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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Winter's P.O.V

I walk up the stairs slowly, my eyes slipping shut but opening again since all I want to do is just sleep for hours, days even.

Cole, Alec ane I were playing all different types of games on the Xbox for hours and right now it is two in the morning, which explains why I am so tired. The boys had already fallen asleep on the couches and I am heading to my room now.

Once I reach the top of the stairs though, I hear a knock come from the front door. My mind immediately goes to Sam and Hayden who left earlier.

I'm guessing they're back now.

I sigh and change my direction to the front door, walking down the stairs. The knocking turned into banging after a few seconds and I roll my eyes, not bothering to change my pace as I walk to the door.

"I'm coming!" I say after a yawn but the banging didn't stop. I sigh, hoping that the two boys don't wake up anyone with their banging.

I grip at the door handle after unlocking the locks and swing the door open. Hayden stands there, holding his forehead while Sam is currently taking swigs of clear liquid.


I look at Hayden and notice that there is blood covering his left hand and his lip is busted. To add to the list, there is also some dry blood under his nose. I gasp and grab his hand, pulling him into the house and towards the kitchen so I can help him.

"You sit here. Just wait." I say to Hayden, watching as he rests his forehead on the table. I look at Sam who is laughing and smirking as he takes some more gulps of the alcohol.


He's drunk.

I run into the living room and begin to shake Alec and Cole's shoulders. They both groan in response.

"Get up!" I demand but the don't move. I groan and before I can think it over, I slap both of Alec and Cole on the cheek. They shoot up and look at me, their eyes wide.

"How dare you slap me, you little-" I cut Alec off and point towards the kitchen, my eyes widening.

"Hayden and Sam, " As the words escape my mouth, Alec and Cole jump up from the couch and run into the kitchen. I follow after them. Suddenly, I hear a loud crashing noise, like glass shattering. I gasp and stop in my tracks as I look at the bottle that Sam was holding. I look up at the culprit and watch as he grips the edge of the table.

"What the fuck, Sam!" Cole shouts in disbelief and anger. Sam looks at Cole, his eyes narrowed and his jaw clenching. My eyes widen as Sam begins to walk towards Cole. In attempt to stop him from doing anything that he will regret, I run up to him and try to hold him back but he didn't seem to stop.

"Sam... stop!" I say, trying to push Sam back but it is too late.

He punches Cole in the nose.

Blood begins to run out of Cole's nose and Alec stands there, his mouth agape.

I look up at Sam and furrow my eyebrows. "What-" Before I can finish my sentence, Sam's fist connects with my jaw and I fall to the ground, my head hitting the cold tiles of the kitchen floor.


Alec's P.O.V

I watch as Winter falls to the ground, blood slowly making its way out of her mouth. My eyes meet Sam's and I walk up to him, turning him around so he is facing Hayden who is at the table.

"Go fucking sit next to him." I order, my jaw clenching as I push my brother towards Hayden. Sam takes a seat next to Hayden, his fists clenching and unclenching. I breath

e out a sigh and turn around, looking at Cole and Winter.


I pick Winter up, holding her up by placing my hands under her arms. I begin to take her to the bathroom, sighing in relief when I notice her blinking.

I begin to run a bath for Winter, sitting her on the toilet seat. "Winnie?" I call, tapping her shoulder lightly. "Hey, Winter?" I watch as her eyes slowly open and I break out into a smile.

"You have to take a bath, okay." I say softly and Winter looks over at the bath then back at me, nodding, "Okay..." Winter mumbles and when she begins to take her socks off, I take that as my cue to leave so Winter can have some privacy. I jog down the stairs and notice Hayden puking in the sink while Sam is sleeping with his head on the table.

I grab Cole from the floor and sit him up against the wall. I open the drawer and get the first aid kit, beginning to clean up his nose. After I finished, I grab him and drag him over to the couch, laying him down so he can be comfortable.

I walk over to Hayden who is wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and give him some tablets that I just gave Cole. I take a look at his hand while Hayden swallows the tablets without water and breathe out a sigh, also noticing his busted lip.

I begin to wrap Hayden's hand in a bandage after I had cleaned up most of the blood and then went to clean his lip. Once I finished, I pat his shoulder lightly.

"You should go lay down." I say and Hayden nods, walking over to the stairs. I watch as he begins to walk up them slowly and when he is out of my sight, I turn to Sam who is sleeping and sigh again.

"Why do you have to swallow down the past with alcohol?"


Winter's P.O.V

I place my hand on my head and shit my eyes as the pain continues to grow throughout my body. "Ouch, " I groan, looking at my hand to see the little amount of blood that is coming from my head. I shut my eyes again and breathe in a deep breath before sinking lower into the bath, letting the water cover my whole body.

When the hot water touches my head though, I hiss in pain. It hurts but I know that I have to clean it. I don't want it getting infected.

I sit up and grab the towel that was on the rack next to the bath before standing up and wrapping it around my body. I step out and walk over to the mirror, wiping it so I could see myself.

There is a purple circle on my cheek from where Sam had hit me, a cut near my eyebrow and on my head from the fall. I run a finger over the cut and let out a sigh. Trying to cheer myself up, I smile gently but wince in pain when my jaw begins to throb.

Guess I'll be frowning for a while...

Not that I'm new to that.

I walk out of the bathroom and into my room. The lamp is on and a pair of my blue pajama pants with ducks on them with a black singlet lay on my bed. I grab a pair of undergarments and put them on before putting on my clothes. Once I had done that, I walk over to the bookshelf and take a look at the books.

Most of the books are Disney but that doesn't stop me when I grab Cinderella from the shelf and into my hands. I walk over to my bed and sit down, crossing my legs. My back is pressing against the headboard and I open the book, my eyes landing on the words on the first page.

To Harper...


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