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Winter's P.O.V

My mother starts to talk to Becky and I sigh because now I am stuck with these boys. Alec is currently poking my cheek, Sam is just smirking at me, Cole is poking my other cheek and Hayden is scrolling through my facebook on my phone that he stole from me.

"Could you stop it!" I snap, looking at both Alec and Cole. They both laugh and start to smirk at me.

"Your pretty boring." Hayden says with a blank expression on his face and I nod.

"I get that a lot." I say and he chuckles before going back to my facebook.

I look at Sam to see that he is just smirking at me. I furrow my eyebrows at him in a questioning way but his facial expression didn't change because he is still wearing his stupid smirk.

I sigh and turn my head towards the kitchen. "Mom, can I go for a walk?" I yell, hoping I can get away from these boys.

"Have the boys showed you your room?" My mom asks and I look at the boys to see that they are all smirking at me now.

I don't get a chance to reply since Cole, Alec and Hayden grip at my arms and start pulling me up the stairs. I see Sam watch me in amusement.

Something is definitely weird about him.

We walk around for about three minutes until we stop at a door that has light pink patterns on it. If you have watched Frozen and you know what Elsa's door looks like, it is like that.

"What are you waiting for? Open the door!" I hear Alec say and I look back to see him grin.

I shake his voice out of my head and slowly grip at the handle. My hands start to shake as I turn the knob.

What the hell is wrong with me?

"Hurry up will you!" Cole laughs and I lose my focus and end up tripping over Cole's foot and end up falling into the room.

Great. Just great.

I hear the boys laughs echo around me and I send them all a glare and they just continued to laugh. I stand up and look around the room, a little smile creeping up on my lips.

The bed cover is a nice shade of pink with white patterns, the bookshelf to the side has Disney books and there is another door which is probably the bathroom. The Disney books that caught my eyes again made my head spin in confusion.

Who's room is this?

I look around the rest of the room and notice that it has a studying desk, a wardrobe, a mini couch to the side and a TV hanging on the wall.

"It's beautiful." I mumble and one of the boys wrap their arm around my shoulder.

"Yeah, it was-"

"Alec!" I hear Sam growl and Alec instantly pulls his arm away from me and gives me an apologetic smile before running out of the room.

I look around and notice all the boys are gone. I sigh and walk out of the room, closing the door slowly.

"Winter!" I hear someone yell and I run down the stairs to see my mother holding her bag. I am about to grab my coat until my mom stops me.

"I'll get your suitcase since you staying the night early. I got called in so unfortunately, I'll have to grab your suitcase, come here and go. I'm so sorry baby." My mom hugs me and I smile at her.

"I understand." I say and she kisses my forehead before running out the door. I sigh and run a hand down my face.

A night early?

"Hey Winnie!" I hear someone say behind me and I frown when the nickname runs through my head.

I hate nicknames.

I turn around to see Alec grinning. He is holding two controllers in his hands, making a smile appear on my face.

"Wanna play some games?" Alec asks me, holding out the controller for me to grab. I grab it and smile at him.

"Your on!"


"You cheated!" Alec groans and I smile at him.

"It's not my fault I play this game in my spare time. And let me just say, I have a lot of free time." I say with a grin and place the controller on my lap.

I continue laughing at Alec's fit until Cole and Sam walk in. They both had an unreadable face with made me wonder about what happened before.

Why did Sam react? Was it some secret that I shouldn't know? Hmm, well they obviously don't trust me since they just met me.

"Hey." I say when Cole and Sam walks pass me. Cole sits on one of the chairs next to the

couch that Alec and I are currently sitting on.

"Hey." He mumbles and I frown at him. He can see my face but he looks at the TV like he is trying to ignore me.

Well, that is something I definitely know.

"How about another round?" I ask Alec and he looks up at me with a grin.

I hear Sam chuckle which makes my head snap over to him. "You made that sound really bad." Sam laughs and I scrunch up my nose in disgust.

"You have a dirty mind!" I point out and Sam smirks at me.

"You meant to say I have a sexy imagination." He says and I ignore his last comment and turn back to Alec with an eyebrow raised.

"Can you let me win?" He asks, a hopeful look on his face and I laugh.

"I haven't even been trying and I still beat you! What makes you think I can decrease my skills at this game?" I ask and he groans again and stands up, pointing a finger at me.

"You suck!"

"Back at you!" I say with a smile and he rolls his eyes and walks off into the kitchen.

I look at Cole and Sam who are looking at their phones like they are bored out of their brains.

I stand up and place my hands on my hips. "What can you do for fun in this huge castle you call a house?" I ask the boys and Sam looks up at me with am eyebrow raised.

"You mean, what can't you do." Sam smirks and I frown.

"No, seriously. You guys are boring! Is this how you treat your new house guest? You know, I am going to be stuck her for a year and you guys are probably gonna be still sitting on your butts, scrolling through what ever your doing." I say with a frown and start to walk to the kitchen.

I have been in this house for about three hours and all the rooms I know is the kitchen, living room and my bedroom.

I sit on the stool next to Alec who was watching the microwave. I sigh and look at it as well.

It just happens to be the doorbell that breaks the awkward silence and I stand up to open the door. My mother smiles at me before handing me my suitcase and bringing me into a hug.

"I will call you every week to make sure your doing fine. Don't worry, the boys will take care of you." My mom says and I sigh.

No they won't.

I am about to say something until my mom starts to head of into her car making me frown. "See you soon baby. Behave!" Those words are the last words from my mother that I hear until she drives off.

Now I'm stuck with the Anderson's for a year. Just great.


I sit in my new room and lay against the head board. I am currently reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. I love these books because they are so funny and the characters are so easy to relate to.

The lamp on the desk lights up the room which I find a little comforting. It means it is peaceful and relaxing, well, to me.

Suddenly, a knock from the door brings me out of my book and I raise my head and furrow my eyebrows. "Come in!" I say loud enough so the other person on the other side can hear me.

The door creaks open and to my surprise, Cole is standing at the door with a white v-neck and jeans.

It is eleven at night and this guy sleeps in jeans and a t-shirt?

"Hey, just wanted to check up on you. You okay?" Cole asks and I look back at my book and nod.

"I'm fine."

"What you reading?" Cole asks and I don't move my head away from my book.

"Diary of a wimpy kid." I reply and Cole chuckles softly. I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Something funny?" I ask him and he shakes his head, waving me off.

"Isn't that a little... childish?" I gaps at his words and close my book, frowning at him.

"It's not childish! Your just... old!" I say with a scoff and Cole grins.

"I'm a year older than you."

"You don't even know me." I mutter and he smirks.

"I know enough." He says and I roll my eyes and sit up, grinning.

"Creepy much?" I ask with a grin and Cole laughs, tapping my knee and standing up.

"Get some sleep." Cole whispers and I roll my eyes but lay down anyway. Cole turns off the lamp and smiles at me before leaving the room.

Maybe these boys aren't as bad as I thought?


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