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Winter's P.O.V

I opened one eye just to be blinded with sun. I hissed and covered my eyes with hands as I groaned. I tried to roll and find a nice spot on the bed but I just couldn't find one.

I opened both my eyes, trying to ignore the sun that was basically blinding me and looked around.


"Morning sweet cheeks!" Alec said as he turned from his chair and smiled at me. I growled and slumped in my chair.

I forgot that we were traveling on an aeroplane.

"Go away!" I said and Amanda laughed as she threw a blanket over me and her.

"Shh. We still have 6 hours left on this flight so sleep." Amanda said and I looked at her with my tiny eyes.

"You know I can't go back to sleep when I have SUN BLINDING MY FACE!" I said with a clenched fist and Amanda rolled her eyes and pulled the blind down so the sun was gone. I sighed with a frown.

I raised my hands to my head and yawned. The only thing that was running threw my head was that evil man that made me his slave and took my brother away.


"Is your grandma nice?" Amanda asked and Cole laughed as he walked up the stairs.

"You decide." And as Cole said that he knocked on the nicely cream painted door and waited patiently.

Then the door opened and I saw a beautiful lady that looked to be in her early 60's. She had nice greyish hair that didn't really make her appearance old. She had beautiful chocolate eyes and tanned skin. She smiled lightly and I couldn't help but smile.

"Hey Grandma!" Alec said as he pushed past all of us, managing to not push us on our butts.

"Hello Alec! What brings you here?" The boys Grandma said with a shocked but happy voice. She had a nice accent but it turned out to be more American.

Alec smiled and turned around so that he was facing us withan arm around his Grandma.

"Well, its Dad and Mom practically kicked us out to live with you for a while." The boys Grandma nodded and stepped towards us but a bit more towards me for some reason. "So you saying you came her with two extra people to live in my house?" The boys nodded.

Suddenly the Grandma pulled Alec by the ear to pull him towards her. She shook her head while Alec was scrunching his face up in pain.

"Alec, haven't you learned? Always introduce me to your new friends..." Alec nodded and the boys Grandma let go of his ear. Alec pulled away and stepped back as he looked at his Grandma with a frown. The Grandma looked at Amanda and I as we clutched onto each others hands from behind. Why? We were scared to death, of course!

"So...whats your name?" Amanda squeezed my hand tightly and i held in a squeal.

"Am-Amanda..." Amanda said quietly. The Grandma looked at Amanda with a frown and grabbed her chin softly and pulled it up so she was looking at her. Yes, the boys Grandma was pretty tall.

"No need to be scared of me Amanda. Honestly, I am probably the one of the nicest peopl

Phillip left the country and Becky got the divorce papers but she needed Phillips signature so it never happened. Phillip still did drugs and he still does it now but to answer your question, Phillip turned bad when he got with Becky but tried to hide his behavior from you and act responsible but then he met up with a friend that pressured Phillip to move into a cottage that was near the guys place so he could get drugs but since he didnt have that much money, the supplier gave him jobs to complete for cash so he could get drugs and unfortunately he brang your brother and you into it."

I was blown away. Emmaree knew so much. I blinked a few times and looked down at my hands. "Woah." That was all i could manage to say. Like i said, i was blown away.

"You didnt have the best childhood but now that your older, your mom and Becky are helping you and now the boys are too... i hope." I smiled at her and nodded.

"Yep, they are helping but they just make me what to know my brother more and have an older brother to help me through things and care..." Emmaree smiled and hugged me.

"Your brother is looking down at you now, smiling at how you are getting through all this and not breaking down. He is proud of you and to know that he has a strong sister that is independent and smart like you. He is just wishing the same thing as you. He was a true angel and now he knows his little sister is one too." I smiled and hugged Emmaree back.

She really knew how to cheer someone up and make death seem not so depressing.

"Thank you Emmaree." I said as a little tear ran down my cheek.

"Your welcome beautiful."


Helloooo people! I absolutely love this chapter! This is probably one of my favourite chapters in this book so far. What are your thoughts on it though?

Thoughts on Emmaree?

What about the past?

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