Chapter 7 Tight Hugs


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?? Sometimes you just want a tight hug from the right person. ??

H u n t e r | 7: Love

I went back with two cups, one on each hand. She looked worried. She clasped her hands tightly in her lap as if she tried to stop them from shaking. I had no idea what to do to make her feel better, which frustrated me even more. "Mey, are you okay?"

She bit her bottom lip and looked up. Her big eyes widening in fear answered my question. I put the cups down and took the seat beside her. "You're going to be alright. Don't worry about it. You have nothing to be scared of."

"How can you be so sure?" she asked softly.

I took a deep breath. "Because I will ensure it, " I gave her a brief nod.

She frowned. "How? You don't even go to my school."

I didn't know whether it was the doubtful tone of her voice or the fact that she was right, whichever it was, it pushed me over the edge. I clenched my jaw tightly and swallowed hard. "I will talk to Tyler. I'll tell him to leave you out of this. He will listen. I promise." I cleared my throat, afraid that I'd say too much if I continued talking. "Drink your tea before it gets cold."

I stood. "I need to go toilet. I'll be back soon." She nodded and took a sip of her tea.

As I pushed the front door open with one hand, I dialed Ty's number using the other. He answered almost immediately.


"Dude, I need you tell me something." I knew I didn't have much time. After all, guys go to toilet faster than girls. "Is Mey on the list?"

There was a moment of silence before I could hear his response. "What list?"

Just when I needed a quick answer, my buddy decided it was time to play coy. "The list villain X gave you, of course. How many lists do you have, dude?!"

"No need to be an ass, " warned Tyler. "You know I have other lists."

I suddenly remembered that other than Villain X, Ty also worked for a mob boss, Santiano. For his night job, he was given a delivery list consisting names and address of the customers he needed to send the goods to. By customers, I meant junkies and drug users. "Sorry, mate." I quickly apologized.

Ty's life was far more complicated than mine. His dad was an asshole who left him and his mom. He needed to juggle with two jobs in order to help his mom pay the bills. He worked as a barista at Poirot right after school and a drug dealer at night. I had no idea how

one else, maybe it wasn't me. Boys talked about multiple girls in one conversation anyway.

Why? What are you afraid of, Mey? My inner thought decided that it was time to voice her opinion.

Nothing! I'm not afraid!

Oh, I know. You're afraid that he won't feel the same way if he knows your true intentions. If he knows that you were just using him to get information about Tyler. You're afraid he will hate you, aren't you, Mey?

Do shut up! I have nothing to lose, okay?! I don't like him so I don't care if he's going to hate me or not.

Are you sure? Then why don't you tell him now? Why don't you tell him that you were only using him? You can't, can you? Because deep down you know I was right. You do like him.

I blinked twice and focused back on what was in front of me. Hunter was still looking down at me with a worried look on his face. "I'm okay." I tried to pull away but his arms didn't let go.

Hunter smiled. He took me by surprise as he pulled me into his warm embrace. I kept my hands on my sides, knowing I would only encourage him if I hugged him back. I could feel him kissing the top of my head as he whispered close to my ear, "I know you're not."

I could feel my heart ached and my chests tightened. Maybe this would never happen again once he knew I was only using him. Maybe this was my only chance. Ignoring my common sense, I raised my hands and wrapped my arms around him. I took a deep breath as I breathed in his intoxicating smell, a mix of coffee and hard liquor. And when he held me tighter, I let myself delved further into his embrace.

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