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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Winter's P.O.V

I hear the faint beeping of my alarm and I shut my eyes tighter, covering my face with the blanket as I try and block out the annoying sound. I smile when the noise from the alarm has stopped and I snuggle into my pillow.

"Wakey wakey!" I hear a voice say but I don't reply, pretending that I am asleep so the person leaves me alone so I can sleep. Of course, the person has different plans.

"Winter!" I hear Cole yell, making me let out a heavy sigh.

Please leave me alo-

"Ah!" A scream leaves my lips as I feel the blanket leaving my body. I let out a whimper. Now I am missing the warm material. I look down at my attire and notice that I am in my love hearts pajama shorts and a black short sleeve shirt.

Great choice, Winter, my brain tells me and I hold myself back from hitting my head. I mean, I would look like a mental case.

"What did you do that for!" I scowl, hugging myself to try and keep me warm. Cole crosses his arms over his chest and stares down at me.

"It's school, Winter." Cole growls and I groan, sliding a hand down my face. I let out a sigh and get off the bed, grabbing my choice of clothes for today. I head straight for the bathroom door, loving how I have a bathroom in my own room.

I am so lucky.

I grip at the handle and look over my shoulder to see look at Cole who is throwing the blanket on the bed. "You can go, " I say, catching his attention. "I'll be down in ten minutes." I say before entering the bathroom.

I walk over to the sink and place my hands on the side. I look in the round mirror and sigh. I am not ready for this. I still can't believe that I have slept in the Anderson's house. I have to get used to this... I mean, I am staying here for a year.

I let out another sigh and strip from my clothes, entering the shower and closing the glass door as I start to run the hot water.


I grab an apple from the bowl that is on the kitchen counter and take a bite. The boys, who were all around the table, are currently eating their breakfast.

I notice Hayden's eyes staring at me like I have something on my face and I frown, totally confused. He notices this and smirks which makes me raise my eyebrow. He looks down at the apple in my hand and I chuckle, finally understanding where the boy is getting at.

"You want some?" I ask him, circling it around his face. He grabs my wrist to stop me moving my hand and I feeze when he takes a bite of my apple.

"Thanks." Hayden grins and I shiver in pure disgust. I look around for the bin but Hayden is still holding my wrist. When I look back at the four boys, I notice that they are all smirking and grinning at the scene.

"You know if you not gonna eat that..." Hayden trails off and I drop the apple immediately, not even wanting to have it anymore. Hayden grins and continues to eat the apple that was once mine.

"Gross." I mutter, walking straight to the sink to wash my hands. All the boys laugh and I wipe my hands on my pants, drying them. After, I grab my back and let out a sigh.

"I'll see you guys at school, I guess." I say and before I can walk out the door and head to school, a deep voice calls my name.

"Winter, your coming with us." Sam says and I turn around, my heart immediately racing as the thoughts of going to school with the most notorious bad boys in the school. I can just imagine Gemma calling me names about it all...

"T-That is not happening." I stutter, a frown making its way onto my face. I am not going to go to school with these boys and get asked questions about why I arrived to school with them and get bullied. No way! Everyone will be jealous and angry. I will be the most hated person in school, if I am not already!

"Winnie, trust me. No one will say shit." Alec cuts through my thoughts and I let out an exhausted, knowing sigh.

"Yes they will. Everyone will be asking ridiculous questions and I, for one, am not going to put myself into that situation and you can't make me!" I say with a scoff, turning on my heel and opening the front door. Before I can walk out though, someone grabs a hold of my wrist and I turn around and send Cole a hard glare.

"Let me go Cole!" I say, trying to snatch my arm away from Cole's grip but of course, it wouldn't budge.

"No chance." Cole says with a straight face. After two minutes of fighting, I finally push everything aside and let the thoughts enter my mind.

Now, I am the most hated person in school.


"Oi, there's Damien!" Hayden shouts and Alec leans up against Hayden's chair. "Let me throw something at him!" Hayden adds and I look up and my

eyebrows furrow when I see him holding a rock.

