be coming next month cause of her stupid boss." She sobbed and i placed my coke on the drawer before hugging Winter. "You will see her soon." I assured her but she just wiped her eyes.

"Hey, why dont we go shopping tomorrow then go out and do some exploring of London?" I asked Winter with a big grin on my face. She looked at me and sighed.

"I dunno-"

"Come on Winter! We havent hung out in ages! Pretty pleasee?" I begged, trying to get a yes out of her and Winter shrugged.

"I guess." I kissed Winter's forehead and laid down with her. Since this was a double bed, we had enough room snd we werent squished together like pancakes.

"Goodnight Winter." I said, not moving at all. Winter looked up at me confused. "What are you doing?" She asked making me chuckle.

"Sleeping." I replied with a smile. She just nodded slowly before closing her eyes. "Night Amanda." I heard her say and i turnes off the lamp before closing my eyes too.

"Night Winter."


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And just a little note. I dont edit my chapters since i am too lazy to read over them. I know, terrible excuse but im sorry XD. So if you see an error, dont point it out because i will eventually edit this book when its finished. Thank you guys x


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