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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Amanda's P.O.V

I looked at my phone with a frown. This person was calling me non-stop and it was pissing me the heck off.

The ring tone blasted through the speaker again making me groan. "Fucking shut up!" I yelled while Hayden laughed.

"Just answer the phone then whoever is calling, tell them to shut the fuck up." I gave Hayden a death glare and threw my phone at him as the phone was still ringing.

"You answer it!" I watched as Hayden laughed making me glare more. He accepted it and put the phone on speaker. "Who is this?" Hayden said as he got straight to the point. I tapped my hand on my thigh impatiently, waiting for this mystery caller to speak.

"Now, thats not how you talk to your girlfriends best friend?" I immediately stood up and snatched my phone of Hayden. "Who the fuck are you? Stop calling me you creep!"

"Amanda...dont be so rude." I gritted my teeth together at the sound of her voice. This little terror, the bitch that made me move, that made my life shit, ruined my best friends life...

"Kate your fucking dead!" I screamed into the phone then hung up. I was fuming. This girl doesnt even know what she has got herself into.


Winter's P.O.V

We have been driving around for half an hour and all this girl has done is walked around, talked on the phone and nothing!

Then my phone started to go off and i picked it up to only hear angry screaming and yelling. I furrowed my eyebrows. "Amanda?" The screaming stopped and all i could here was Amanda's heavy breathing.

"Its the bitch! I wanna kill her!" Amanda started yelling again and i sighed. Who was this even about? Oh thats right, she was too angry to even tell me.

"Amanda, calm down. I cant even understand a word your saying." I said calmly and Amanda groaned.

"Kate! Its Kate! She called me a minute ago and i swear on my life she had that fucking smirk on her face!" Amanda yelled. My jaw clenched at her words...especially the name.

"Get in the car and meet me down at..." I looked around to see any street signs but i frowned once i saw none. I looked at the window and saw a big warehouse.

"Put Hayden on the phone." I said and a second later i heard his voice. "God help me, she is giving me a headache!" Hayden groaned and i

d still hear Sam's screams.

"You know, you didnt get away with what you did to Gemma and I..." Kate smirked and punched me in the stomach. I groaned and bend over.

"And you know good girls lose easily..." She grabbed my by the hair and kicked me in the back of the leg, making me fall to the ground.

"You touch more time...and ill make sure y-you will feel 10 times...more pain from w-when i hit you last time." I threatened. Kate laughed as she stopped walking around me and bent down to my level. She was picking at her nails while chuckling still. "Is that a threat, Winter?" Then i was prepared for what was coming next.

She was about to grab my neck until i punched it away, swinging my arm around and hitting her in the jaw, causing her to fall and groan. I took this time to stand up as fast as i could but my leg wasnt helping. I yelped when i put pressure on my leg and swung it forward, kicking Kate in the head then fell on my back.

None of us could move and i just want to know if Sam was alright but the pain was hurting too much...i just had to close my eyes...only for a little...bit.


Another chappy finished! Am i on a roll or am i on a roll? This is amazing, 3 updates in one day! I guess i am making it up to you all for being such a bad updater :((

How did you like it? Did you think it was Kate or someone else? Tell me your thoughts! Dont forget to vote and comment, i will love you forever!

Until the next chapter... byeeee <


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