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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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Amanda's P.O.V

So many thoughts were running through my head as I watched the boys help Winter. I was so worried.

When we tried to get her cleaned up she nearly knocked out Hayden but Sam got a hold of her. I didn't want Sam to touch her but it was for her own good. I even had to hold myself back from knocking out the bastard.

We eventually got her to calm down but she wasn't talking or looking at anyone of us. I had a feeling that it was something on the computer since she smashed it and all...she would never smash anything that she owned.

Alec was standing next to me in the door frame while Sam was holding down Winter from her knocking anyone out from the pain, Cole was cleaning and bandaging the cuts and Hayden was cleaning up the room since there was things smashed on the floor.

I sighed as Winter kept her head down, biting down on a cloth that she had in her mouth to stop her from screaming.

I just want to find out who, why and what caused this.


Sam's P.O.V

When I first saw Winter, I panicked straight away even if she might hate me right now, I still was worried.

I knew it was Kate for 1 reason. When I was on my phone, I saw the video that was posted and I didn't want to tell Winter because...well, what was the point, she wouldn't listen me.

I might have been a jerk- actually, complete asshole to Winter but I wasn't that cruel.

I held onto Winter's hands as her head shot up in pain, her legs kicking and her faint yelling as Cole cleaned the cuts.

I'm sorry Winter, but in not going to loose anyone else.


Winter's P.O.V

I stabbed the carrot with the fork and shoved it into my mouth, my eyes never leaving Sam's.

Why you ask? Well, I had a few questions to ask him.

I think Amanda noticed my glares and rubbed my back and sipped her drink.

"Well, this is good Cole." Amanda states and I nod slowly, not taking my eyes of Sam.

"Thanks. I thought I burnt it when we went to- never mind." Cole says and stands up, placing his plate in the sink.

Sam groaned and stood up. "What do you want!" He shouts and I stand up as well and glare at him.

"I want answers, you rude jerk!" I yell back and Alec stands up and puts a hand on Sam's shoulder.

Sam was about to say something until Alec opened his mouth.

"Oh look at that? It's 11:00, which means it's bed time! We have school tomorrow so let's get a move on." Alec says and I give San one more glare before turning away and walking towards my room to get some sleep which I doubt would happen. But would it kill to try?


I silently laid in bed, my eyes not seeming to shut. I don't know what time it was but I just couldn't seem to get to sleep.

I looked at Amanda who was sleeping peacefully on the mattress that was under my bed for Amanda to sleep on.

I stood up and walled out of bed, the cold air hitting my bare legs since I was wearing my short pink love hearted pajama shorts. The hairs on my arms also stood up since I had a black singlet on but I wasn't cold at all.

Also I had taken the bandages of since my arms started to get itchy but you could still see the cuts.

I walked out of my room and stood there waiting for an idea or something to pop into my head.

Then it happened.


I was walking around for about 10 minutes until I found a door. I opened it and my mouth dropped.

It was beautiful.

There was a big pool that was sparkling from the clear water, a slide at the end and there was a spa in the corner of the pool. Unfortunately it led to outside but I didn'

felt the warm water." I say and smile at Alec and I feel Sam trying to push me up but I had to stay.

Sorry Sam.

Alec nods and slowly turns around before walking back inside. I sigh in relief and step of Sam, treading water.

He rises up and gulps up air, trying to get air into his lungs. I couldn't help but laugh.

He grins at me and grabs me by the waist and I squeal. I tried to get out of his hold but I wasn't successful.

"Told you I'll get you." He whispered and I smiled mockingly at him.

"Actually, you said that you will get me back." I smirk and he grins at me.

"You know, I quite like this." He says and wiggles his eyebrows and I gasp, smacking his chest.

"Let go of me, you perverted boy!" I say and try to push myself away from him but he didn't loosen his hold.

"We both know I'm not a boy because what I've got down there-"

"Sam!" I gasp again and he chuckles, letting go of me.

I shake my head with disgust and swim to the ladder. I get out and look around for a towel or something to dry myself with but all I saw was my clothes.

"If your looking for a towel...there is none." Sam says and I roll my eyes.

"I know that!" I say with a sigh and look at the stars. The night was actually pretty nice when it was 4 am, since the sun was starting to rise.

"You know, you have a nice ass." Sam says, cutting of my thoughts and I raise a brow at him.

"Could you not?"

"Sorry, just caught my eye." He smirked and I felt like hitting him so hard...

"Okay, it has been a nice time but I would like to go to bed since I have school today." I say with a smile and he sighs.

"Are you sure?"

"Yep." I say and he groans as he started to swim to the ladder.

He started to get out and my eyes dropped to his abdomen. Holy nuggets!

His abs were chiseled perfectly as he bent his body to get out of the pool and his boxers were way more lower than before... Oh my lord...

"I guess we both have been perving." Sam says and I look up to see him smirking. I mentally groan when I got caught and walked past Sam, picking up my clothes on the way.

"Goodnight Sam." I say and hold the door handle while looking at Sam.

I guess Sam has changed...

"Night babe." He said with a wink and I rolled my eyes and walked inside.



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