Chapter 19 Lies


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?? You can't stop the feelings you have for someone. You can't lie to yourself either. Your heart knows the truth all too well. ??

H u n t e r | 19: Lies

I unlocked the door and hold it open so the girls could get in. After having lunch and getting desserts with the girls, I felt bad for leaving Nat alone at home so we cut our Christmas shopping short and went home afterward.

"Make sure you read the instructions, " I told Tay as she hurriedly walked to the bathroom. She couldn't wait to get her blonde hair back.

Jo dropped the plastic bags on the kitchen counter and followed her. "I'll help!"

I shook my head and locked the door. I walked to the kitchen and saw a small paper bag on the kitchen counter, next to the plastic bags. I frowned. Did Nat go outside?

I was about to peer inside when I heard her behind me. "You're home."

"Yeah." I spun around with the paper bag in my hand. "Nat, what's this?"

"Oh, that." She blinked a few times. "I baked that for you and the girls." She took the paper bag and pulled out the cake box inside.

I didn't know she could bake. "What did you make?" I asked as I looked over her shoulder.

"Just a simple one, " answered her. She opened the box to reveal a sponge cake inside. She pinched the corner and spun. "Try it, " said Nat as she put the small piece of the cake in front of my mouth.

I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth. She put it inside and asked, "What do you think? Is it good?"

I chewed. Surprisingly, it was good. "It's really good. I don't know you can bake, " I said once I swallowed.

"There are so many things you don't know about me, Hunter Jones." She raised her hand and brushed my bottom lip with her thumb. Her eyes looked deeply into mine as her lips parted.

I cleared my throat and stepped backward, letting her hand fall to her side. "Nat, " I looked down at her. "I'm with Mey."

For a second, she didn't say anything but stared back at me. I almost thought she didn't hear what I said but her lips turned upward. "I know."

?? The worst lie is when you lie to yourself. When you try your best to convince yourself that you don't miss him. -- Agatha Rose ??

M e y | 19: Move On

It was Friday night when my friends and I went to the club. It was a good plan to keep Hunter off my mind. I've been ignoring him since Christmas. He sent me a dozen of text but I refused to read or reply them. It was better this way.

I let out a sigh and watched my surroundings. Almost everyone from our football team was here, excluding Blake since he wasn't invited. Who would invite Villain X's minion anyway? Although we did invite Cassandra and her minions. Despite them being nasty cheerleaders, they were quite fun to hang out with.

"I don't want to dance, " said Autumn for the fourth time tonight. She first said no to both Luke, Castile, and Cassandra, and now she was saying no to Jess.

Jess took a hold of her hand and dragged her up to my feet. "Oh, well, too bad cos I wanna dance, and I can't dance without my dance partner." The others laughed, especi

've been thinking."

"Yes?" I tried my best to keep my eyes on him despite feeling uncomfortable with the closeness of our bodies.

"Why don't we continue where we left off?" His brown eyes bored on mine and there was a hint of an amused smile on his lips.

"What?" I frowned. "Continue what?"

His lips turned into a smirk. "This." He leaned down and slammed his lips on mine, knocking all the air from my lungs and causing the back of my head to hit the concrete wall behind. My first thought was to resist him.

I'm Hunter's, I'm not gonna betray him.

But then the memories from a few days ago came and those words that Nat said crept into my mind once again.

I guess he doesn't have Asian in his list. You'll do.

My breath hitched and I had to fight the urge to cry.

He's never been with Asian chick before, I guess after he banged you, he could add you to the list and be done with it.

I let my lips moved as I slowly responded to Koltin's kiss.

You don't really think he's going to date you for more than a week or two, right? Come on, I heard you're a genius nerd, surely you know how the game works.

That was my last shred of self-restraint as I clung both arms around his neck and pulled him closer. I wanted him to erase Hunter's kiss, I wanted him to ease my pain. I wanted to forget the feeling of being kissed by Hunter Jones.

But Koltin was no Hunter. His kiss was sweet but different. He ignited a spark inside me but didn't set my whole body on fire like Hunter did. And his lips, call me crazy, but I missed the feeling of a cold metal grazing my lips. But of course, there was no metal grazing in Koltin's kiss because he didn't have any lip piercing.

"Mey." I heard someone call and I would've ignored it if it wasn't for the tone of surprise and desperation in his voice. I pulled away from Koltin slightly and turned to stare at a pair of dark eyes filled with hurt and disgust. He didn't say another word as he turned around and walked to a black Jeep parked a few meters away.


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