Chapter 9 Faking It


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The worst crime is faking it. -- Kurt Cobain

M e y | 9: Farewell

This wasn't what I was going to say to him but since the words had come out, there was no point of taking them back. I hated to see the pain reflected in his dark eyes, how his smile faltered until it was gone. "I was just using you, " I said it one more time. I didn't know if I was trying to convince him or myself. "I needed to know if Tyler has anything to do with the pranks so I pretended to be your friend. Now that I know the truth, I don't have to pretend anymore." I felt my chest tightened but I told myself that I'd feel better later. I told myself that it was better this way, at least I didn't have to act or pretend anymore.

Are you sure it was all just an act, Mey? The annoying voice inside my head decided it was time to torture my sanity.

Hunter didn't say anything but I could see color drained from his face. He looked as white as the color of his shirt. "Why?" His voice was barely a whisper.

I cleared my throat. "To protect my friends." I looked him in the eye and braced myself. "I would do anything to protect people that I love." Feeling like there was nothing else I wanted to say, I quickly bid my farewell. "Goodbye, Hunter." I turned on my heels and walked as fast as I could because I knew, if I stayed and watched his face any longer, I wouldn't be able to refrain myself from run to him and hug him tightly.

H u n t e r | 9: Off My Mind

When I thought it couldn't get any worse, she proved me wrong. I could feel the couch dipped a little, Nat has come back with a bottle of beer in her hand. "What is wrong with you?" asked her before raising the bottle to her lips and tipping her head back.

After what happened, I was in no mood to talk so I turned my mute button along with my fuck-off look. She raised her brows. "Hunter, what happened?" Her voice showed concern.

Instead of answering her, I ripped the green bottle out of her hand and drank the remaining in one shot. I slid my gaze to the clock on the wall, it was nearly five P.M., my shift was almost started so I stood and walked to the bar. I stopped after a few steps and turned to face Nat. "Wait here until I finished my shift." I didn't wait for her response as

isk that. "Don't worry about me. How's your stomach? Does it still hurt?"

"Not really. But those two sons of bitches are damn good fighters."

I balled my fist as I remembered what happened a few days ago when Blake came home with bruises and torn lips. "Just focus on getting better. Leave the rest to me." I hung up and shoved the phone into the back pocket of my jeans.

I took a deep calming breath as I rested my hand on the door handle. A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do. I swung the door open and walked straight into the handsome looking guy behind the bar. He has finished cleaning and tidying up the bar. I put a smile and said, "Ready to go?"

Hunter took his jacket off the table and put it on. "Yeah. Let's go." He turned to the big guy sitting on one of the bar stool, counting some cash. "Kirk, I'm off now."

We walked to the front door. He took a step forward and held the door opened for me. I muttered my thanks and stepped outside. Hunter was always a gentleman despite his rough outer look. He opened the car door and held it open. As I squeezed myself inside, I caught his usual smell, cigarette mixed with coffee and hard liquor.

He closed the door and walked over the hood without realizing that my eyes had never left him. I bit my lips to prevent myself from smiling. There was something about him that always made me reluctant to let him go. After all, we've dated for two years. Two years was something worth fighting for and now I was going to fight for it even if I had to cut corners and not playing fair.

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