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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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Winter's P.O.V

"Please let me go!" I whisper to Hector but he didn't say anything. Instead, he gripped his arm tighter around my neck so that I was now starting to struggle to breath. The gun was pressed tightly against my head, warning me not to do anything stupid.

I looked at Cole and Alec who were on the ground, gritting their teeth as two other people aimed their guns at them. Then i looked at Amanda and her eyes were watery. We had never been in this situation in ages...and the last time it ended, it wasn't good.

Hayden was still fighting to get out of the guys grip but nothing. I looked around and my eyes started to water once i saw him.


I looked down at Cole and Alec and motioned my eyes over to Sam who was hiding in a corner. Then frowned at first but tured around anyways and i knew they saw Sam cause the shine of hope sparkled through their eyes.

I looked at Amanda but found out she was on the verge of tears...but these weren't tears of hurt, they were tears of joy because she was looking directly at Sam. I looked over to Hayden who was looking down at the ground so i whistled to get his attention, but he didn't look.

Hector pressed the gun more into my head as his lips came close to my ear, kissing it gently. "Sorry for doing this to you sugar.." He chuckled lightly and i gritted my teeth together with digust. I couldnt do anything beause Hector knew the old me, the shy and quiet one...he didnt know the new Winter, the Winter that bashed her bully, the Winter that stood up fo herself...the new Winter.

But i had a plan.

I looked at Amanda to find out she was looking at me now. I bit my lip and thought...

How do i tell her without letting Hector and his gang hear?

I motioned down to her feet with my eyes and luckily she followed and looked down at her heels, but frowned as she looked back up at me. I tapped my foot gently on the ground and twitched my lip to the person behind her, how was holding her. She looked at her feet, then tapped it gently before smirking. I nodded.

I looked at Cole and Alec who were smirking as well.

I guess they saw the plan cause they were crouched, ready to jump up and do whatever to the g

I guess it wasn't an actual fight after all aye?

I dropped the gun and turned around to see Hector smirking. "Oh hello Sam? What a great way to meet again, don't you think?" Hector asked and I rolled my eyes and upper cut his chin. He stumbled back but never fell to the ground.

I walked towards him and swung my fists at him but missed as he kept dodging them.

Then he started to throw his fists towards me, successfully hitting me square in the nose. I got distracted by the stinging pain and I guess Hector took that as an advantage as he kicked me to the ground. He straddled me and I tried to escape but never did.

Then Hector took out a gun from his pocket and I mentally cursed as he pointed the gun directly in the middle of my forehead. I tightly shut my eyes.

Was this the last day of my life? Was I ever going to grow up and live my life?

Hector started to get his gun ready as he slowly pushed the trigger back but something happened.

Something that took me and Hector way off guard. I never thought I would hear his voice...especially in this situation...

"Put your hands up!"


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