"Why do you have a rock in your bag?" I ask Hayden and he throws me a smirk before aiming the rock at the guy with a quite large backpack, walking.

"Because I do this every morning..." And with that, he throws the rock out the window and everyone watches at it flies towards the 'Damien' guy. A gasp escapes my lips when it hits Damien on the head.

I sure hope that rock wasn't heavy...

Damien's eyes flick over to us and he holds his head with his hand, glaring hard at us. "Hayden!" Damien yells and Hayden sticks up the finger, a large grin on his face.

"Fuck you, you piece of cow shit!" Hayden yells and suddenly, Damien starts running after the car which makes me gasp again.

"Step on it Sam!" Alec yells and immediately, I am forced back on my seat as the car starts to speed down the road, Damien completely out of everyone's sight. A few seconds later and the car went back to the normal speed.

The fence of Cambree High catches my eye and I gasp. Crap. I duck down as Sam drives into the parking lot. I hear some people screaming the boys names which made me worry even more. Double crap.

The car pulls to a stop and I hear the first car door open. I look up to see Sam stepping out, followed by Hayden, then Cole and finally Alec. After a few seconds, I realise that it is now my turn. I take a deep breath and shuffle my way over to the door, hopping out. Just as I suspected, I hear people gasp and the yelling suddenly stops.

I swallow the lump in my throat and try to ignore everyone's stares. We all walk towards the building and I let out a sigh when I hear my name being mentioned in people's conversations.

I stop at my locker and wave at the boys. None of them wave back so I turn my head to see a bunch of girls walking past. Gemma's girls, I think to myself.

"I wonder why she was in their car?" One of the girls whispers.

"Attention, probably. You know, because she is the loner and the nobody."


I let out a sigh and ignore my heart which is pounding loudly. I turn around to face my locker and I lean my forehead against it, closing my eyes.

Alec was wrong.

People are going saying crap.


I walk towards the lunch line and stand in line, holding my tray in my hands. The meal for today is chicken salad, making me smile.

When I receive my salad and my bottle of water, I look around the room to see everyone chatting and talking. The tables are filled already, making me sigh. Some people in the cafeteria are still staring at me and whispering and I am sick of everyone's thoughts. A lot of people came to me in my first class and asked all sorts of questions like, "Are you dating one of the boys?"

"Are you their new slut?"

"Can I have their number?"

All sorts of questions like that. I didn't answer, of course, because if they knew I am staying at the Anderson's, I'm pretty sure there will be a riot.

I notice Alec, Hayden and Cole sitting on the middle table, laughing and winking at girls who are basically drooling over them.

I turn on my heel and walk out of the cafeteria. I start to walk to my usual spot at the bleachers until I bump into a hard chest, making me fall onto the ground.

I tightly shut my eyes and let out a sigh. Why is today such a bad day? I open my eyes and look to my side, pouting as I look at my salad which is all over the floor.

My food...

"Get up." I hear a deep voice say and I look up to see Sam. He is looking down at me with his arms folded across his chest.

"Im so-"

"Just get up, " Sam growls and I do what he says, not wanting to make Sam angrier. "Follow me." He says and I furrow my eyebrows. He gives me a glare and just like that, I begin following him towards the school doors.

"Where are we going?" I ask him and he stays silent. I tap his shoulder and his eyes looked down at me, annoyance and anger shown clearly in his brown eyes.

"Shut up." He says after a few seconds and I sigh. We reach the car that I was in earlier and I climb in the passenger seat. Sam starts the car and I start playing with my fingers. After a few seconds, the silence is starting to get to me so I did the only thing that came to my mind.

"Sam, where are we going?" I ask again, not meeting his face. Instead, I look out the window.

"We're going to get lunch since you stupidly dropped yours." Sam clears up, boredom clear in his tone. I hold up my hand to object but he grabs my wrist and pushes it down so that it is on my thigh.

"Save it princess."


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