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   Chapter 21 NO.21

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Updated: 2018-03-02 22:02

Winter's P.O.V

"Smack cam." Amanda whispered into the phone.

I know, your probably thinking... What? Well, i thought the same thing when i got told that we were pulling a prank on Hayden. Why Hayden? You'll find out.

"Wait, my phone is frozen!" Alec whispered as he furiously tapped his phone. I laughed quietly at his frustration then turned my attention to Hayden. He was lying on his back with one hand on his chest and one hand on the edge of the bed, with whip cream in his hand. Cole was holding a feather as he stood on the edge of the bed, Amanda and Cole on the floor, Sam was currently out for a jog and Emmaree was standing in the door frame with a big grin on her face.

"Im gonna do it." Cole whispered to us and i smiled. This was sad but this is pay back for him hacking Amanda's phone and posting her 'ugly photos' all over instagram. Hey, Amanda was like instagram famous or whatever and Hayden posting her worst photos on there is just unacceptable according to her.

Cole tickled the feather on his forehead then went down to his nose and then his lips. Hayden didnt move so Cole moved to his ear, tickling it around the edge...and thats when it happened. Hayden smacked his ear and the whipped cream went on his ear and some of his face.

"What the actual fuck!?" Hayden yelled as he jolted up and looked around.

"Oh...oh my god! I-I can't even..." Amanda said through laughs. Alec was rolling around on the floor, not even bothering about his phone not working, Cole was laughing with the hiccups. Emmaree was still grinning while i was trying not to laugh...okay, maybe i was funny.

And thats when i started to laugh. I heard Hayden yell and scream but no one was listening, we were obviously to busy laughing.

Now my stomachs hurting...but i wanna laugh...

I wiped away the tears that was running down my face and smiled. Oh god.

"That was hilarious!" Amanda said with a big smirk as we all nodded. Hayden was out of the room, probably washing his face.

"Now, who wants pancakes?" Emmaree asked and we all jumped up and started running downstairs. The last thing i heard Hayden say was, "Dont waste the whipped cream!"

wing was still swinging so i had to look around till i found where i was looking at again. "Yo?" Alec responded as he fished out his phone. I grabbed it and held it in my hand, getting his attention.

"Who's that?" I asked and i swear Alec nearly broke his jaw by how fast it dropped.

"What the actual fuck! Why is she here!?" I shrugged and kept looking at the girl while Alec was cracking his knuckles.

"This isnt good..." I said quietly. I was about to look at Alec put the only problem was that i couldnt even see him!?

"Im over here." Alec chuckled as he stopped the swing. I got off gave Alec his phone without taking my eyes of her.

"Maybe we should follow her...then jump her and I can have a piece of her." Alec suggested angrily and i shook my head. I knew Alec really wanted to follow her but seriously? This guy is crazy...we need a plan.

"We need a car...we cant do it on foot cause she will see us." Alec gave me a wierd look.

"Okay, ill go run back and get the car." I nodded. "Okay, dont be too long." I said with a little of panic in me. Why was she even here?

I turn around as Alec started running but he suddenly stopped and I did too.

I thought he went for a run?

"Sam?" I asked and he rolled his eyes as me and Alec started to make our way over there.

"I saw her too. Get in."


Oooo! Whats gonna happen and who is the girl? Any guesses?

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