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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Winter's P.O.V

I walked passed the boy I loathed with Sam's arm now around my waist. His smirk never stopped as he looked at e with the two blondes gripping onto him.


My eyes widened as the steel of cigarettes, sweat and alcohol filled my nose. The smell was awful! Absolutely disgusting.

The song Break A Sweat by Becky G was blasting through the enormous speakers that were placed in the corner of the living room where a bunch of people were dancing. Lucky the living room was big enough for so many people.

"Winter!" I heard Sam yell over the music and I looked up at him.

"Wanna drink?" He yelled once again and I looked forward to see Amanda already drowning some shots with Cole and Hayden. I looked back at Sam and thought.

I haven't even drank before? I have seen alcohol and smelt it before and I thought it was revolting but is it really that bad? My mother didn't raise me this way...but I've seen her gulp down beers with her friends when they are over at our place... Oh god.


I nod at Sam and a big grin appears on his face as we walk to the table where my friends were.

"Hey Win!" Amanda squealed as I sat next to her. I smiled at her. She poured the vodka into a shot glass and handed it to me, then gulped her one down in a whole.

I looked at the glass and tightly closed my eyes and drank it down. It burned my throat really bad but I wanted another one. I was thirsty!

Amanda held out another one for me and held up her spare hand, counting down.

1... 2...

Me, Amanda, Cole, Sam, Hayden and Alec gulped our shots down.

Time to get loose.


"Let's dance!" Amanda yelled and I nodded, my head swaying along with my body and legs as I ran with Amanda towards the dance floor. The song changed to Lost In Stereo (which was Amanda's favourite) and we started to dance and sing the words.

"SHE'S DANCING ALONE AND IM READY TO GO BUT SHE'S SO LOST IN STEREO...LOST IN STEREO!" I sang as Amanda swayed her hips to the music, also singing...well practically yelling the lyrics.

Then I felt someone tugging at my hand and I turned around to see a blurry face with bright brown eyes. I

floor in fact. I took in a deep breath and grabbed my coke, taking a little sip.

I started to walk out the living room, towards the front door. I walked out and sighed.

In my drunken state...could i get home?

As i took the first step down thr stairs, i heard a familiar voice yell my name. I didn't want to turn around.

Not now. Not ever.

So I decided to keep walking and like the stupid person I am, I tripped and fell face first on the pavement. I wanted to scream in pain but I didn't. It never came out cause when I looked up, I saw him with a cigarette in his mouth, his smirk proudly on his face.

I stood up and wiped my eyes, the tears falling from the fall. My mascara was probably smudged really bad but what was worse?

Worrying about your makeup? Or the dangerous gang leader...also known as your ex boyfriend...Hector Sullivan?


Oh no! What is going to happen now! I didn't want Winter to die so fast...she was so special and unique and- nahhh I'm joking. Winter is not gonna dieee... *looks around the room for an escape then slowly looks at the camera with a wicked grin...*

So do you like this chapter? I know I'm not a good writer and I know there will be some mistakes in this book but please don't point them out since I will edit the book soon.

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Stay beautiful X


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