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Amanda's P.O.V

"Where is Winter!?" I asked myself as I walked around the room continuously.

I finally chose to sit on Winter's bed as I placed a hand on my forehead.

Winter knows Phillip is here and she hasn't even told me what the plan was! This is terrible..

I heard a sudden knock that made me jump up and run towards the door. I opened it.

"I need your help."


Phillip's P.O.V

I looked at the boys with an angry expression. They were pissing me off now.

I saw lights coming in and I sighed. More drama to deal with.

I turned around to see the black SUV that Samuel and that girl had got in. I saw the passenger door open and a short blonde step out. Her head was down as she held a white plastic bag in her hair. Samuel had got out and walked in front of the girl and was not making any eye contact with me.

Sam walked past and then the girl. Then I swear everything went into slow motion.

The girl lifted her head and looked at me with her bright blue eyes...those blue eyes that I knew since she was born.

A small smirk creeped onto my face as she looked back down and walked into the house.

Winter was back... Finally!


Winter's P.O.V

I walked inside and quickly ran upstairs...but the only problem was that I wasn't running...

"Where do you think your going?" Sam's voice said and I groaned as I tapped my foot on the ground.

I had to get out of here... And that stupid boy is stopping me!

"Sam...let go!" I said with a tug but Sam had a tight grip of my hand. I gritted my teeth as I looked around. Cole, Hayden and Alex were looking outside and I didn't know where Becky and Amanda was.

I felt myself being dragged upstairs and I mentally groaned as Sam's hand was gripping tighter. We walked upstairs and I noticed we were going to Sam's room. I immediately tugged my hand away from his grip.

"What are you trying to do?" I asked but Sam just opened his door and pushed me in. I screamed as I feel onto the floor.

I looked up at Sam to see he was leaning against the now locked door. "What the fudge!" I nearly yelled.

"Whats going on with you! I had to deal with your quietness and the fact that I was forced to go to the shops just for you to get pads and I still don't get an

f stuff. I visit him when I have the chance but sometimes I just think it's not you wish you could see his face again and swing on the swing while he pushed you up high to think you were flying..." A couple of tears ran down my cheek but I wiped them away quickly.

"My mom knew about Kyle's death and she was so angry at Phillip. My mom instantly took me back and even got me checked to see if anything was wrong with me. He was sentenced to 20 years." I said with a sigh. I turned to Sam.

"So that's why I ignored you and that's why I was so quiet. I know he is back for me...he knew I done wrong, running away from him...I'm afraid he might get Amanda into it too and ruin her life..." Sam laughed sightly.

"I'm pretty sure Hayden will beat his ass if he even tries to go near her." I looked at Sam with a straight face...

"Winter!" I heard someone yell from the other side of the door. I frowned but got up anyway to unlock the door.

I opened the door just to be told... "We gotta go."


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