Chapter 14 Legilimens


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?? You can close your eyes to the things you don't want to see but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel. -- Johnny Depp ??

H u n t e r | 14: Cock-blocker

I cleared my throat nervously. "Your pen." I pointed at the blue pen laying on the ground between our chairs.

"Oh, " her eyes followed mine.

We both leaned down to grab the pen at the same time, causing our heads to bump.

"Aw, " yelped Mey.

I straightened up and put one hand on the side of her face. "Are you okay?" I had to admit, I was worried. We all knew how thick my skull was, considering I was stubborn as hell.

She winced and rubbed her forehead. "I'm okay, " she said with a giggle.

I wasn't sure about that considering her forehead was in the same shade as a tomato right now. I leaned in forward to give it a good look. That was when I noticed how close our faces were. I could feel her breath fanning against my chin and I knew I only needed to duck a little and her lips would brush mine. She seemed to notice it too because the redness in her forehead spread equally on her entire face. Yet she didn't move or pull away.

Should I kiss her? What's the worst that could happen anyway? Mey wasn't a violent type, she wouldn't slap me. If she would, however, I bet it was worth it. Maybe I should just give it a go...

Before I could kiss her, a voice came in between us. "I thought you said you're doing your homework, Mey. Not making out with a poster boy."

Mey blinked a few times and pulled away. "Phillip!"

I let out a frustrated sigh. Damn it. What a cock-blocker?! Mey nervously glanced at me and I gave her a small smile, didn't really want to be an ass although deep down I felt pretty annoyed.

"Oh, hey, Phillip. This is Hunter. Hunter, this is Phillip. Phillip is the librarian, he always helps me to get some books, " explained Mey as she introduced us.

I could feel Phillip's eyes pinning on the top of my forehead but since I didn't share the same enthusiasm thanks to his cockblock, I didn't even bother to look at him. Mey looked very confused, she kept darting her gaze back and forth between me and Phillip. Feeling bad for making her feel weird, I greeted Phillip, What's up, man."

"You're lucky you're hot or else I'll drag you out by your hair, " answered Phillip, causing me to cringe and look up at him.

A guy in her early twenties was hovering above us, a black framed spectacles hung in the bridge of his nose. When our eyes locked, he winked. I gulped.

What the fück?!

Mey giggled. "Phillip likes boys, " explained her with a sweet voice, making me think that she'd be a great messenger. Like when you needed to inform a bad news to someone, she could make it sound not as bad, sweet even.

"Can I have your number?" asked Phillip blata

ess I didn't know anything about boys. "So, what are you doing after you, well, run away from those things you mentioned?" I giggled.

Hunter smiled. "I pick up the girls from school, then spend my day at Le Shack."

I frowned. Girls? Plurals? He seemed to notice the change expression on my face as he let out a deep chuckle. "By girls I mean my little sisters. Have I told you about them?" I shook my head and he continued, "They're twins. Johanna and Taylor." His hand went to the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a wallet. He opened and showed a photo of two girls inside. They were gorgeous, just like him.

So now you admit that he's gorgeous, huh? I swore the annoying voice inside my head had a really bad timing.

I ignored it and commented, "They're beautiful girls."

He grinned like a proud parent. "Yeah, they're alright, " he tried to be modest but I could see the pride in his eyes. "They take care of each other whenever I work. They're good kiddos."

I wanted to ask but I didn't know how. After contemplating for a few seconds, I decided to just shoot the question. "Hunter, where are your parents?"

He stopped. His whole face turned grey and there was anger flashed in his eyes. His smile looked forced but I didn't comment on that. "We arrived, " he pointed at the building where I lived. "Until next time, Mey." He bent forward and kissed my left cheek lightly before turning around and leaving me confused on the sidewalk.

I watched him shove his hands into the pockets of his jackets and walk away with his head hung low. He looked like a lost soul and I wondered what was in his mind.

I let out a deep sigh. How I wished I was a Legilimens! (= a person who practices legilimency; the act of magically navigating through the many layers of a person's mind and correctly interpreting one's findings | for you muggles).

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