Chapter 15 Half-Blood Jones


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H u n t e r | 15: Past

I wanted to kick myself for being an ass. I let my emotion got the best of me. Every time someone mentioned my parents, especially my dad, I wanted to bang my head on the wall.

All my life I hated my father. I could relate to Severus Snape who called himself Half-Blood Prince, taking his mom's maiden name instead of his father. Just like him, I took my mom's surname too. Did that make me the Half Blood Jones?

Patrick Murdoch was the biggest asshole I've ever met. He was abusive, just like Nat's dad was, which was why I could relate to her. Every morning, I saw new bruises on my mother's face and a hell lot of hairs clogging the bathtub drain. I wasn't a judge for someone who liked it rough, everyone had preferences. But I didn't like how he had to beat her up just to satisfy his need. She was my mom and this wasn't Fifty Shades of Grey. Although we did live in Seattle.

Once mom couldn't take it anymore, I made the decision and took her and my sisters to Washington. We rented a small flat, my mom worked in a department store and I juggled up between school and Poirot. Bob, the owner of Poirot caf, let me work after school, even gave me extra money sometimes. That was where I met Lucas and Tyler.

Life was good. I didn't have to lie to my sisters about our dad, I didn't have to make up stories about each bruise on mom's face, and I didn't have to live with an abusive man who didn't deserve to be called father.

However, it was short lived. Somehow, he managed to find us.

It was a Tuesday. After work, I decided to buy pizza for our dinner. The girls said they've been craving for it and mom wasn't feeling well so I told her to get some rest and that I'd take care of dinner. At that time, I wasn't good at cooking. Hell, I didn't even understand the difference between frying pan and skillet.

It was just like any other night until I unlocked the door to our flat and swung it open. To my horror, my mom laid there on top of the kitchen counter, completely beaten up and bruised. I dropped everything and reached for her but it was too late, she has gone. It didn't take a genius to know who had done this. I went to search for the bastard and found him in the bathroom, drowned in his own blood in the bathtub. Apparently, he slit his wrist and drowned himself after realizing what he'd done to mom.

I called the police. They came and in a few minutes, our small flat was sealed with a yellow tape. A middle-aged police officer found the girls hiding in the closet in my room. According to Taylor and Jo, when dad started banging on the door, mom told them to hide in the closet and not to come out no matter what they heard. The girls were only twelve.

Our uncle, Joseph, stepped in and acted as our guardian so we wouldn't be sent to the orphanage. He had a family of his own; a wife and four kids. I knew we couldn't burden him so I started to work as a bartender at Le Shack and rented a small flat for me and my sisters.

I raised the cheap beer to my mouth and took a long drink. Over the top of the bottle, I spotted Lucas walking in. He exchanged a small chit chat with Anna, one of the waitress, before walking towards me. "What's up with you, man?" asked him once he saw my face.

"Nothing, " I answered grumpily. The last thing I needed was for him to tease me about what an ass I've been to Mey this afternoon.

Lucas plopped on the couch beside me and started nudging my arms aggressively. I knew he wouldn't stop until I spilled the beans so I decided to tell him what happened, hoping he could give me one

st story I've ever heard.

"It's okay. We're good now."

I doubted that but I didn't say anything. "So, how did you meet Ty and your other friend, the one loves his car so much?" I tried to change the topic to a less sad one. I wasn't a fond of the pain in his voice and I knew how hard it was for him to open up.

Hunter let out a chuckle. "You mean Lucas? I met them at Poirot. I used to haze them because they were newbies at that time. I gave them hard chores, " he paused and laughed as if remembering some good old memories. "They hated me for some time but we eventually bonded after puking our first beers."

"What?" I widened my eyes and looked at him over my shoulder.

He grinned. "We were fifteen and stupid. They challenged me in a drinking game, saying if they beat me, I have to stop hazing them."

I smiled. "So, who won?"

"None, " answered Hunter with a laugh. "We all puked in the nearest toilet."

We both laughed. "Mey." Something in his voice caught my attention.


"Thank you for not judging me, " he said softly. He sounded vulnerable and I had a huge urge to hug him.

One of my slippers fell. "Oh, no." I yelped.

Hunter moved from behind me. "I got it."

"No, no, no, Hunter!" It was too late, my swing went forward and I bumped into him, accidentally kicking him to the ground and falling right on top of him. "Oh my god, " I looked down at him worriedly. "Are you okay?"

He grimaced, clearly hurt from the kick and the fall. I may not look like it, but I had so many hidden fats. "I'm alright."

I wasn't convinced. I touched his forehead and searched for any hit mark. My eyes landed on his lips. He smiled mischievously as he rolled and took me with him. "What are you doing?" My eyes widened. I was now on the bottom while he was on top of me.

He looked into my eyes through his long black lashes I was so envious of. His gaze slid to my lips and he asked softly, "Can I kiss you?"

I didn't know what possessed me at that moment but I nodded my answer. Our lips met and I could feel his lips smile against mine. A few droplets fell on to my forehead as the sky chose the wrong timing to rain. But none of us cared for the water soaking through our clothes and sending chills on our skin. His lips caressed mine in a soft and sweet way as if he was afraid that I would break.

Nature could bring the rain on to us but our inner sunshine came through just the same.

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