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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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Winter's P.O.V

It's been a week since the night when me and Sam talked and swam.

Kate and Gemma haven't been teasing me or bullying me since Cole ordered that I would hang out with the group from now on and it has been the best. They were so funny and cool to hang out with. Kate walked up to me once though, saying that she would like to talk to me in private but Sam stood up and made her go away. The boys even deleted the video from the facebook which I was relieved of. My cuts have even started to form into white lines, turning into scars which I proud of.

I told my mother everything from the part of the punch thing (which she was not happy about but when I explained it to her she calmed down) to the part about the night when Sam explained everything to me. When I told her about the cutting, she wasn't angry, just disappointed but she made me promise to never do it again and I did promise. My mother was still busy but she always called when she had time which was usually at 12 in the middle of the night but I was still happy to talk to her.

Sam and I have been getting along really well. We have been trying to look for this Daniella girl who was bullying Harper and all we have got was that Daniella was related to Damien and that made every single one of the boys angry as hell. So we were going to sort everything out on Monday...hopefully doesn't end in a fight but I'm not sure?

I told Amanda the story and every since, she has been getting along with Sam too but they still fight over little things. I still wonder if things were going on between her and Hayden because they always snuck off somewhere when they thought we didnt notice but we did, sadly. I never bothered to ask her because she would either not talk to me until I left her alone, or if she told me, she wouldn't talk to me because she would think I would tease her which I wouldn't. I'm not that cruel.

Me and Alec have been getting along like crazy. I still

my two friends eating each others face off was not a good sight to see.

"Cole!" I groaned and he looked back for a second and looked back at the road and sighed.

"Amanda, just to let you know, Hayden didn't brush his teeth this morning." Cole said and I bursted out laughing when I saw Amanda pull away from Hayden when Cole finished his sentence.

"Eww, your despicable!" Amanda said as she started wiping her tongue with her fingers.

"Fuck you Cole!" Hayden groaned and sat back in his seat and looked out the window.

I grabbed my phone out and started to scroll through my games. I clicked on Subway Surfers and turned down the volume.

I was about to run when I felt Alec bump my shoulder. I turned to him and he grinned sheepishly.

I rolled my eyes and nodded, understanding his foolish grin.

We played and passed my phone back and forth under I heard Cole yell and beep the horn.

Everyone looks up and I notice that a person reversing out of the parking lot at the beach nearly hit our car...but I really didn't care about that right now. Why? We're at the BEACH!!


Heyy! What do you guys think? I would think I am improving in a way with is good.

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